Dean Graziosi Review – Scammer Or Not?

Today, we are going to talk about Dean Graziosi. Is he legit? Find out more in this review.

You’re probably aware of who Dean Graziosi is. Personally, I have only heard of his name in passing. I don’t really pay attention all that much to the world of motivational coaching. I’m vaguely aware of some of the people in that world, partly because I have written a couple of reviews about them and their services in the past. But it never really occurred to me to dig deeper. I don’t really had any interest in those types of personalities, so I never really cared to find out more.

It is interesting to see how certain personalities in the world of motivational coaching become these larger than life figures. But I guess that happens when you build a big enough audience. People are somehow attracted, not in the romantic sense, to those that have done something that they want to strive for. Like, it’s not surprising that overcoming struggles in life to be in a place of fulfillment gets people interested. Somebody is willing to pay just to listen to somebody else talk for hours. Like, it’s just a thing. I don’t really get why.

When somebody like Dean Graziosi gets a big enough audience, there is an opportunity for them to offer their services to people. As good as it is to earn boatloads of money just from talking in front of thousands of people, it’s also good to earn even more money for personally helping those people find their own success in life. People are going to gobble it up one way or another. It might as well be you who’s going to earn that money.

But is what Dean Graziosi offers even any good? Or are you just feeding into the mythos that he has created for himself? Well, we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

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Dean Graziosi Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Dean Graziosi
  • Occupation: Author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, investor
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type of services offered: Training programs, consultation and assessment services
  • Niche: Brand building, marketing
  • Recommendation: Some of the programs that Dean Graziosi offers aren’t easily affordable to a lot of people. While there is some potential of making a business out of sharing your knowledge to other people, it is not guaranteed that you will be achieving the same amount of success that somebody like Dean Graziosi has.

Who Is Dean Graziosi?

Author and entrepreneur Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is an author, entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-creator of the Mastermind program as well as the Launchpad program. Aside from that, he is also a content creator, releasing videos on YouTube and hosting his own podcast.

He was born as the youngest of two siblings. When he was just three years old, his parents decided to separate and file for divorce. Pretty much most of his childhood was spent living with his mother and grandmother. Then, when he was a teen, he lived with his father.

He struggled a bit in school during the latter part of his teen years. Apparently, that was partly due to his dyslexia, which he was diagnosed with during that time. He wanted to help provide for his family. At some point, he started to buy wrecked cars and restore them. It did seem that that was kind of what made him and his father closer. So much so that the two of them decided to start a collision shop together. Later on, Dean decided to go into real estate. His financial situation at the time is what lead him to the path that he is now.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really that much with regards to the journey in his later life. I feel like you could sum it up to: he did a bunch of stuff and that lead him to be successful. It’s kind of weird how there was a lot more that you could find with regards to his early life. But there’s not much else after that. Well, it is kind of expected with these types of personalities. They’re only willing to tell parts of their story that might sell to people, which I admit is a weird way to think about it. But when you’ve built a name for yourself, you can tell whatever story you want.

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What Exactly Does Dean Graziosi Offer?

There are two main things that Dean Graziosi offers. And they’re both training programs.

Let’s start off with the Mastermind program that he co-created with Tony Robbins. This particular program teaches you how to start your own training program. Who would have thought that something like this exists? I mean, it makes sense in a way? How exactly are you able to launch your own training program if you don’t know exactly how to do that?

Like any kind of online training platform, there is a free webinar that you can sign up to to get a taste of what you might be getting from the Mastermind platform. The webinar is pretty much just a repeating video that’s always available any time of the day. You just have to input your name and email address and you’re pretty much good to go. Depending on the schedule, you can probably watch the webinar immediately when you sign up.

The Mastermind platform is huge. They have a ton of different courses, each focusing on a certain part of creating your own online training program. It seems that they frequently update the platform with new content every single month. So you can’t really run out of things to watch.

It seems that they are offering access to the entire platform for the low, low cost of $1. Apparently, they would donate a $1 to charity every time somebody signs up and uses that trial. After that first month, you will have to pay $47 a month to continue getting access to the platform.

Then There’s The Launchpad Program

Author and entrepreneur Dean Graziosi

Now it’s time to talk about the Launchpad program. It another training program that Dean co-created with Tony Robbins. It’s pretty much similar to how the Mastermind program works. This time around, you’re going learn how to build your brand and use that to sell products to your audience. I’m still not sure how much it differs from the Mastermind program. Because it really feels like the same.

The cost of the program is a one-time payment worth $1,997. Though, on the funnel page, it does say that it’s discounted to just $997 or six payments of $197. But on the form next to it, it’s still priced at $1,997.

What you get from the program is the main Launchpad course, which includes six new modules from Dean, Tony and a variety of other coaches. It also includes an interactive workbook. Then there’s a live coaching session every week for a total of eight weeks. You also get tickets to a 3-day virtual live event featuring Dean, Tony and a bunch of other guests. Aside from that, you get a bonus module that’s focused on teaching you how to scale the business that you have just built. You also get three-months worth of access to the Mastermind platform as well as access to a virtual assistant.

That’s pretty much the extent of what you will be getting from the Launchpad program. The pricing for it is definitely within the range of some of the other training programs that I have reviewed. Though I still have a problem with the inconsistency of the pricing for it.

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Final Verdict – Dean Graziosi Review

It is interesting that both of the programs that Dean Graziosi co-created are almost one and the same. But it sort of varies a bit in its approach.

Like, you can’t really do much with an online training course. You are bound to just hosting a bunch of videos on some platform. That’s pretty much what these online training courses are at its core. It’s understandable why that’s the case.

I guess what really attracts people to both of these programs is that Dean was involved in creating it. They have seen the success that Dean has in his life. So maybe some of his success might rub off on you if you purchase any of the programs that he created.

The thing about it is that there is a potential to earn money from offering your own knowledge to other people. Like, that’s why I have a ton of these training programs that I review. People are really interested in knowing how to do certain things. We’re just naturally curious.

While there is that income earning potential, it’s not guaranteed that you will immediately be earning a ton of money from it. Not every single niche has a big enough audience. So you really have to broaden your sights a little bit in order to be successful in launching your own training program.

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That’s it for my review of Dean Graziosi. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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