CryptoPlanet Review: Is This A Scam Or Not?

Today, let’s review an online app called CryptoPlanet. Is CryptoPlanet what you need? See for yourself in this CryptoPlanet review.

Cryptocurrency is perhaps the most moving term of today, and for a valid justification. Any financial backer, regardless of whether it be a beginner or a prepared veteran, has put resources into one of these cryptographic forms of money circling around. Also, the greater part of them has acquired a sizeable measure of benefits as a result of it.

Not surprisingly, cryptocurrency is one of the hottest niches around. Affiliate marketers are starting to tap to increase their leads and sales. And CyptoPlanet promises to help out in that.

CryptoPlanet promises to turn that crypto-hungry traffic into commissions for the affiliate marketer, by providing a set of tools and tutorials needed to generate a fully monetized, done-for-yourself affiliate website.

But is CryptoPlanet worth the investment for the affiliate marketer? Does it really live up to its claim? Read on this CryptoPlanet review and make the decision for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not partnered with CryptoPlanet at all.

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CrptoCurrency: A Brief Definition


In any case, before we go further in this CryptoPlanet review, how about we characterize what “cryptocurrency” is, and why it’s so trendy right now.

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency. You don’t actually hold any physical representation of cryptocurrency, but it purely exists in digital form. Unlike other digital currencies of the same type, cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized. No central bank or a single authority controls or moderates cryptocurrency, thus making transactions made between this fully anonymous. All of this is accomplished through the use of the blockchain, a growing list of cryptography-linked records (called blocks), which serves as their ledger.

Examples of cryptocurrency in circulation today are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others.

As of 2021, Bitcoin is now considered more valuable than even gold. Hence, a growing number of investors have started to add cryptocurrency to their potential investments.

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All About CryptoPlanet

CryptoPlanet Review - Logo

As stated on the sales page, CryptoPlanet is at its core, an easy-to-use website builder. Henceforth, its aim to take advantage of the growing number of “crypto-addicted” investors of today, and turn them into a consistent source of commissions for the affiliate marketer.

To do that, CryptoPlanet includes a number of features, such as…

  • Crypto-Website Builder: With just a few clicks, you can create your own crypto-affiliated website, fully-monetized, with no coding experience required. Furthermore, you can choose from one of several templates available, or simply rearrange them according to your tastes, or even make a new one.
  • Trending Crypto-News Dashboard: This dashboard contains some of the hottest, and most trending, cryptocurrency-related news from all around the internet. Each of those news articles is also arranged according to their niche. You can simply select one (or more) from this dashboard and add it to your own CryptoPlanet-generated website.
  • Built-In Article Spinner: Worried about plagiarism issues? Fret not. CryptoPlanet also includes a built-in text spinner, which rewrites specific words, phrases, sentences, or even entire paragraphs from your article, and replaces them with alternative words. This is a valid technique in SEO, and helps to breathe new life into old content whenever it’s possible.
  • Fully Optimized & Monetized Websites: Each of your websites made by CryptoPlanet is fully optimized, with “30 DFY campaigns for crypto-wallet affiliate programs, mining sites with big commissions, Udemy Crypto Courses, and ClickBank Crypto Info Products.” Furthermore, the website also includes “7 beginner-friendly Adsense alternatives, for even more simple commissions.”
  • Visual Calendar: The Dashboard also includes a built-in visual calendar, which keeps track of your traffic, hits, and everything via a simple-to-use interface. The calendar is also Adsense-compatible.
  • Free Hosting: All of your crypto-websites come with free hosting, so you won’t have to worry about making another purchase for hosting them. You can use the URL the app gives you, or add your own domain name.

CryptoPlanet is a software developed by Ariel Sanders, a digital marketer.

CryptoPlanet Review - Ariel Sanders

How Do You Make Money From CryptoPlanet, And How Much?

CryptoPlanet is generally easy to use. You just login with your credentials, set your Site Name and URL, customize your site, and that’s it! You can start.

CryptoPlanet relies on the ever-trending world of cryptocurrency for commissions. Hence, when a potential buyer clicks a link from your crypto-website and makes a successful purchase, a small commission will be provided for you. CryptoPlanet claims that it can generate an unlimited number of buyer traffic per day, so in theory, this will provide the affiliate marketer with a steady source of commissions. That is, as long as crypto-buyers continue to buy through your links.

CryptoPlanet One-Time Offers

Crypto Planet is already usable enough as it is, but there are also upsells included if you can to upgrade your experience in using this app.

FrontEnd: CryptoPlanet ($27 to $47)

  • Fully monetized and CryptoPlanet Builder.
  • Grabs and converts massively addicted traffic into leads, commissions, and sales.
  • Ready-made Clickbank, JVzoo & Warriorplus offers.
  • E-Com store and affiliate store built-in.
  • Trending articles dashboard and brain planner manager.
  • Breakthrough cloud SAAS builds
  • Crypto Wallet, Mining, ClickBank & Udemy
  • E-Com products profits
  • Email list building and AdSense profits
  • Amazon affiliate profits
  • Profit flipping your site
  • Post’s Stream Dashboard
  • Host included and your domain option
  • More features you will love

OTO-1: CryptoPlanet Traffic ($37 to $47)

  • Get 13 social media sites.
  • Generate traffic from all the sites together.
  • Get insights on all the traffic generated from social media.
  • Keep your social media accounts fresh.
  • Engaging by regularly updating the content.
  • Customize each post OR post it all as is.
  • And Huge Bonuses.

OTO-2: CryptoPlanet Club ($37 to $47)

  • You can build unlimited sites.
  • Ready-made DFY CryptoPlanet to begin to profit.
  • That grows your network right away.
  • DFY CryptoPlanet added to the user Dashboard each month.
  • Premium addons like Drag and Drop Builder, Live Chat, And More.

OTO-3:- CryptoPlanet Scraper ($37 to $47)

  • Grab and Post viral content from any website.
  • Rewrite the content in one click to make it yours.
  • Import everything from the title to the images, including all the text inside the content.
  • Easy-to-use thanks to its point & click interface.
  • No coding and no learning curve.

OTO-4:  CryptoPlanet Review Store ($37 to $47)

  • Import all the data of the products, including their Variation, Description, and even Pictures.
  • Search directly from your admin Dashboard.
  • Save hours of your time.
  • No API key required but it just works.
  • Get the Chrome Extension Designed to automatically scrap and export products to your site with just ONE click.

OTO-5: CryptoPlanet Agency ($197)

  • Agency License with rights to resell CryptoPlanet as your own product.
  • Enables you to keep 100% of the profits.
  • Proven selling tools and gain access to a proven Sales Page.
  • Also, get a video sales letter.
  • DFY selling platform so that you can use their selling platform.
  • 24/7 access to Support Team.

Is CryptoPlanet Legit? Is It Worth The Price?

It’s pretty hard to tell if CryptoPlanet is a legit piece of software or not, as the features are clearly defined and in detail. But that’s why reading an independent CryptoPlanet review (like this one) is a must before making a purchase ahead.

Here are some things you need to consider first when you’re going ahead and buying this.

  • As it is still a fairly new product (as of the time of writing), there aren’t many success stories from independent affiliate marketers around. If you notice, most of the reviews made for this product come off as “sponsored”, with discount coupons for the purchase and so.
  • Software-made, pre-generated websites usually score low on search engine rankings. It’s just what it is. Search engines don’t like software-made content. Most of them may come off as spammy.
  • It’s nearly impossible to generate free buyer traffic from software alone. It takes plenty of work.
  • Most of the product’s methods are blackhat in nature. If search engines detect your website using those methods, they’ll immediately penalize it.
  • Also, the app has too many upsells. If the product is successful in theory, then why are they still upselling other features?
  • Finally, the product still has a questionable money-back guarantee. So far, there are no reports of users getting their money back after they bought this app, and are unsatisfied with their results.

Is it worth the risk of buying this app? Obviously not. So this product is NOT RECOMMENDED, and could also be classified as SCAM software.

CryptoPlanet Scam

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How To Spot A Marketing App Scam

CryptoPlanet is not the only software around with a system like this. Other similar software with similar claims of 100% lead generation exist, yet are also scams themselves.

Affiliate marketing newcomers will surely fall prey to these types, so here are a few tips in order to not fall for these scams (and waste your money).

  • Double-check your reviews from multiple sources. While some reviewers provide positive feedback to their reviews, you can easily tell if it’s a paid review, or worse, a “spinned” review. Make sure that the reviews you read are from independent bloggers who are truly neutral.
  • Also, be familiar with blackhat SEO tactics. Most of these apps’ methods are for leading traffic to your website are blackhat in nature, meaning they’ll illegal. Remember that search engines cwill penalize any website from using blackhat SEO tactics, by giving them very low ranks.
  • Additionally, if the software claims that they can help you do it easily, then everybody else should be able to do it. And if they do, then there would surely be plenty of success stories from independent and non-paid reviewers. But obviously, most of these software don’t even have positive reviews.
  • If the claims are too good to be true, then obviously, it’s a scam. You can’t get 100% buyer traffic and a huge amount of sales in just a single day. Hence, use your wise judgment.
  • Finally, search engines are your friend. Try searching for the app and add “scam” after it. If there’s even just one hit on the search, then it’s already a red flag.

Also, don’t forget to take up courses on affiliate marketing and SEO whenever you can. It could be online or offline. By having enough knowledge, you’ll be able to easily spot several inconsistencies on the sales pitch of these scam software.

Final Verdict – CryptoPlanet

I hope that by the time you get to this point of this CryptoPlanet review, you now have fair knowledge that” help you decide if this product is worth it for the cost. There are no shortcuts to affiliate marketing. It’s all just pure hard work. However, the rewards and steady passive income that you’ll get at the end are all worth it.

No software can help you out in getting huge commissions on affiliate marketing. Don’t fall for it.

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