Dating Coaches: Are They Worth Trusting?

All people yearn to find love. This is a fact. Whether it is love from a family member, a friend, or a romantic partner, everyone seeks it.

Love is something that is way too profound to be defined. It’s just something that makes people feel good, it’s something precious, and it makes people happy.

Some people are single by choice. However, some aren’t. There are a lot of people out there who desire to be in a romantic relationship, but they just cannot seem to find a partner.

There are a lot of factors, after all. It could be self-confidence, financial constraints, prior responsibilities, and a lot more.

Because of this, a whole new professions came to life: dating coaches and gurus. These people claim that they can help people get a date and settle into a relationship.

As such, a lot of people seek the services of these people. After all, what’s wrong with paying someone that guarantees that you can finally get dates and even have a romantic relationship after a few lessons?

Well, as you can already tell from the title, this niche is rife with scammers who are after desperate people who have money to throw at coaches. Let’s look into this profession in great detail in this article.

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What are Dating Coaches?

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The goal of these dating coaches was to assist their clients develop more outgoing personalities, increase their self-assurance, and have more regular love successes.

However, there was nothing standing in the way of new entrants, and the potential payoff was substantial. Just having an audience eager to listen was enough, rather than having a degree or other kind of legitimacy.

A lot of shady persons entered the field, and it didn’t take long for the image of the dating coach profession to take a hit.

Nowadays, the term “dating coach” conjures up images of pushy, annoying, salesmen in the minds of most people. This is because of the many people who have been put off by false promises, annoying advertisements, and sexist messages.

The truths of the profession

Let me point out some things regarding dating coaches.

Success in dating has no formula.

Relationships are not mathematical equations, despite what some may have you believe. Attracting people does not follow a formula or a set of rules. All too often, desperate minds buy into the fallacy that a single answer would solve all their problems.

The key is in ideas. Stop micromanaging and start thinking about the larger picture. Meeting new people often, having confident body language, making eye contact, and gradually increasing the level of intimacy you share with them are all proven methods for dramatically improving your odds.

Dating coaches will not be able to fully get rid of your anxiety.

Every human being experiences the emotion of fear at some point. Avoiding it won’t make it go away; on the contrary, it will simply make you more vulnerable. Instead of trying to eliminate the fear, focus on learning to live with it.

The greatest strategy to overcome your anxiety and succeed in this endeavor is to approach women and introduce yourself, even if you’re petrified to do so.

If you continue to take these steps, you will gradually feel more in charge of your worry. You may continue to experience it, but eventually it will no longer restrict you. Ignore your fears and face the world.

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You cannot possibly attract every single person you meet.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but those courses which claim otherwise are just plain ridiculous. I do see why a lot of coaches embellish the facts; if males knew the truth, many of them would never make the effort to approach women again.

You won’t be able to please every woman because of their unique traits and preferences.

The good news is that coaches may be able to teach you how to have more admirers than you know what to do with. Sure, you’ll get shot down at some point, but each setback will make you more determined to succeed.

It’s a win-win when someone you like decline your advances since it cuts down on wasted time, eliminates potential problems, helps you become more resilient, and moves you closer to meeting someone with whom you can create meaningful relationships.

Recognize that failure is a necessary step toward achievement and view it as a badge of honor.

Not everything you read is something to be believed.

Dating experts have written thousands of articles about their experiences in the online dating world. The coaches’ supernatural ability to woo beautiful ladies is on full display in these anecdotes. They feature hilarious one-liners and recount outrageous sexual adventures.

Some are really factual, yet many are exaggerated or completely made up. Even realistic stories gloss over aspects like silence, clichés, and blunders.

The instructors are only showing you the highlights; you have no idea how many times they were rejected or how many hours of practice went into it.

Using them as a measuring stick will lead to an inaccurate and unreasonable evaluation of your own abilities.

You should evaluate your progress against your own standards. How often do you attempt something that you know would put you in an uncomfortable situation? Do you feel like you’re making progress, no matter how modest?

You have every right to feel accomplished if you continue to push yourself and improve. Give up on the goal and concentrate on completing the current mile.

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Is paying for a dating coach a waste of money?

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When it comes to dating, there is no “rulebook,” at least not one that makes sense. There are social norms, legal boundaries, personal boundaries, sand there’s also plain old common sense.

Yet, there is no one method that can guarantee success in securing dates, relationships, and hookups.

Individuals vary greatly. Trying to impress a potential date by following a generic “5-step program” is a surefire way to fail. Be true to who you are, wear what makes you feel good, use good manners, look your best, treat others with respect, and tell the truth.

True strength and courage is being willing to reveal a little emotional and psychological skin; so, too, should you not be frightened of vulnerability.  Other than that, basic decorum, no rules that are set in stone exist.

Let me break to you what I think about dating coaches: Anyone who is stupid or naive enough to pay for a dating coach deserves to be single.

My Opinions about Dating Coaches

When it comes to dating, I believe that there is no set formula to attract a romantic partner. Remember that people are all different. There is not one approach which you can use to attract everyone you are interested in.

I believe that a natural approach is the best way. After all, not all people want those who are confident. Not all people are after a partner just for their looks. There are people who prefer those who are intelligent and those with good personalities.

Well, dating coaches exist because there is clearly a demand for them. And I guess some of them actually work hard to deliver their promises to their clients.

However, I just do not think that they are necessary. Like what I pointed out in this article, there is no formula they can teach you which can guarantee your success into getting into relationships.

This meant that even though they give you advice that sounds good on paper,  it does not mean that it can work. And oh boy, dating coaches charge quite a lot of money.

I think that they are a waste of money as you do not really need their services, as they are just merely guessing approaches that may or may not work.

Besides, you do not really need a relationship to make you feel whole. There are amazing things in the horizon that are waiting for you, and you do not really need to be in a relationship to reach these goals.

Also, having a romantic partner does not equate to having a therapist. You need to learn how to love yourself and take good care of yourself before bringing another person in for the ride.

My advice? Learn to love yourself unconditionally. It’s the best thing you can do.

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