Crypto Profit App Review: Another Crypto Scam?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Crypto Profit App. Is this money-making system another fake one? Let’s see on this Crypto Profit App review.

The Chinese government cracking down on crypto-miners caused a rather sharp drop in the value of cryptocurrency in general. Soon afterward, Elon Musk’s support of Dogecoin and El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender contributed to its sudden rise in value.

These are just some of the events that make cryptocurrency a hot topic every time. While there are several big risks to investing in cryptocurrency, experienced investors still see it as nothing new. It happens to any type of investment there is.

Thus, it’s no surprise that investing in cryptocurrency is still a popular niche to make money online. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where people are encouraged to stay indoors for most of their time.

Crypto Profit App is a new money-making system that takes advantage of this crypto-trend. It then turns this trend into a potential and steady source of commissions for affiliate marketers.

This all sounds great on paper, but is this money-making system real? Is Crypto Profit App the system that you need to earn money online? Be sure to read this Crypto Profit App review first, to help you decide if you’re going to avail of this product, or not.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Crypto Profit App review. I’m not affiliated with Crypto Profit App, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Crypto Profit App?

Crypto Profit App is a money-making system that harnesses the cryptocurrency trend for affiliate marketers. It can generate a Done-For-You website that contains several crypto-affiliated offers for affiliate marketers to earn commissions from it. Moreover, it can also generate content related to cryptocurrency, and even NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to ensure that your website stays relevant to its crypto-niche. This, in turn, claims that it can generate free sure-buyer traffic to your website, potentially allowing a steady stream of commissions to the affiliate.

Who Created Crypto Profit App?

Glynn Kosky is the author behind Crypto Profit App.

Glynn Kosky

He has over 7 or more years of experience as a digital marketer and a “super-affiliate”. He’s also the principal author of similar money-making systems like Profit Product Creator and Passive Profit Funnels.

If you want to know more about the author, visit his official website.

Glynn Kosky

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Crypto Profit App: Main Features

Most of the information presented here comes from the sales page of Crypto Profit App.

Done-For-You Crypto Affiliate Sites

Your site includes offers that are high converting in the Crypto Space. These offers have generated commissions in crypto in our business for years. We love this because we get to spend the commissions and watch our crypto investment keep on growing.

Point & Click Branding

Easily customize colors, logos, banners & even upload your own content for sites visitors remember.


Nothing to install, download or slow you down! Login, update & track results from anywhere.

Premium Hosting Included

You get the same enterprise-level hosting we use on our sites. Optimized for conversions at no extra cost to you.

Automated List Building

Effortlessly grow your own list of crypto buyers & promote to them 24/7! This feature alone has unlimited profit potential. You’ll be ahead of everyone else with buyer subscribers in today’s hottest industry.

Standalone Crypto-Site Builder App

Ready to scale or just prefer DIY? You’re covered! This powerful app makes it a breeze to build your own crypto-affiliate site from scratch, and still host it on our servers!

The Best Training In The Industry

Users of our products consistently rave about the quality of our training. We go the extra mile to give you every possible advantage!

100% Beginner-Friendly

We’ve gone above & beyond to make this interface incredibly user-friendly. So anyone can be up and running fast with zero tech skills or experience!

Pre-Approved HIGH-END Offer Included

Your access includes automatic approval for a built-in high ticket offer, which we’ve been using to CRUSH IT!

All your site visitors get a chance to join a free crypto seminar.

Where they can choose to buy an upgraded offer, and YOU make the commission!

Crypto Profit App: Upsells/One-Time Offers

Crypto Profit App - Bundle

Crypto Profit App is a usable system on its own. But in order to extend some of its features and provide a better experience, you also have the option to upgrade your subscription with any of the upsells included in the sales funnel.

Frontend – Crypto Profit App ($17)

This is the frontend of Crypto Profit App. You need to purchase this first before availing any of the upsells listed here.

OTO #1 – Crypto Profit App Unlimited ($67-$47)

  • UNLIMITED Edition – The UNLIMITED Edition gets you 1000x more FREE buyer traffic, commissions, sales + FREE CRYPTO!
  • Unlock Extra Traffic Sources – With the UNLIMITED Edition you get extra traffic sources
  • Unlimited Accounts – You’ll get special access so you can create an account for your friends & family.
  • Unlimited Usage – There is no usage or other restrictions when you get UNLIMITED.
  • Additional Tutorials – Unlock additional tutorials that let you easily achieve 4 figures a day.
  • $500 Guarantee – If you can’t scale up with this special upgrade just let us know & we’ll send you $500 for wasting your time.

OTO #2 – Done-For-You ($97-$67)

  • Unlock Done-For-You Setup – They’ll set up everything for you there’s literally nothing for you to do.
  • Done-For-You Sales – Then they’ll ensure the traffic they drive actually turns into sales & crypto commissions.
  • Unlock Traffic – Once everything’s set up for you the next thing they’ll do is drive traffic for you.
  • Crypto Affiliate Product Selection – They’ll tell you which crypto products produce sales on autopilot & convert like ferocious wildfire.
  • Unlock Private Rolodex – They’ll also include our private Rolodex which is worth its weight in gold.
  • Unlock Tutorials – They’ll also include our advanced tutorials which you can follow to take the done-for-you system to $10,000 per week.

OTO #3 – Unlimited Traffic ($97-$67)

What exactly is this traffic source?

They’re going to allow at least 50 people to siphon traffic from ALL of their BLOCKBUSTER sales pages that have made them over $1 Million in sales and commissions online and finally be able to make some serious money online.

In just a few clicks of the button, you’ll have over a hundred thousand people to reach at your fingertips at any given moment and this traffic won’t stop!

The pages keep getting traffic forever. For some examples…

  • Their past three product launches on JVZoo have received over 560,000 visitors over the past few months.
  • Over on WarriorPlus, their product launches have received over 1.5 million visitors in the past 12 months.

OTO #4 – Automation ($97-$67)

  • AutoPilot Edition – The “Automation” Edition lets you automate all these software so you can enjoy traffic & sales while you sleep.
  • Unlock The AutoPilot Feature – You’ll unlock the Automation function so you can experience REAL automated traffic 24/7/365 all year long.
  • Unlock The Mass Exposure In 1-Click – With the Automation Edition, you also unlock traffic from even more sources.
  • Extra Video Tutorials – To ensure you know what to do to automate the entire process, step-by-step video tutorials will be included so you can make money fast.
  • Unlock Sellable Agency Rights – You’ll also get the rights to sell the agency rights to others so you can make even more money.

OTO #5 – Crypto Profit App ATM Edition ($67-$37)

There’s really nothing much to say about the ATM Edition. It just simply presents the user with undisclosed upgrades that allows you to earn EVEN MORE commissions just by using this system.

OTO #6 –  License Rights ($197-$97)

This is the reseller’s license of Crypto Profit App. It allows you to sell the product as if it’s your own.

  • Reseller License – You’ll get complete rights to sell this software and keep 90% of the profits. This is a game-changing opportunity for the newbie marketer and the experienced marketer.
  • Done-For-You Product – That’s right, you’ll get the rights to sell this product and funnel as your own, making you look very professional!
  • DFY Email Swipes – You’ll also get access to the follow-up emails that have been custom written to grab people’s attention to buy the upsells and go back into the funnel to buy other products and services
  • Done-For-You Tech Setup – Everything will be completely set up by the Crypto Profit App’s team of experts.

Is Crypto Profit App A Good Investment?

Crypto Profit App may seem like something that you can use as a tool to make money online. However, upon closer inspection, there are several problems that I spotted that may make you think twice, even thrice, before purchasing this item.

False Claims

Many of these money-making software systems claim that their method is very effective at earning over a thousand dollars or more, all for a rather cheap price.

But the fact that it IS really cheap, can raise some rather bad signals.

Like, think about it. If their method is very easy and effective at getting good results, then why are they selling it to you for an almost steal price? If it’s true that they’re earning over a thousand dollars or more in using that money-making system, then the first thing they’re going to usually do is to keep it for themselves. You may say that they’re just being generous and that they’re just sharing their opportunities for more people.

But in the real world, no one is like that. There’s usually a drawback for something that’s really cheap yet effective, especially when it comes to making money. And most of the time, it’s only because the system only works for those who already have built a good number of followers or subscribers. They usually market these systems are being “beginner-friendly” yet effective, but most of those claims are completely false.

Which then, leads us to…

It’s Not That Easy To Be A Crypto-Affiliate

Systems like Crypto Profit App claim that they can build a crypto-affiliate site in just a few seconds, and even beginners can already earn money from affiliate marketing immediately.

But here’s the thing.

While it IS easy to build a website you can use for crypto-affiliate marketing, being an ACTUAL affiliate to a crypto trading site is NOT.

Crypto trading platforms like Robinhood and Coinbase do have an affiliate program that lets you earn a certain amount of commissions for every people who buy crypto on their trading platform. But the requirements for being their affiliate are comparatively strict, and it comes as no surprise.

The usual requirement is that you must have already a huge number of followers or subscribers on your business pages or social media account. And if you’re a beginner, of course, you don’t have that big of a following yet.

And systems like Crypto Profit App claim that they’re built for newbie marketers. But being that the requirements for being a crypto-affiliate are already steep to begin with, how can you expect this app to help you earn thousands of dollars in just a few minutes, without any knowledge whatsoever?

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False Reviews

Also, if you search for these money-making systems on Google, most of the reviews for these products all come from affiliated or sponsored blogs. And of course, given their paid nature, most of those reviews aren’t being honest with themselves.

You should always make sure that the reviews for these kinds of money-making systems are fully unbiased and independent (like this Crypto Profit App review right here) which can give you a really good idea of what this system ACTUALLY does. Keep in mind that there’s no perfect system when it comes to making money online, and if someone says that their system don’t have any flaws or drawbacks in it, they’re most likely lying.

A Bad Track Record + Rebranding Issues

Glynn Kosky already has a rather bad track record when it comes to selling apps like this. In fact, if you think this money-making system made by him seems rather familiar, it’s because it is.

Suspiciously, this app is very similar to CryptoCommissions, an earlier system also promoted by Glynn Kosky. In relation to that, here’s one of the comments made about CryptoCommissions.

Crypto Profit App Complaints

There’s a high chance that Crypto Profit App is just a rebranded version of Glynn’s previous products, including CryptoCommissions, and they sold it under a different name. There are several reasons for this rebranding, but given that the previous system gets a lot of negative feedback and numerous refund claims, it could be a possibility.

Crypto Profit App Review: Final Verdict

So to close this Crypto Profit App review, let me answer a few questions.

Is Crypto Profit App a scam? Given the history of its author, I have to say…YES.

Crypto Profit App Review - DO NOT BUY

In the end, it’s just similar to apps like Cryptozi and Crypto Profitz. They only try to be attractive to the eye by claiming that they use “the power of cryptocurrency” to generate a huge amount of money from commissions and such. But in the end, their methods still fail to deliver what they promised, and you’ll only end up wasting your money in investing on it.

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