CourseCube Review: Should You Get This Software?

Today, let’s take a look at an online app named CourseCube. Is this software helpful for you? Let’s find out in this CourseCube review.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we lived our everyday life as we know it. The various restrictions caused by this have effectively cost a lot of jobs for some people, but opens up a number of new opportunities for them. And with everyone staying at home due to quarantine, people are now turning to e-learning in order to acquire new skills that they can use for a new business venture, or to refine their existing ones.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the e-learning industry has reached USD 250 billion worth in market value by 2020. And current trends say that it still has the potential to grow even more.

Due to this demand, e-learning has become another potential avenue for marketers to earn passive income. But setting up your own e-learning site can be quite a chore.

This is where CourseCube comes into play. It comes with all the features and tools that you need to create, manage, and even promote, your own e-learning website. Which saves you lots of time, while potentially racking in healthy amounts of revenue.

But, is CourseCube really the app for you? Will this tool really help you on getting started with your e-learning business venture? Hopefully, by the time you finished this CourseCube review, you’ll be able to make a sound judgment on buying this product.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with CourseCube in any way.

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What Is CourseCube?

CourseCube Review - CourseCube Logo

Before we start with the CourseCube review, let’s take a look on CourseCube itself.

If you’re aiming to have an e-learning website like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera, then this app is for you. CourseCube is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces similar to the aforementioned websites.

This platform is packed with lots of awesome features like online courses, live classes, quizzes, and an advanced certification plugin based on real business needs so one can start their online education business right in an instant.

The app also takes care of creating content for you, automatically, all based on your chosen niche. So you don’t have to worry about doing heavy research just to create relevant content for your website. What’s more, all of the content produced by CourseCube uses an “advanced engine” to ensure its uniqueness. Thereby increasing your website’s visibility on search engine ranking.

And all of these features come with a newbie-friendly interface, so that even those with no knowledge of website development can create a professional-looking e-learning website.

Who Created CourseCube?

CourseCube was made possible by Danny Adetunji, a software developer, and one of the foremost digital marketers in Africa. He is also the CEO of BlueForce Technologies, a multinational software marketing company based in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

CourseCube Review: Danny Adetunji

CourseCube Features

As stated on their official website, CourseCube offers the following features.


CourseCube’s interface is incredibly easy yet brilliantly advanced. You can get started within minutes. You don’t need any prior experience or skill. P.S. It takes longer to think of a name for the domain than it does to create your own E-learning website using CourseCube.

Fully Loaded Content

There is no need to wait for even a moment before you publish your site. Simply select the niche of your choice from the top 25 niches once you login. Pick from a range of 50 hot-selling courses and hit publish instantly. Each course has multiple video modules

D-F-Y Creation & Management

This all-in-one platform not only creates and hosts your website but also makes it a money magnet. It takes care of the selling, payment collection, and maintenance. In-built marketplace, support system, lesson manager, and other incredible features are game-changing. Also, enjoy enormous flexibility when you add your own course. You can also customize the design & layout of the site!

Max Engagement

CourseCube gives you the chance to engage with your audience like no other platform. It supports advanced quizzes and the distribution of certificates. Instructors can also sell their live classes. You can add live courses using the seamless integration with popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom & Jitsi.

Reward Scheme

Increase customer satisfaction or increase your commissions using gamification badges that are designed for various metrics like sales, registration days, courses, purchases, ratings, etc. With each milestone a user reaches, you can reward them with personalized badges. You can also charge users for these badges and make additional profits

Additional Revenue Streams

Use advertising as an effective means to multiply your profits. Insert ads pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll and charge advertisers accordingly. Rent out your web banner space for the top dollar too!

Free Traffic Generation & Lead Capturing

Don’t invest a single penny in promoting your platform. CourseCube generates blog content daily to help you rank higher on search engines. Enjoy free traffic flooding your site. Capture leads on the go using in-built opt-in forms.


CourseCube has been designed to make beginners and experts profit alike. So you don’t need any experience or special skill-set to begin. Everything is ready for you, all you need to do is count your profits.

All these features of CourseCube can be done in just three steps.

  • Make Your Account: Once you hit buy now, you can instantly log in and get started (PROTIP: Select your future best-selling site’s name before you finish reading this page)
  • Pick Your Niche: Simply select the niches of your choice from our hot-selling 25 niche options
  • Collect Your Profits: Your fully-loaded powerful E-learning website comprising trending courses, a built-in marketplace & 24×7 customer support is ready! So sit back & count your fat commissions.

For a more visual explanation of what CourseCube looks like, and how it works, watch the video below:

CourseCube One-Time-Offers

CourseCube also has several OTOs on top of the frontend app. There are purely optional, but you can purchase them to enhance your CourseCube experience:

  • 1ST OTO: CourseCube Pro – Get 10 times more profits instantly by supercharging your CourseCube Pro account with 10+ hidden features worth $9,900.
  • 2ND OTO: CourseCube Done For You – Upgrade your license to Done-For-You, and the creators will take care of literally everything for you.
  • 3rd OTO: CourseCube Agency – Start selling CourseCube as your own software, with your own branding, & charge up to $197 monthly for access and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
  • 4th OTO: Traffic Club – Add Done-For-You traffic & sales to your order and increase your earnings by 100%.
  • 5th OTO: CourseCube Whitelabel – Unlock the white label to license your opportunity to start your own turnkey online software business.

CourseCube Pros And Cons


  • Start Your Own Profitable E-learning Platform In Just 1-Click
  • Pick from 50 hot-selling courses across the top 25 trending niches
  • Advanced features to maximize engagement
  • Compatible with top video conferencing software: Zoom, Google Meet & Jitsi
  • Built-in marketplace with 24×7 support to earn the top dollar for every course enrollment
  • Video & banner ad selling for extra mileage and commissions
  • User rewarding using customizable gamification badges for maximum customer satisfaction
  • 0% effort & skill requirement. 100% returns & profits


Upon closer inspection, there are still some flaws worth noting about this product.
  • You can’t really expect to just sit down and forget about it after you did your e-learning website using this software. You still need to constantly monitor it.
  • If you use any kind of “Done-For-You” content as is, readers may find your website unappealing, and “artificial”. Personalized content is still preferable in the long run, as it gives a sense of value to your viewers.
  • Despite what the app says, it still isn’t possible to get a huge amount of converting web traffic with your website made using this app. At least, not in the shortest amount of time.
  • It’s still a fairly new product, and aside from this independent CourseCube review, there aren’t any reliable reviews for this product (aside from the sponsored ones). Therefore, the method remains untested.
  • If the product is effective enough as it says, then everyone would use this as well. This would to lots of “duplicate content” on your website, which search engines don’t like usually. You may even have a risk of a rank down if you use this.
  • Upon closer inspection, it appears to be just a repackaged version of some of the other apps already out on the market today. Just targeted a different market.

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CourseCube Review: Final Verdict

Overall, upon closer inspection, the app may seem to give false claims to anyone buying this. If you expect that your plans on making it big with an e-learning website will come in the shortest amount of time by using this software, then you may want to hold off on buying.

So, is CourseCube just another scam? Not quite. It may still have some features that will prove to be useful and can cut your work, but it still isn’t worth the price. There’s even a risk that you may not get enough traffic and leads on your website when using this software.

At this price point, it’s most likely better to just get some PLR works (some of them are free of charge), build your e-learning website around these works, and study effective online marketing efforts to promote your website.

Or if you like to create your own e-learning platform without relying on some suspicious app, just watch the video below.

I hope that after reading this CourseCube review, you’re now well-educated to make a wise purchase decision.

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