Craig Proctor Review – Real Estate Coaching Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named as Craig Proctor. Is he legit? Find out in this Craig Proctor review.

Real estate coaching is a pretty important process for the business. After all, you have to risk a lot of money before you can even start the business. Properties are pretty costly.

That being said, you should find a real estate coach who could teach you the ropes. Sure, being self-taught is good too, but in this case, it is better to learn from an expert.

Remember that when you are looking to start a business, you should lessen your expenses as much as possible. This means that you have to risk as less money as much as you can.

Finding a real estate coach could be tough, as there are a lot of gurus out there who claim that they are the real deal. This is why I am happy that you are doing your research before diving in.

In this review, I will be giving you information about Craig Proctor and his real estate coaching business. Should you give him your hard-earned money so you can train under him, or he is just another fake guru?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Craig Proctor review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Craig Proctor in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Craig Proctor Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Craig Proctor
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommended?: Despite Craig’s coaching, it does not automatically mean that you will be successful with making money in real estate once you enroll in his program.

Who is Craig Proctor?

Craig Proctor Review - Craig Proctor

It looks like Craig Proctor has a proven track record as both the #1 Top Agent (twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide) and the #1 Top Real Estate Coach in North America. Aside from that, Craig’s real estate system has created more successful agents than any coach.

Executives from all of the franchises agree that Craig is a visionary who redesigned the job called real estate and someone who trains agents about freedom rather than about work, as described by business guru Michael Gerber.

Craig Proctor’s Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System has had an impact on over 30,000 real estate agents throughout the world. Proctor created the system while serving as the CEO of his own worldwide coaching firm, Craig Proctor Coaching.

Professionals in the real estate industry may use this system as a reliable resource for timely, relevant, and applicable answers to their problems. It is built on “Reverse Prospecting,” an economical and automated lead generating strategy in which qualified prospects chase down the agent rather than the other way around.

Nonetheless, agents are taught very efficient scripts, conversion, and presentation methods to ensure maximum GCI from their leads.

This program is pretty similar to VREIC, Make Real Estate Real, and The Real System.

Craig’s real estate career

Amazing as it may be that Craig sold hundreds of homes over the course of his 20-year career, what’s even more remarkable is that more than 30,000 real estate agents throughout the world are now employing his tactics to succeed. Even though Proctor was only 25, he was making $14,000 despite his lack of real estate or commercial expertise.

In his first year, he closed 55 properties, and in his second, while still under 30, he closed over 200 homes, making him the #1 Re/Max agent in the world. In November 2009, at the age of just 32, he became the youngest Re/Max agent in history to reach the top of the company’s worldwide rankings, and he has subsequently won every Re/Max Award there is.

Proctor’s success as a real estate agent, during which he sold more than one home per day (almost 500 per year, for annual GCI of about $4 million), was covered on CBC Venture and in newspapers throughout the country.

These days, Proctor divides his time evenly between his home north of Toronto and his winter retreat in Florida. By giving away his method in an easy-to-follow fashion, Proctor has taught his students not only how to dramatically improve their results, but also how to significantly raise their standard of living. His strategy has been used to attain unprecedented success in the industry.

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Craig Proctor Coaching Overview

Craig Proctor Review - Craig Proctor Coaching

SuperConference (Live or Virtual)

You will receive full access to every ad and method that allowed Craig to sell over 500 properties in one year, as well as many hours of intensive instruction on how to use them. With this, you can gain knowledge on real estate investing without leaving the security of your own home.

Free Breakthrough Call

They claim that your real estate business will see instant changes and verifiable results thanks to the extensive training and turnkey solutions that Craig and his team of experienced coaches make available to their students. At least, that is what they promise.

Some more promises…

Not all real estate trainers are equal

When compared to other real estate trainers, Craig Proctor is the clear choice for agents who want to succeed financially without sacrificing their quality of life. Proctor has been ranked as the #1 Top Agent (twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide) and #1 Top Real Estate Coach in North America.

Craig has been endorsed by authorities across the real estate franchise sector, and business expert Michael Gerber has dubbed him a visionary who redefined the career called real estate and someone who educates agents about freedom rather than about labor.

Who you hire as your real estate coach really matters

A successful and legitimate company must have dependable procedures in place. In the real estate industry, this involves having a system in place to create leads, turn those leads into qualified prospects, and convert those prospects into paying customers.

The agents that have had the most success in the profession have done so because they have used tried-and-true organizational strategies.

All of the real estate mentors are seasoned professionals who have used Craig’s methods to build thriving practices. When it comes to real estate mentorship, the trainers are in a league of their own since they can teach you tried-and-true methods for finding and closing more deals.

Some more features…

Local free seminars

During the 3 hour long live training seminars, you will discover simple, low-cost jackpot lead generating tactics (together with the actual advertisements to utilize) and give presentations that are both effective and proven.

Free training with Craig

In here, you can participate with thousands of other agents in Craig’s free weekly webinars, where he reveals the keys to his success and provides exclusive access to his methods, tools, and resources.

The success superconference

After putting in several hours of training, you’ll get complete access to all of the ads and systems that helped Craig sell over 500 properties in a single year.

Free coaching consultation

In here, you can get a free, no-obligation, private coaching consultation with Craig Proctor to find out whether his coaching program is right for you.

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My Favorite Program

Craig Proctor’s Discovery Day Seminar

During Craig Proctor’s Discovery Day, you’ll get a look behind the scenes of the companies run by some of the most successful real estate brokers in the country.

In the seminar, you can check out the advertisements that they run to create dozens of leads every single day, the script that they use to convert the most promising prospects into in-person meetings, as well as the presentations that they use to convert these prospects into money in the bank.

Because it was designed in the same real environment that you and your agents are working in, Craig Proctor’s System is able to produce decent results for its users.

Through the use of Craig’s Real Estate Success System, hundreds of agents have been able to effortlessly and cheaply replicate his success in the real estate industry. It is possible to achieve success if you are able to imitate what Craig did, and his technique has produced more millionaire agents than any other system.

By attending the seminar, you can learn the following:

  • Generate 3 highly qualified, motivated prospects EVERY day consistently and predictably without spending a dime!
  • Stop making the 3 HUGE mistakes that are responsible for 80% of failure
  • STOP wasting money on advertising that brings ZERO$ in return
  • Properly track your advertising so you know what’s working and what’s not (Stop doing what’s not working, do more of what is and watch your business triple without spending a penny!)
  • Easily attract the best buyers and sellers by giving them what they really want vs. what most agents think they want (This allows you to CHOOSE who you want to work with and discard the time wasters!)
  • Deliver listing and buyer presentations that don’t just get you the client, but position you as the EXPERT!
  • Leverage strategic partners to multiply your bottom line
  • Walk out the door armed with ads and strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to make you NOW MONEY!

Final Verdict – Craig Proctor Review

Buying and selling property isn’t exactly a walk in the park. A profession in real estate is not something you can choose on a whim. Judgment calls in the real estate industry are crucial.

You need money if you want to make it in real estate. In the absence of funding, I would recommend exploring alternative career paths. Investing in real estate is quite expensive.

There is a big initial investment required to get started in real estate, so keep that in my mind before deciding to jump into the business.

Since we are now experiencing a pandemic, the issue is only expected to worsen. Most folks right now simply cannot afford to consider relocating to a new area or purchasing a new residence. They need to focus on getting the basics for themselves first.

If you want to succeed in real estate and make a lot of money, you need to put in a lot of time and effort, especially now.

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