Dave Kettner’s Printable Profits Review – Mugpreneur or Thugpreneur?



One thing we all know is that the online industry is evolving day by day and due to this,more and more people are coming online.They want to learn a skill that can make them $100k a month.And I got you.

It is totally possible and realistic to hit that figure,Online!

But for this ,most people want guidance,so they can avoid pitfalls.

Having a mentor can really change the whole Game for some people.If you would ask me one thing which I regret before starting an online business is,Not having a mentor.And for this reason alone I wasted so much time.

But now a days,everybody seems to be a mentor.So, it’s difficult for people to chose the right one to learn from.And for this reason,websites like mine come into play.On this website,I have reviewed over 300+ online courses and in those 300,some were excellent and some were craps.

Today,I am going to review a course called printable profits by Dave Kettner.Whether Dave Kettner’s course worth buying or it is a scam?We will go In-depth of this.


DISCLAIMER : This is a totally independent review from a third party,and by anyways,I am not affiliated with Dave Kettner or his course.

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Dave Kettner Review


Who is Dave Kettner?And if Dave Kettner is legit or not?

Yes,Dave Kettner is legit and not a scam artist…defurrrnately!

He is part of Lurn,an organization or community set up by Anik Signal.He is a good friend of Anik Singal for three years and knows each other very well.

Look,this review is going to be very unique.I am not someone who will look up to other people’s websites and write my own version of them,and give you my link to join printable profits.Instead, I spent almost three hours to write this Review.

I watched entire interview of Dave Kettner with Anik Singal on youtube channel.Entireeee video and noted my points for this review.



Printable Profits Review – Mugpreneur

Jumping onto the model…idea seems to be very exciting and new…Mugpreneur.

Let me explain it if you didn’t saw that podcast of Dave Kettner.

Basically the idea is to make prints and simple fay it on mugs,cups,tee-shirts and other stuff.During the interview he said that you didn’t need advertising for it,just put it on different websites like etsy and amazon.

The company will take care of it.For example,if someone orders the mug from Etsy,you will make money from that prints.I watched again and again that podcast/interview,and I still believe that they are hiding something.Maybe they are going to tell this in their paid course.

As he says that you don’t need a stock of mugs then how will someone allow you to print on their mugs?

I bet they will not give you permission to simply print on their mugs and change their looks.

Second thing is that Dave Kettner said that the failure ratio in this business is 98%..Hahaha kinda funny that he himself is agreeing to this fact.

But he said that even 2% success rate is enough in this business for him to not go for 9-5.

I got him right there,GUYS.

So,2% success rate right?

Let’s take an example.You have 100 mugs and only 2 sold and 98 didn’t get sold.You will only make $10,$5 each of from them mugs.

$10 after doing all the hard work,printing mugs and marketing it to different websites?

Other question,how these websites will allow you to experiment on their products?

Another question is that, let’s say you have 100 mugs with creative prints and you think people will buy it for sure.Then you have to spend $ on Marketing.

Pay at least $1000 to facebook ads to get in front of 1000 people,and hope that of that 1000,someone will buy your mugs.And you become first success story of Printable Profits.Because as the time of writing this Review,I hadn’t seen any success story from them.

Credit goes to Anik Singal and Dave Kettner,who made it looked so easy during the podcast,that I myself though,f*** I need to start this business..haha

But things aren’t that easy.If it was that easy everybody would be driving lambo.They are not driving lambos and you know the reason why!

My Favorite Program

How Much Printable Profits Costs?

Here is the catch,the price to join Printable Profits will cost you $1588.There are other payment installments methods too.But,if it is that easy to make money by printing on mugs,why Dave Kettner is not doing itself?

Because during the interview he said that it is a rinse and repeat process.2% success rate is a joke.And then convincing your audience that how good it is to fail 98% of times is ridiculous of him.

Should You Buy Printable Profits?

Guys, e-commerce (i-e) selling stuff online requires budget and you must have $15-20k to try your luck as said by other mentors in their courses like Ecom Warrior academy,Ecom Babes,Real Ecom Automation, Walmart Automation Alliance and this list goes and goes on…

I havere reviewed hundreds of products who teaches students how to sell anything online.But the thing to remember here is that you must take risk of atleast of $10-20k.And that is the reason I hate these kinds of business models.

Why I Don’t Recommend Mugpreneur?

For the same reason, it’s competitive and it is not that easy as Dave Kettner showed.Plus you need huge startup cost.Remeber there is also risk involved.

Another very big default in this business is that list your mugs on websites and then keep on waiting for years for people to buy them.You are taking care of your biz 24/7.What kinda business is that where you have to wait , hope and pray to get sales?

Why go for printable profits when there are better business models out there?

Passive, recurring and long term ones..

I don’t want you to go with Dave Kettner’s printable profits,but here is a alternative.

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See you on the other side.

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