Credit Launch Secrets Review – Arielle Gruman Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Credit Launch Secrets. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I didn’t realize how much of a big deal credit scores were until I started growing older. There was no use for it for children or teens, really. Most of the time, the money that we got were from our parents. Or our summer jobs. But credit scores weren’t something that I had to worry about growing up.

But as I started to mature, I came to understand how much of a pain credit scores can be. Students worry about scores, especially if they wanted to go to the college of their choice. But people who want to take out a loan or want to get a credit have to do much to be able to have that kind of privilege. Not everyone has the kind of credit score that gives them that kind of opportunity.

So I was kind of surprised that there were training programs like Credit Launch Secrets that helped people reach a good credit score. There were programs like this? I don’t pay much attention to these sort of programs. Sure, I try to be mindful of what I do financially to earn a good credit score. But I didn’t know that programs like that existed.

I was really curious to find out more about it.

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Credit Launch Secrets Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Credit Launch Secrets
  • Founder: Arielle Gruman
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Finance
  • Recommendation: While there could be some use to the information that you learn from this program, it’s not guaranteed that you will succeed in actually raising your credit score.

Who Is Arielle Gruman?

A graphic featuring Credit Launch Secrets founder Arielle Gruman

This is one of those moments where I seemingly could not find anything about the person who founded the company that I am reviewing.

Usually, there’s at least a LinkedIn profile that I could find. Maybe there’s a short description about the person on their website. There’s multiple ways to find at least a few details about them online.

But somehow, there isn’t about Arielle Gruman that’s available online. There’s not even an about page on her personal website. It feels like she just popped up out of nowhere. Or at least she managed to make a name for herself with minimal effort.

A Ray Of Light

There was this profile on Fiverr, a freelance services website, for a person named Ari Gruman. When I click on the result, it lead to the page for the Arielle Gruman that I was writing about. Turns out that she was previously a multidisciplinary graphic who mostly developed designs for WordPress sites and ClickFunnels sites. ClickFunnel is a marketing service funnel service that a lot of the programs I reviewed use.

So there’s at least a bit of background regarding Arielle, or Ari, Gruman. But I’m super curious at how she started to shift from graphic design work to a credit repair training program. Then I decided to check her website again. One of the copyrights was for a company called Gohan Group, LLC. When I search for the company, it mostly result in the filling for it. The company was named to some guy name Paul Heser.

It was sort of a familiar name. Then I realized that the name showed up on a plaque that was on the wall for one of Ari’s videos. The plaque was given to Paul and Ari by ClickFunnels. You know what the award was for? They earned a total of $1,000,000 through ClickFunnels.

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What Is Credit Launch Secrets?

A screenshot featuring Arielle Gruman introducing Credit Launch Secrets

Credit Launch Secrets was initially a platform that was meant to help people who want to buy a home but didn’t have a good credit score. It still is. But it sort of changed quite a bit a went on.

When you go to the website for it, there’s two scenarios that could happen. You could be redirected to the homepage for the company. There’s a big old thumbnail for a YouTube video that is no longer available. Somehow, they have something called a Dispute Club, which is probably a membership program. Clicking on that link reaffirms that assumption.

Some of the other buttons lead to a marketing funnel page for a program from Credit Launch Secrets. Even in the early days of the company, Ari served as the face of it. Apparently, Ari was a military veteran? Or that’s what the title says on that page. The words “Increased Her Score By 147 Points” are set in a larger font.

Then the rest of the page goes through how Ari has managed to helped other veterans with regards to their credit scores. Most of it had to do with their loans. That’s the main reason why people struggle with maintaining a good credit score. They want to take out loans or find a good job. But all of those require a good credit score.

There’s very little detail about what this specific program entails. And that’s the point. Marketing funnels often hide relevant content within a certain prompt. It’s almost always that big button that says “Click Here.” You have to input some of your contact details to access the next page.

The New and Improved Program

Another scenario that could happen when you go to the Credit Launch Secrets website is that it will redirect you immediately to another marketing funnel page. This page is a lot more darker compared to the previous marketing funnel page.

They call this new training program the “Credit Rockstar Masterclass.”  It’s basically a revamped version of the “Correction Overhaul Sequence” that they had prior.

There are ten phases to the Credit Rockstar Masterclass. The first three phases of the program involves an overview of the main factors that play into your credit, how to get a copy your free credit report and how to understand it, and how to send letters to different bureaus to update your personal information to the most accurate and the most current. There’s free templates included to the phases that require them.

The next few phases feed off from the last part of the previous phase. Once you’ve sent in your letters, you may see that certain items have been removed based on what the disputes you made in those letters. There’s a chance that they may not remove it immediately. So you get access to the Dispute Club library to understand what to do.

The Cost For The Program

It seems that most of what you really have to do is to write letters disputing certain items that affect your credit score. Not everybody knows what to do about it. Hence, the existence of this course.

As for the cost of the program, there are two tiers. One costs $97 while the other costs $297. There’s some bonuses to the second tier. But I’m not really sure it justifies the additional $200. You get access to a private Facebook group and a group call with other coaches. And I guess that’s the main hook for second tier?

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Final Verdict – Credit Launch Secrets Review

There’s a possibility that you could actually increase your credit score with the help of this program. I’m not saying that you should immediately pay for it. I’m just pointing out that it has the probability to actually work. A lot of these types of programs have those kinds of chances but it’s not always guaranteed.

I scrolled down to the bottom of the marketing funnel page for the Credit Rockstar Masterclass. And boy, there was a lot of of disclaimers. Usually, the disclaimers that I often see at the bottom of these kinds of pages is that the program is not at all involved with or endorsed by Facebook or whatever platform you saw this advertisement from.

Even the disclaimer agrees with what I have already said in the last few paragraphs. The results of this program is not really guarantee. You do have to put in some effort in order to succeed in it. They also mention that you should probably get in touch with an accountant or a professional advisor before you use any of the strategies that they talk about in the program.

It seems kind of weird that you’d need professional advice. But it actually makes so much sense to ask for professional advice before doing something drastic. Especially if it affects your credit score further.

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