CryptoMint Review: Is This Another Crypto Scam?

Today, we’ll talk about this new income system named CryptoMint. Is this app ideal to start making money online? Read this CryptoMint review to find out.

The popularity of cryptocurrency as a trend is unquestionable at this point. And while it’s still classified as a niche invest due to its lack of adoption by several major banks, it has slowly but steadily taking over the financial world by storm.

In fact, it’s popularity has only grown during this COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, investing in cryptocurrency has helped several people cope up during these trying times.

You can invest in cryptocurrency yourself if you want. But if you want to make money online with almost little to no investment needed at all, it would be in your best interest to be a crypto-affiliate instead.

CryptoMint is a software system that claims to assist affiliate marketers in their venture. It contains everything that you’ll need to set up your own affiliate website, complete with crypto-offers, plu a few more.

So, is CryptoMint a legitimate and effective money-making software system? Will it really make your affiliate marketing venture much easier than usual? Is ith worth the price?

Stick around on this CryptoMint review to find out, so you can make a proper and intelligent decision

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent CryptoMint review. I’m not affiliated with CryptoMint, or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is CryptoMint?

CryptoMint is a software system and a website builder designed for use by affiliate marketers from all skill levels.

It allows you to create an affiliate website of your own design, which is already loaded with crypto-offers, as well as ClickBank offers. All your websites created by CryptoMint are fully monetized and hosted on their servers.

It also contains a variety of tools to manage your website’s integration to a few social networks and search engines.

Who Created CryptoMint?

CryptoMint was made possible by Danny Adetunji, a software developer, and one of the foremost digital marketers in Africa. He is also the CEO of BlueForce Technologies, a multinational software marketing company based in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

Danny Adetunji

He’s also the creator of an online course named CourseCube.

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What’s Inside CryptoMint?

This is what the dashboard of CryptoMint looks like upon logging in.

CryptoMint Review - Dashboard

Clicking on the “Your Store” button takes you to your affiliate website, whether you customized it or not. This will help you get a preview of what your website currently looks like.

The dashboard itself contains several menu items that, overall, lets you customize several aspects of your website. Such as its look and feel, what products or the content it contains, and others.

My Site

To start customizing your website, click on “My Site”. This will reveal a pulldown menu.

CryptoMint Review - My Site

The pulldown menu gives you various options to customize your affiliate website, such as…

  • Settings – This gives you advanced options to customize the overall look and feel of your website.
  • Themes – If you’re a beginner or you don’t know much about website design, this option is for you. It allows you to choose from a list of pre-made templates to change the overall theme of your website.
  • Menus – This gives you the option to customize the menus placed on your website. You can place a “Home” option on the menu, the “About Us”, “Contact Us”, or any other menus that you wish to add.
  • Pages – If you want to add more pages to your website, you can do so with this menu.
  • Sliders – This will let you add, remove, or change some aspects of the sliders located at the top part of your website.
  • SEO – This has some options that may help your website rank in several search engines. You can change the site description on SERP, as well as some other optimizations.

Managing Your Affiliate Products/Offers

If you want to manage the products that you’re going to be an affiliate of here, go to either “ClickBank Search” or “All Products”

For now, we’re going to take a look at “ClickBank Search”.

CryptoMint Review - ClickBank Search

“ClickBank Search” shows up all the product offers that you can place on your website. They range from a variety of niches, like health, computers, making money online, and others.

Clicking on the “Sales Page” right next to an offer of your choice gives you a preview of the sales funnel for that product.

While clicking on the “Grab Deals” allows you to get the affiliate link for that product. Of course, you’ll need a ClickBank affiliate account for you to be able to get your affiliate link.

“All Products” gives you a view of the status of the products and offers on your affiliate site.

CryptoMint Review - All Products

Here, you can see if the product has made any sale via your affiliate link, or if the product is currently active on your website or not.

Analytics & Social Network Integration

The rest of the menu options in CryptoMint only lets you keep track of the performance of your affiliate website on different platforms, especially Google, Facebook, and even WhatsApp.

“Facebook Pixel”, in particular, lets you generate a Facebook pixel code which you can add to this website. This is very helpful if you’re advertising your website via Facebook.

You can know more about Facebook Pixel here.

CryptoMint Demo

If you want to see a more visual and detailed representation of how to use CryptoMint, as well as its features, you watch the official demo video here.

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CryptoMint One-Time Offers

CryptoMint is a usable software by itself. However, if you want to upgrade and unlock the full features of this system, you can also avail yourself of the one-time offers presented here.

  • FrontEnd: CryptoMint ($16.93) – This is the frontend app to this system. You need to purchase this first before you can avail any of the upgrades listed below.
  • 1st OTO CryptoMint Pro ($47) – Unlocks the “Pro” version of CryptoMint, and removes all the limits imposed on the frontend.
  • 2nd OTO: CryptoMint Done For You ($67-$47) – The “Done For You” upgrade lets the authors do your entire marketing campaigns here for you, based on a few pointers specified by yourself. No need to do anything, because they will take care of it all.
  • 3rd OTO: CryptoMint Agency ($97-$67) – With the agency license, you can create unlimited accounts, all of them with their own login details, all with all the features of CryptoMint and you can do anything you want with them. For example, you could sell them for any price, you could give them away to help grow your list, or you could use them to offer services to clients.
  • 4th OTO: CryptoMint Enterprise ($67) – With the CryptoMint Enterprise upgrade, you get 10 done-for-you products to promote, faster emailing, 1-on-1 VIP, priority support, premium training & more.
  • 5th OTO: CryptoMint Traffic Club ($67-$47) -This upgrade adds “additional traffic sources” to your CryptoMint affiliate websites and offers.
  • 6th OTO: CryptoMint Whitelabel ($297) – The reseller’s license. You can sell CryptoMint as your own product and keep all the profits for yourself. You can also change the branding name of CryptoMint for yourself.

CryptoMint Review: Pros & Cons

After seeing the sales page of CryptoMint and testing it for myself, here is what I can say about this system so far.

CryptoMint Review: Pros

  • The frontend app works as expected. It’s an easy-to-use website builder, and it shows.
  • The ClickBank offers are also legitimate.

CryptoMint Review: Cons

  • The done-for-you templates for the website builder look really cheap and unappealing. The ads and content placement also are quite cluttered. Any visitor who may visit your affiliate website with these templates will quickly turn away from your site because of it.
  • While there’s free hosting for your websites, they’re all hosted on an unsecured domain. This is quite dangerous as your website may be more vulnerable to a cyber attack which could compromise your sensitive information.
  • Most of the claims on the sales page about this product are purely false. For example, it’s quite impossible for you to earn a huge amount of commissions using this software system as an affiliate marketing newcomer.
  • It says you can build a “crypto-affiliate” website using this software. But there are absolutely no crypto-related offers to be found here. Just ClickBank products that don’t even have anything to do with crypto at all.
  • While the product itself is already usable at $16.93, you’re only getting a frontend that doesn’t do much other than creating a website.
  • The system is engaging in “bait-and-switch” advertising wherein they’re selling a product with a lot of features for a very cheap price, only to find out that all of the features mentioned on the sales page need another purchase to “upgrade” the software.
  • All in all, the entire system itself costs more than advertised, yet most of the additional features don’t give any value at all.
  • The web-based app itself is full of errors. Some features aren’t working, and sometimes, even the site itself isn’t working at all.

CryptoMint Review: Final Verdict

So to close this CryptoMint review, I would have to say…

This product isn’t worth buying at all.

Not Worth It

If you’re going to buy this software system, expecting to make money, then you should avoid this at all.

While the software works, it doesn’t give the results anyone would expect from the sales page.

Furthermore, the entire system itself doesn’t give any value to the user. Because it doesn’t teach anything useful.

If the money-making system that you have doesn’t have any value to give, then it won’t be sustainable in the long run.

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