Dr Darren Naugles Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Dr. Darren Naugles and his net worth.

Doctors are an integral part of society. They are ones who help us become healthy. There multiple specializations that doctors choose. And all of them are focused on some part of our bodies.

Somehow, there is a reality series about doctors and the people that they are in a relationship with. It seems insane to think that there are doctors who took the chance to be in a TV show, much less a reality series. I truly can’t believe it.

We’ll talk about that show later on. But it’s interesting to see that there’s a reality show for a lot of different professions. I mean, there was a syndicated daytime talk show that featured medical doctors. And there are also medical dramas that are still on the air. So it shouldn’t be so surprising to see a reality series that featured doctors and other medical professionals.

I have written a bit about people who become famous for appearing on a reality show. Even though I don’t watch a lot of reality series, I still understand why people would be fans of the genre. Sometimes you just need to turn off your brain and enjoy the drama.

But one of the struggles whenever I write about these personalities is that there isn’t enough information to write about. Not everyone who appears on a reality series choose to do interviews. And it’s understandable. Perhaps they just don’t want to.

So I’m mostly trying to piece together an entire post about them just from a few details that I have gathered. But for the most part, it revolves around the show that they are in.

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Dr. Darren Naugles: Quick Details

  • Full name: Darren Naugles
  • Occupation: medical professional, business owner
  • Estimated net worth: $5 million

What Is Married to Medicine?

Married to Medicine is a reality series that airs on E! The show focuses on a group of women in Atlanta, Georgia. Like a lot of reality shows, it goes through these women’s day.

It’s so weird to be explaining to you what a reality show is. But, perhaps, you have never seen a reality show before. If so, good for you? You haven’t succumbed to it yet. But you probably will.

As the name implies, the women featured on the show are married to medicine. That is they are either women who are practicing medical professionals. Or they are the wives of practicing medical professionals. That’s basically it.

These women basically know each other. It’s hard not for them to see these people mingling about at events that their partners or they themselves attend. Even though Atlanta is a big city, the medical community seems kind of tight-knit.

Even though they may say that these are unscripted, the choices for how the show progress is intentional. The production team shoots these episodes with a set amount of months. Obviously, there are bound to be events happening in those moments. It’s either personal or professional.

Camera crews follow these women all day just to have some coverage. Shoots for an episode usually lasts about a week or so. They definitely have a lot of footage to play around in.

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So Where Does Dr. Darren Naugles Fit In All Of This?

It wasn’t until the second season of Married to Medicine that Darren’s wife Lisa Nicole Cloud became part of the cast.

There isn’t really anything I could find about Dr. Darren Naugles’ background aside from the fact that he is a practicing medical professional.

You shouldn’t really expect some random doctor to have an very intricate biography unless they have a medical practice. In which case, he sort of does. But even then, there’s not really anything to go by from the the About Us section of his practice’s website.

As far as his medical career goes, he started journey to becoming a medical doctor in college. He graduated with degree in Biology from the Clark Atlanta University. Then he did medical school studies at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Eventually he took up a residency in the emergency medicine department at Howard University. He seems to work for multiple medical institutions around Georgia, based off his LinkedIn profile. Most of them revolve around emergency medicine.

A Bit Of A Scandal

Apparently, there was a scandal that happened soon after the second season finished filming.

There was an interview on website called All About That Tea that features somebody that Dr. Darren Naugles allegedly had an affair with. Supposedly, this relationship started around the time that the second season was about to premiere.

Damen Wayne apparently met Darren at the premiere party for the second season of the show. They basically just chatted at the bar and Damen gave him his number. Not really sure why. But sure. Apparently Damen didn’t know that Darren was in a relationship with Lisa.

Apparently this relationship went on for weeks. I’m not really sure what happened after that. Damen and Darren broke up, I guess?

Since I have never seen an episode of the show, it’s hard to write about this specific scandal. But it probably lead to some tension during the show. I mean, there’s always going to be a need for tension in reality shows.

Lisa Nicole Cloud lasted three seasons as part of the ensemble in Married to Medicine. In an interview that she did in 2021, she says that she went into the show hoping that she could use the show as way to promote her brand. It’s an interesting of looking at it. And I get why.

When you’ve been on TV for long enough, a lot of people will recognize you. This sort of happens for social media influencers as well. When you’ve reach a certain amount of follows on the platforms, you could start to sell products or services to them.

Something About Lisa

What’s interesting to note about Lisa Nicole Cloud, she is also a very accomplished person. She studied psychology in college then she went on to get an MBA at Johns Hopkins University. Like, she has very legitimate credentials.

She used her degree to become a marketing specialist. It’s amazing to see that she isn’t just the wife of a doctor. She’s her own person. And she also does the work too.

She also involved in a few businesses with Darren. Mainly a diagnostics laboratory. She also founded Elite Medical Associates. It’s great to see couples going into business together.

Lisa came back to Married to Medicine in season 8. There was a scene in one of the episodes where she got asked if she was still married. She said that they were still together.

It’s interesting to see how people react to infidelity. Often the one’s who are cheated on are the most affected by it. It seems that the scandal in 2015 might have affected their marriage.

But it seems that Lisa and Dr. Darren Naugles are still together. Despite all of this, they decided to keep at it. There’s probably a lot emotional scars from that period in their life. And it seems that they’re willing to help each other heal.

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So What Is Dr. Darren Naugles’ Net Worth?

Dr. Darren Naugles has a net worth of $5 million. That’s pretty decent, all things considered.

It’s not surprising that he is able to have that kind of net worth since he runs his own business. Even when I researched all of the terms that they used on the website, I still don’t know what any of them mean. It seems most of the services that they provide are rooted in medical science.

I don’t really know if I could explain any of the terms that they use. His medical clinic seems to be focused on finding the root cause of their client’s sickness. I guess I could understand why an ER doctor would be concerned about the root cause of the injuries and illnesses.

It’s amazing that he doesn’t seem to get burnt out despite working for a hospital and working for his own practice. Like that seems like an insane burden that a lot of other doctors probably face.

It is interesting to see a show focus on the outer lives working in the medical professions. Often we focus on their careers. But sometimes it’s just nice to watch a bunch of doctors eating brunch, as weird as it is to say.

Still, I’m amazed that they decided to do two more season of the show though. But I guess the show focuses more on Lisa than it does Darren. (You could see that I jump between calling Dr. Darren and just Darren, right?)

I wouldn’t have really expect that a reality series with that kind of premise would work. Let alone go on for nine seasons and counting. And somehow get a spin-off based in Los Angeles?

Are they just running out of people to cover? But there’s always an audience for drama. So they’re going to scrape whatever’s available in the barrel.

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