Course From Scratch Scam – Danielle Leslie Review

You searched for course from scratch on google?

I welcome you to my review of this course by Danielle Leslie.

Have you ever considered to earn money by the skills you already have?

Do you want to convert your skills into a profitable business?

So,Danielle Leslie claims to teach you these skills.

She is an entrepreneur.Chances are that you saw her ads on instagram and looking for this review.

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Course From Scratch Review

I remember that I reviewed a course before this which was pretty similar to course from scratch.The name of the course was commission hero.

Like course from scratch,the owner of commission hero was pushing really hard to get more sales.

On instagram and facebook ads Danielle Leslie throws numbers after numbers.

She claims that she made millions by creating course from scratch and you can do it too.

Well I have done all the maths.If you calculate the numbers she is making by selling course from scratch to you,she will be already doing in millions.

$1000 multiply by $1997=1.97million dollars(;

Edit:(This post was written on 13 september and now at 3 april 758 people read this post and 6068 impression.You can do the math yourself.)

I am not saying that these numbers are fake or something like that.But I want you to understand is that these numbers are from this course that you are reading review of.

I will talk about this topic too.That she worth the money or not.First let’s discuss something about this raising entrepreneur.

Danielle Leslie Review

So,if you go to her website or enroll for the free trail then you probably know her.But if you came after seeing her in ads than I think you do not know her.

She is just a normal american citizen.Danielle Leslie claims that she made $85,000 in her first calender year.

Than after this she made $1.3 million dollars in 2018.These number will continue to grow according to her.

The thing I disliked in these kind of sales pitch is that they hide the reality.

They did not make the picture clear for you.When saying that I mean that they did not tell people their revenue.

ROI means the money they make after ad spend.Than you have to extract this amount from this and calculate your ROI.

In these shiny sales pitches they never tell you these truths.All they do is throw numbers.I have ran ads for hundreds and thousands of dollars in fb ads.

I can say with my experience that this is not that easy.Gone are the days when facebook ads were dirt cheap.

Now a days you must need three to five grands to run facebook ads.These days you have to get on top of that.

So,I am a six figure marketer.I made millions from promoting one product.But these are not the right thing to tell you.

I will tell you after extracting my ad spend.So,after this my ROI was $100k.These are the tactics they use in their sales pitch.

Course From Scratch Reality

You have to understand two or three things.

First you need to have at least two thousand dollars for purchasing course from scratch.

This is because the price of this course is two grands.

After this you really need two to three grands to market this course through facebook.

If you want to give it a good shot.

Than you must have to invest at least 5 grands and hope for the best.And I would say that the chances are like 99% that you will lost this money.

This is because I know danielle leslie from back in 2012.She was in udemy and selling courses.

Today’s world is very fast.

Why do you think that people will buy your course when they can buy it from udemy more value than yours.

And if you do the same,means make a course and list it on udemy.The highest price of your course will be $10.

This means that you will hardly make $5 a course.

Yes you can sell your course like Danielle leslie.But for this you have to get really good at this shit.

You have to make your name a brand.Than I think this is possible.

Other than this people ain’t fool to invest big dollars without knowing you.

You know why Danielle Leslie hit these kinds of numbers.

This is because her name is a brand right now.A lot of people know that she made millions selling course.

So,this is helping him big time selling these courses.

I will not say that she is a scam.But the one thing I want to tell you is that she is making her sales pitch a shinning object syndrome.That’s it!!!

Inside of Course From Scratch

So,let’s take a look inside course from scratch.First impression that I got is that this is way too much to ask for from newbies.

Free Webinar

First if you are coming from ads you may not know this free instagram course.

Danielle leslie used this webinar as a sales pitch and it is totally free.

In this webinar she gave her intro to you.

Other than this she will give you training on how to use free organic traffic to get sales.

This video is 15 minutes lenghty.In this she will also give you blueprint of the course.What are you going to get in this course.

First impression for me is that how in the world can this course work $1997.

I do agree that she throw numbers on her sales pitch.But it is not completely truth.I do not want to get in deep of this one.

This is totally out of equation you guys.

I know who gave ten times much value than this one at this same price.


Then Danielle leslie made this course on separate level.On level one she gives you all the guidance in the first sixty days.

In these 60 days she claims to give you all the possible material to launch your course successfully.This will cost you $97 per month.

For the three months straight.

Than after this she says that you have to pay $497.To get access to all the bonuses.

These bonuses include email marketing.Means how to grow and build your email list for $497.

This is actually really really funny because you can get access to the numbers of udemy course just for ten bucks.

The next thing is that these courses are very value.From these I grow my email list to five figure.

So,I have a lot of concerns with the price tag of course from scratch.

If you want two premium bonuses than you have to drop two grands for it.

Now,after you buy her course than you will get the opportunity of the live call with Danielle leslie.

In this live call she gonna tell you the exact blueprint which make her $167k a month.

I do not know whether it is legit or not but one thing is for sure that the course is overpriced.

Content in the training

Actually I tried my best to give you the best review on it.But I faced a lot of problems during reviewing this course.

It is because the videos inside course from scratch are very confusing.I did not get the final result about the modules in it.

But I get overview in this which is..

First Module:Welcome To Course From Scratch

Second Module:Minimum viable course

Third Module:Topic of the course and your ideal customers

Fourth Module:How to create value content

Fifth Module:How to convert cold traffic into sales.

Sixth Module:Launch your course

Ok a lot of the things here for newbies is not clear.There is nothing like,hook,story and close.This means that you are wasting your money if you are going for the course.

Nothing like how to create bridge page and offer.How to test different offers.How to test and tweak with them.

How to write sales copy for it.Which is a very important part in this.Many things you need to know are missing.

Refund Policy

I did not know whether this claim is legit or not.

They says that course from scratch offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Final Verdict of Course From Scratch

Ok,the first impression is the course is overpriced and overhyped.The numbers are not completely true.

These are sales tactics.Also I do not think that this course is for newbies.

If you are going to throw your grands into it than you must have to be an experienced influencer.

Your online presence is a must thing for taking this course.The other thing I do not recommend this course to you is that their is lots of risk involved in it.

As I said that facebook ads is a real online business skill.But if you are new to this game than the chances are more likely you would lost $5000.

Before leaving checkout my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300 online courses.

Best of luck..


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14 Replies to “Course From Scratch Scam – Danielle Leslie Review

  1. You are a loser, simple and plan. It used to be said those who can’t do teach but in today’s world, those who can’t do give unsolicited and unqualified reviews about those who do. If you haven’t tried it, you have no qualifications to say whether it works or not. The glimpse into you is when you said you have tried several courses and none worked. None? Really? And it’s not you?….Get a life and leave this lady alone and let these people invest their earnings how they see fit. Who reviewing you? Oh that’s right, you haven’t done anything that’s reviewable….Just saying

    1. Hi Brant Thanks for the comment on my unsolicited and unqualified review.
      Yes,you are right I have not tried it but this is my opinion.
      Your opinion can be different.These are my personal opinion about this course.I really don’t know what you want to say here.WHY PEOPLE SHOULD BUY your course for $2497 if they can buy it from udemy for just $19.And those are of more value?And how you are going to market these courses?I have not said that it is a scam or something else.I just said if it was me and I have to start an online business than CFS is not my go to way.

    2. I’m confused. I understand that you are probably an employee or a relative of Ms. Leslie, but your offensive tirade is actually doing her more harm than good. And, actually, it has now made me want to stay away from her program, which I was seriously contemplating on taking.

      1. Hi Linda – This review has nothing to do with Danielle Leslie and her course.Yes,I also do not recommend this course to someone who wants to make money from home.Instead check out my #1 recommendation to make money online.

  2. Brant – your comment is extremely disrespectful to someone giving their opinion and review to try to help people guide their decisions. It is unnecessary for you to come in and attack like that. The anger that comes off of your comment makes me question whether you are associated with the person who was reviewed or not. Your tone in your argument does not make you look good and it is not in good faith to call someone a loser that you don’t even know. Attacking people for giving reviews makes me wonder how you are to people in your real life.

  3. Hi beastpreneur, thanks so much for this review – its pretty hardto find review son her or the coruse online so I came across this and it really helped.

    1. Nope,this article is based on my research after spending hours on it’s reviews on different platforms..!


  4. Thanks for the article. No was searching for reviews and also the net worth of the trainer of the trainer. I have looked at some of the courses on various individuals and what concerns me it the inability to verify their wealth.

  5. Thanks for the article. I was searching for reviews and also the net worth of the trainer. I have looked at some of the courses on various individuals and found no verification of the trainers income. What concerns me is the inability to verify their wealth. Thanks for your review.

  6. This is review is pretty asinine and reductive. You need to make it clear that you are reviewing a FREE. COURSE. for the entirety of the review. I don’t know anywhere, even on Udemy, that gives you all the content you are speaking on for free. This course is not intended to give you all of the trade secrets or to be a detailed how to for creating the course, and anyone that believes after taking a FREE ONE HOUR COURSE you’re going to set up a profitable course from scratch in 60 days probably does not need to be starting their own business in the first place. The 60 day course promise is if you invest in the paid training that will give you all that you mentioned. Where you get the community support, a dedicated team and coaching to go through your specific course, ask questions and gain assistance in designing your course.

    You specifically mention you don’t know how she’d be able to hit all that she’s saying for 1997. Yes, you didn’t take the paid course so how would you? Also the way you say “this course is overpriced and not helpful” is entirely misleading since again YOU DIDNT TAKE THE PAID COURSE TO KNOW. What research did you actually perform? Did you read other reviews of the free course or did you go talk to actual students of the program? Were the reviews you researched from people that were interested in setting up a course or were they people that were reviewing it for the sake of seeing its value like you?

    The only thing you got right is that the free course is half informative and half a sales pitch. This is the case for any free webinar on the web. And this is the case for any digital product that anyone creates. You offer a free service that provides value (the value here is that the framework she gives is enough to get someone started, whether that’s creating an outline for their course, deciding on the subject matter, and thinking about marketing tactics to secure the profits… That could be beginning to employ these tactics such as begin marketing your course well before its completed to your current user base even if it is small) but does not give everything away.

    If you want to offer helpful information, go out and find someone who has actually paid for the course. Or go find someone who has leveraged the free one to begin setting up their business.

    I came here after contemplating should I invest in the 2K program and this review provided absolutely no help in aiding me to decide.

    You also used this as a way to market yourself right? Because under this you say go check out your recommendation as to how to make money online…

  7. So did anyone actually take the course and successfully implement the techniques without investing thousands of additional dollars?

  8. I paid over £1400 for this course and did not receive help like I believed I would get. I asked my bank to retrieve my money as I believe the course was mis-sold to me. (All hype) My bank seems to be having difficulty obtaining any refund. They hold on to your money if it doesn’t work for you. There is no money back guarantee as there is with most courses. I believed it was going to be wonderful, but it isn’t. That is my reality. Be very careful what you sign up to. The Danielle Les;ie course is not all it seems, especially if you are not so good with technology. They leave you to work everything out after taking a big lump of money from you.

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