Crypto Cowboys Review: Is This A Legit System?

Today, we’re going to talk about a crypto-related course called Crypto Cowboys. Is this as legitimate as it gets? Let’s see in this Crypto Cowboys review.

In the past, cryptocurrency is largely unknown to most people. But today, investing in cryptocurrency is becoming one of the hottest trends of today.

And it’s mostly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has left a number of people losing their jobs because of several industries closing down. Thus, in order to make ends meet, several middle-class users turn to cryptocurrency investments.

However, cryptocurrencies themselves are extremely volatile. And if one isn’t careful, investors could easily lose all their money.

Crypto Cowboys is a money-making online training course that promises to teach you everything about crypto. It shows you how you can get 7x the profits from cryptocurrency trading, with no hard work and no risk.

Sounds interesting, right? But is Crypto Cowboys the right online money-making system for you? Will you be able to achieve financial freedom by taking this online course?

Stick around on this Crypto Cowboys review to find out. And see if this software system is just the thing that you need for your financial goals.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Crypto Cowboys review. I’m not affiliated with Crypto Cowboys, or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is Crypto Cowboys?

Crypto Cowboys is a step-by-step online training course which shows newbies how to get started with cryptocurrency investing and trading.

Inside the course, it’ll show people how to safely get started with cryptocurrency and how to get to grips with the most important aspects of crypto investing and trading.

This is so they can decrease their risk and maximize their potential profits

Crypto Cowboys also focuses on the “Buy Low, Sell High” mantra which will show your customers how to find high-quality, low-entry crypto coins which they can invest in and sell later for much higher profits.

Finally, it also includes three real-life case studies on how the authors multiplied their initial investments simply by following the strategies inside the training.

The People Behind Crypto Cowboys

Crpto Cowboys is formed by a duo of digital marketers.

They are Aidan Corkery and Wayne Crowe.

Aidan Corkery

Aidan Corkery

Wayne Crowe (Official Blog)

Wayne Crowe

Crypto Cowboys: Inside The Members’ Area

This is what the members’ area of Crypto Cowboys looks like.

Crypto Cowboys Dashboard

The entire Crypto Cowboys menu consists of 10 items. But the main training course only consists of 4 modules.

Those 4 modules contain videos teaching almost everything you need to know to get started in cryptocurrency trading.


Crypto Cowboys Welcome

Inside the Welcome page is a video from the authors welcoming (and thanking) you for taking up Crypto Cowboys.

They’ll also give you an overview on what this online course is all about. As well the important terminology you should learn about cryptocurrency.

There are also several buttons that promote two other online training websites, as well as the Crypto Cowboys YouTube page. While I don’t recommend joining or subscribing to them, you can visit them via these links if you want.

Module 1

Crypto Cowboys Module 1

The first module deals with how you can creating an account from various coin exchange sites. Inside, there are also links for registering on some well-known cryptocurrency trading sites like Binance, Bitrue, and

Note that verifying your Crypto exchange account is only necessary if you’re going to be trading large amounts of crypto on a regular basis.

For example, Binance allows withdrawal of up to 2 bitcoins for unverified accounts (which is already more than enough for casual traders). Anything more than that, you’ll need to approve/verify your account.

Module 2

Crypto Cowboys Module 2

The second modules twches you to to secure your cryptocurrencies using a hardware-based “wallet”.

It’s commonly accepted amoung crypto-traders that a hardware crypto wallet is much more secure than software ones, due to several factors.

As stated on the module, one of the most popular hardware wallet brands is Ledger.

Module 3

Crypto Cowboys Module 3

The third module teaches you all that you need to know on buying cryptocurrency for trading.

The first two videos teaches you how to do your coin research. This is where the concept of “buying low, selling high” applies.

The online course recommends Coin Gecko to do your coin research. But if you want to go to the more popular ones, you can go to Coin Desk.

Note that this course is known to suggest some cryptos which are virtually unknown into the market as of today. Thus, if you’re going to follow the training and invest on them, your potential profits may not be as large as the sales page claim to be.

Of course, the highly-volatile nature of cryptocurrency makes this a best-case scenario.

Module 4

Crypto Cowboys Module 4

The fourth module now deals with selling of your cryptocurrencies for a profit.

The first video teaches you how to set a target price for your crypto. So you’ll know when to sell them for a profit.

The second video deals on how to set up a crytp price tracking system. This is so you can easily monitor the price changes on your current crypto portfolio down to the last minute.

This online course recommends Blockfolio for its crypto-tracking system. But if you want some alternatives, you can check them out here.

Cryptocurrency Stop-Loss

The last video on the fourth deals with the stop-loss, and how to set it up.

A “stop-loss” is a feature built into crypto exchange programs in order to prevent any major loss to your crypto investments.

This feature is a bit complicated to explain, so I’ll try to simpify it. Here’s an example.

If you bought Bitcoin at a price of $50,000 = 1 BTC and the price goes up, you profit. But as of this writing, bitcoin’s price crashed in at $30,000 = 1 BTC.

If you don’t set a stop-loss beforehand, there’s a big risk that you’ll lose ALL your invested money.

So let’s say, you set a stop-loss for your BTC investments at around $49,900 = 1 BTC. This means, when the price crashes, your BTC will be automatically sold by the system at the price you set the stop-loss for.

The idea of a stop-loss is to prevent very large losses in the event that cryptocurrency suffers a major crash. And since crypto is an extremely volatile investment, such scenarios are very likely to happen.

Case Studies

Crypto Cowboys Case Studies

This column just shows some case study videos to prove that this system works.

The case study uses the Chiliz (CHZ) crypto as an example. And while cryptocurrency still has the potential for a good profit, you may not be able to get high ROI in as much as investing on the bigger names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

But it could a good investment for those who like to “play it safe”.


The other columns are just promotions for other online workshops and whatnot. It’s up to you if you want to take some of them or not.

The “Upgrades” column, in particular, lists down the upsells that are included in this system. More on that below.

Crypto Cowboys One-Time Offers

The “Upgrades” lists down some of the one-time offers for this system. They’re all purely optional, and most of the time, you may not need them.

Front End: Crypto Cowboys ($7- $21)

The front end product. You won’t be able to avail any of the upgrades unless you purchase the main online course itself.

OTO1 : 10x Passive Crypto ($17)

Inside this training, they’ll show how they can generate passive income every single month from their crypto investments through staking (holding your crypto-assets on a wallet indefinitely). Consists of 3 case studies.

OTO2 : Time Travel Crypto ($27)

Teaches a “never-seen-before” method of getting a year’s worth of cryptocurrency instantly.

OTO3 : NFT Frenzy ($47)

“NFT” stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens“. They’re a token of authenticity for some digital assets that makes them unique and one-of-a-kind.

This OTO teaches users how how, when, and where to buy unique collectibles from different brands as NFTs as low as possible, and then selling them for a profit.

Again, this also comes with a case study video.

OTO4 : Platinum Affiliate ($97)

The Platinum Crypto Affiliate is a done-for-you sales funnel that is “tested and proven” to start earningaffiliate commissions right away.

Comes with step-by-step instructions on how to promote them using free traffic methods.

OTO5 : Crypto Cowboys Insider Club ($497)

The “Crypto Cowboys Insider Club” is a so-called “private VIP club” where they’ll all the hard work by researching some of the best and up coming altcoin projects in the crypto space, and sharing them with members every month.

On top of the lifetime access to this club, members also get a bi-weekly coaching call to answer any questions they may have about their investments, or areas they are struggling with when it comes to their crypto trading and investments.

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Will You Recommend Crypto Cowboys?

As I said in the beginning of this Crypto Cowboys review, investing in crypto has helped several people make money online. Especially during these trying times.

Therefore, the Crypto Cowboys training can be a good opportunity for anyone.

But before you go ahead and buy this…

I want you to stop for a moment and think about some points that I’m going to bring up.

Shiny Object Syndrome


Crypto Cowboys is similar to many products on  WarriorPlus and JVZoo that claim to help you make money online.

Additionally, they’ll even show some “proofs” of their earnings on their sales pages, and even case studies, in order to increase the hype surrounding their product or system.

But as with any opportunity presented, ask yourself these questions first.

“Is this really the money-making system that I need?”

“Does this system fit my current goals?”

“Is it reliable for me in the long run?”

Because when it comes to making money online, many people can fall victim to the Shiny Object Syndrome. And thus, lose their long-term goals.

Which then leads to frustration for some people. As many of their current marketing goals would be left unfinished.

This is also an example of people who clearly don’t have a clear focus on what they want to do in their money-making goals.

And instead, they just go with the hype of a new opportunity, and leave their current ones unfinished.

How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome?

If you ever get caught in shiny object syndrome, here are some tips that may help you in overcoming it.

  • Assess Your Goals – While most of us have an overall goal in making money online, there are also some individual goals that you must achieve first to help you in reaching your ultimate goal. Make sure that you’re going to complete those first, before you go ahead and start another.
  • Note Its Compatibility With Your Existing Goals – Before jumping in an opportunity you see, check if it’s workable with your current goals. See first if getting that opportunity or product contribute to your current or overall progress.
  • See Past The Hype – Most of the time, those people who are already promoting a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money” are already promoting ANOTHER money-making system a few months before, or even a year before. And they’re even making the same claim of a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money” for that system. Thus, how can you say that the opportunity they’re presenting is legitimate and effective, if they keep on presenting different ones?
  • Not Every “Opportunity” Works – It’s hard to admit, but not every money-making opportunity can work for us. We have different niches, and thus, different specialties. If a money-making system works for them, good. But results can still vary between every individual. So just stick with what works for you, and perfect it.
  • “Just Say No!” – If you think that product or opportunity being presented to you hits any red flag after you’ve gone through all these steps and weighed in the pros and cons, then…just say no. Learn to refuse the opportunity, no matter how good it is for you, if it isn’t something that can help you in the long run.

Cryptocurrency’s Volatility

There’s a very good reason that several big investors don’t plan on investing in cryptocurrency at all.

And it’s because of its extreme volatility. Its value can rapidly rise AND fall almost instantly.

There are several reasons as to why cryptos are volatile investments. But one of the key reasons is that it really has no intrinsic value as an investment, unlike gold, etc.

The value of cryptocurrencies are only determined on how several people perceive it to be. And this means it’s very vulnerable to manipulation by some big investors.

Yes. Investing in crypto can also let you make money online. But it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

As the popular saying goes.

Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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There’s Nothing New Here

To be honest, most of the training that Crypto Cowboys provide only cover the basics, and there’s nothing new on the table.

Most of the “advanced” training here are locked behind upsells. And even then, some of them are fairly useless.

Personally, I don’t mind paying extra if the system provides value to the user.

This training does not. In fact, aside from the basic crypto training this system provides…

It only serves to promote other online money-making systems that are affiliated with the authors.

Crypto Cowboys Review: Final Verdict

So to close this Crypto Cowboys review…

Crypto Cowboys isn’t really a scam system. Because the training methods are legitimate.

But just like crypto-related systems like CryptoCommissions and Crypto Profit App, this one isn’t really worth the price in my own opinion.

If you think investing in cryptocurrency is for you, then go for it. But most of the training given here, can be gotten for free elsewhere.

But if you want another, more reliable way to make money online, keep reading beyond this Crypto Cowboys review…

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