Dapp University Bootcamp Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an online course known as Dapp University. Is Dapp University Bootcamp legit? Find out in this Dapp University Bootcamp review.

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What is Dapp University?

Dapp University Bootcamp Review - Dapp University Bootcamp intro

Dapp University is an online course founded by Gregory McCubbin. Basically, it is a course that will teach you all about becoming a blockchain developer.

Well, of course taking the course does not guarantee that you will be earning a lot of money straight away.

Dapp University also offers a free course on blockchain development, but it only glosses over the basics. The paid version will be the one that is more focused on the topics needed to be discussed.

I am not really confident that this course will make you succeed as a blockchain developer, but it is definitely a start. Becoming one will require a lot of time, training, and focus.

Also, this is not really something you can do at the side, as it will take you some time to master.

Free Dapp University Course

This free course will not really teach you blockchain development, but it is more of an overview.

If you watch it closely, it is more of a sales pitch so that you will trust and pay money to McCubbin.

There are three videos included in the free course, and they are about the following:

  • How McCubbin makes his money ($20k a week, as claimed)
  • How blockchain developers become successful
  • Making money from you current set of skills

The videos’ duration are around 15 minutes, and I think the main reason why it is being offered is because McCubbin wants you to pay for the premium course.

Dapp University Bootcamp Overview

This is the premium course, which costs $499. The course has three parts, which we will be discussing below.

Dapp University Bootcamp (1st Part)

This section is dedicated to discussing the basics and fundamentals that are necessary for you to know as a blockchain developer.

This part will teach the following:

  • What blockchain is
  • How blockchain works
  • An introduction to Ethereum
  • Introductory lessons in cryptography
  • Intro to wallets
  • Introduction to dapps
  • Introduction to smart contracts

Capstone Project Part 1

This part will discuss the development process.

  • Setup on Mac and Linux
  • Setup on Windows
  • Smart contract tests
  • Transfer tokens
  • Building the exchange
  • Withdraws
  • Orders 
  • Traders
  • Seeding the exchange

Capstone Project Part 2

This part is more of a wrap-up of the first part of the Capstone Project section.

  • UI setup
  • Redux
  • Selectors
  • Order Book
  • Price chart
  • Cancel orders 
  • Fill orders
  • Deposits
  • Create Orders
  • Deploy contracts
  • Deploy UI


The whole course costs $499.

The problem with that pricing is that it is way too much, considering that this is more of a beginner course. After you finish it, there is no guarantee that you will start making money right away.

In my opinion, you need to take more advanced courses and do some professional training before you can even start calling yourself a blockchain developer.

This is why I do not recommend this course. If you really are serious in being a blockchain developer, then I suggest more advanced courses.

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Who is Gregory McCubbin?

Dapp University Bootcamp Review - Dapp University Bootcamp creator

The only information that I could find about McCubbin online is from his personal website.

He is very active on YouTube though, with more than 300K subscribers. I think you found this course through watching one of the videos he has posted on his channel.

At this point, you are probably thinking that McCubbin is making a lot of money from being a blockchain developer.

Well, ask yourself this. Is he making most of his money from being a developer, or from selling the course? I think it’s more of the latter.

Is Gregory McCubbin Legit?

I cannot really say that he is a scammer, since I have insufficient evidence of labelling him as one. If you look at his YouTube channel, he really seems dedicated in teaching people his craft.

However, even if he seems like a good guy, I still do not recommend taking this course. It is simply not enough to teach you all you need to know, and the price is pretty hefty.

If you only want a side hustle, then I definitely do not recommend blockchain development. It takes years to master.

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Things I Like in Dapp University

Blockchain is Steadily Growing

Dapp University Bootcamp Review - Dapp University blockchain

The reason why you found this course is because blockchain technology is growing at a steady pace. It is a fairly new discipline, meaning that getting on it early could be beneficial.

Basics are Discussed

This course is quite good if you want to learn about the basics. Other than that though, it wouldn’t really teach you the skills you need to have as a blockchain developer.

Things I Dislike in Dapp University

Blockchain Development is a Career

Being a blockchain developer is a career, meaning that it is not suited to be a side hustle. It will require a lot of your time and effort to master, so you cannot really do it if you have a full-time job.

If you are looking for a side hustle in related to blockchain, you should check out this article about NFT games instead.

Training Not Enough

Like I kept saying, the course will not really train you to be a blockchain developer. It is more of a beginner course.

Not Enough Testimonials

As of the time of writing, I have not found anyone on the internet who has succeeded as a result of taking this course.

Creator Earns More from Peddling the Course

I think that most of McCubbin’s fortune came from offering the course through YouTube, which is why he makes a lot of videos. I don’t think he earns as much money by blockchain development.

You are better off looking for training elsewhere.

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Final Verdict – Dapp University

Before I end this Dapp University Bootcamp review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Blockchain development is a developing practice. I can see why people are hyping it up and wanting to get it on it while it is still early.

However, for someone who is already focused on a career and working a full-time job, I wouldn’t recommend it at all. It requires a whole new set of skills which will require dedication, time, and effort.

If you are already focused on a full-time career, then I don’t think you can spare as much time and effort to something this complex and new. Besides, if you are already earning a steady income from your practice, why look somewhere else?

There is nothing bad about developing a new set of skills, but remember to set your priorities.

Right now, you are looking for a side hustle. You need something you can on the side without having to learn complex stuff. I know just what would work for you.

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