High Ticket Closer – Dan Lok Scam?[Review]

So,you sucks at selling and want to buy high ticket closer course of dan lok?No problem in this article we are going to do a review about it.I will make it easy for you to take decision whether to buy it or not.

Dan lok is very famous on youtube.He has a huge audience to promote his course.High ticket closer is for two kinds of people and I will review each kind differently.

I have also reviewed lots of online courses from big youtube gurus.

I was stunned by the price of their courses with zero value like affiliate marketing champ and project life mastery.

Ok,let’s dive into this review.

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What is High Ticket Closer[Review]

High ticket closer is basically an art of selling luxury products.High ticket products whether it is of your own business or someone else.

In this course you are going to learn the art of selling anything over phone.No matter whether it is high ticket or low ticket.

The owner is famous for his selling art.Basically I also followed him on youtube for a while.

Closing is the big part of any online business.So,this is very clear that you have to get very good at selling.

Let me clear you are going to learn closing not marketing.Both are the two big parts of any online business.

So,you are going to learn the art of selling anything over the phone.I want to talk about dan lok.He us the owner of high ticket closer.

Who is Dan lok

Dan lok is the owner of high ticket closer course.Dan lok is a very successful person in life.

Probably amongst the successful person on the internet.I know three gentlemen good at selling.

Grant cardone,Jordan belfort and Dan lok.These guys have very good reputation among the sellers and they know their worth.In my opinion Jordan Belfort is the best among them.

All of them have online courses on selling.I recently watched one on one debate of Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort.

In this debate Jordan Belfort completely exposed Grant caRdon.You can watch it HERE.

I wish that Dan Lok also do an interview with Jordan Belfort.

This is because I want to see whether Dan Lok is legit or scam.

Dan lok was born in hong kong.Now he lives in canada.

When he first launched the course,it was opened to only 49 students.But now any one can buy it.

Price of this course is $2495.This price is out of my mind.I am saying this because you can buy Jordan belfort course called straight line method is less than high ticket closer.

I like to add in it that jordan Belfort is master of sales as compare to Dan lok.No COMPARISON.

So,the price of this course is high when someone can get the best course on sales like jordan belfort with less bucks.

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Dan Lok SCam?

No,Dan lok is not a scam.He is a genuine online guru.Which I also followed in the beginning of my online journey.But If you want to know my opinion should you buy it or not.

Than I do not want to recommend it to you.The course is over priced and there are a lot of bad reviews about it online.

A lot of people complaining about the course online.They say that they finished the course and did not saw any value in it.

How Does High Ticket Closer Works

High ticket closer program is not for everyone.It is for the people who want to achieve their goals by working hard .

To achieve financial freedom.Training is going for seven weeks straight.In these seven days you are going to learn from Dan lok the art of selling.

He will be teaching you everyday about the real world business about closing.This course is not for everyone.Infact in the end of this course he will teach you how to do selling for their businesses and charge money for it.

I don?t like this idea.If you do not have a business online or offline,than it will be the worst decision to buy this course.

I will tell you my number one recommendation at the end of this article.And with reasons why you should this model on high ticket closer course.

There are certain things that I liked in the course.So,let?s talk about the cons and pros of high ticket closer.

Things I Liked In High Ticket Closer

I liked three things about high ticket closer.I think you will also admit it.Let?s talk about them.

Dan Lok

 Dan Lok is an effective speaker.He know the art of selling.I watched his youtube videos and webinars.I was impressed by his skills.

He focuses on teaching you improving your mindset and speaking tone while selling over phone.So,yeah he has a good repo in online industry.

High Ticket Closer Content

A lot of high ticket closer content is on good points and seems philosophical.Like his course is a mixture of western and eastern models.

His course section called selling without selling is great.You should definitely consider it while buying.

Inner Circle

You will get access to the inner circle where you will interact with closers.

Almost 1000 successful closers which will give you tips and advices when needed.

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Things I Disliked in High Ticket Closer

Well being a big part of selling I disliked most of the parts of dan lok high ticket closer program.

Let? talk about them?

 Free content

There is a lot of content available for free.Yolu do not have to pay a dime for them.

Yes there is almost ninety percent of the content available on high ticket closer is from youtube videos.

You can go to local places to learn these tactics.I am not bragging you but it is the truth.

This course include the basis of closing and selling.

You can simply go to Jordan Belfort youtube channel and he will not charge a dime for you.


The course is very overpriced.High ticket closer cost $2500.This is out of my mind.

This cost do not make justice with the content in this course.I was already talked about jordan belfort course.

The price of the course was $2000.If you compare Jordan Belfort with Dan lok.Sorry,No comparison.The price also is less than high ticket closer.


Dan Lok lacks cradibility.No one know is he legit or scam.

He built his audience on youtube and selling this digital product through it.No one knows his background.

No one can say with surety that whether he is salesperson or not.

I watched almost fifty videos on youtube and I think he just lacks credibility.


The claims made by Dan Lok do not make any sense.

He claims that the course has the ultimate tools to make any one good at sales.

In the sales industry I am watching this debate for a long time about born salesman.

Some are born and some not.Jordan Belfort is a born salesman and Grant Cardone says that he is not.

It seems to be hard to get great at selling.

I personally took the course of Jordan Belfort but I can not myself a seller.It is just not for everybody.So,these claims are not legit.


Dan Lok seems to be doing marketing of high ticket closer in every video.

Why not everyone loves easy money.But I do not like this approach.

If you do not know this,selling your own digital products are the easiest way to make money online.

Make a course,claim it provides huge value to everyone who buys it,select a niche and sell to them.

Do not matter if you are credible of doing this or not.Sorry!but it?s the most people doing now a days.

Other People About High Ticket Closers

Unfortunately,there are not much good reviews on internet about it.A lot of people says that it was a total scam.

They say that buying this course is the worst decision they made in their life.So I think you did a good job reading this review before buying this course.

This is because charging someone $2500 of the courses which you can get free from youtube makes no sense.

I will highly recommend o watch this review of a Dan Lok student.

This is all I have for this review.

But if you are serious to make a business online.Than I have additional paragraph for you.

Alternative of High Ticket Closer

One of the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing.The course high ticket closer also based on it.

To sell other people services to business owners and make commissions on it.It seems to be worst business model.

It is very hard to sustain this business in 2020.

I also get a lot of DM?s from the people who wants to sell their services and took this course.

That?s why I am saying that this niche is nsaturated.In fact everybody wants to get rich quick.If it was that easy everybody would be rich.

They are not rich and we all know the reason why.

I also reviewed a lot of ecommerce and amazon fba courses and I believe that affiliate marketing is the best business online at the moment.

In fact it gives us the opportunity to make passive income.One and only business model which gives passive income.

Passive income is you do the work once and than it will feed you for life.

That?s why I am recommending it to you.

It is the best place to start affiliate marketing business.

You know what it will not cost you two or three grands.

You just have to skip your two cups of coffee.

Another thing is it is high ticket affiliate marketing and you do not have to close it.

There will be closers who do it for you.One sell can make you thousand dollars and they will teach you how to market and make sales.

Five to ten sales a month makes so much sense.This is $10k a month.No Bullshit or BS.

Best of luck.CHEERS

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