Dennis Brown: Freight Broker Boot Camp Review, Scam?

Hello, and welcome. In this Freight Broker Boot Camp review, we’re going to talk about Dennis Brown’s course, and if it is worth it for you.

A growing number of people are becoming aware that they can do more than just being stuck on a 9-5 job. Especially now that they’re even more stressed with it.

As if their previous work condition isn’t stressful enough, now they’re more exposed to it. With no thanks to the pandemic. Even worse, most of these employees are not properly compensated for this.

Problems may still occur even when the company has employed a work-from-home setup for its workers. Especially when some of their superiors feel like it’s “proper” to call their employees for work-related concerns way beyond their designated work hours.

With these conditions, it’s no wonder now why most workers eventually quit their current job. And are now pursuing entrepreneurship opportunities. Since it provides them with a flexible schedule while they still earn money.

Of course, before we start any business venture, learning the relevant skillset for it is a must. This is why online courses like Freight Broker Boot Camp are made. So that interested people can learn about this business idea.

But before you sign up for this course, you should read this Freight Broker Boot Camp review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is a good money opportunity for you, or not.

Note that I’m not affiliated with Freight Broker Boot Camp, or its creators, in any way.

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What Is A Freight Broker?

Freight Broker

Before we proceed with the Freight Broker Boot Camp review proper, let’s first talk about what being a freight broker is.

Your job as a freight broker is to help shipping companies move their freight from one destination to another. This is done by finding a transportation company that is willing to do the work for slightly less than what the shipper will pay.

Basically, you’re going to act as a middle, matching certain shippers with the right freight carriers. By doing so, you can earn a profit of 10% to 35% for each successful shipment.

Being a freight broker could be an interesting business model for some people because currently, the industry is constantly growing. And as a testament to this, the number of brokers increased from 13,565 to 15,203 between 2014 and 2015.

And these numbers are expected to grow even further, now that shipping goods and services are a necessity today. It’s the result of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Furthermore, an average broker right now can earn around $92,000 per year. But with the help of online courses like the Freight Broker Boot Camp, they claim that you can even exceed these numbers.

But while the claimed figures are quite attractive, being a freight broker still requires plenty of heavy work. If you’re not the type that doesn’t want to deal with people on a regular basis, or someone that hates cold-calling, then this may not be the right business for you.

Furthermore, despite the claims, you actually needed a good amount of startup capital in order to do your freight broker business.

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What Is Freight Broker Boot Camp?

Freight Broker Boot Camp

Freight Broker Boot Camp is an online course that teaches you everything you need on how you can be a freight broker.

Here, you’ll learn most of the things you need to set up, like starting capital, the necessary documents, and others. You’ll also learn here where you can find clients like shipping and transport companies, negotiate with them, and how you can match their services with each other.

Most of the training materials provided in this course come in the form of written articles. However, they also provide some video training.

Aside from the training material, you’ll also get various documents and templates that you can freely download, once you’ve enrolled in this course.

The Creator Of Freight Broker Boot Camp

Freight Broker Boot Camp is created by Dennis Brown.

Freight Broker Boot Camp - Dennis Brown

He’s also the founder, and former CEO, of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North America’s fastest-growing logistics providers.

Dennis Brown initially built LDi in 2003 on his own, as a one-man operation, with virtually no experience in the freight brokerage industry. But since then, he has made over 80 million dollars from this industry in 2015, via this company, before selling the company to pursue other ventures.

Thus, you can say that he has quite a lot of experience in the freight brokerage industry. And thus, is qualified to teach a course about freight brokerage.

Freight Broker Boot Camp: Course Inclusions

The Freight Broker Boot Camp consists of six modules, covering all aspects of freight brokering. Each module consists of a combination of video lessons with about 45 text-based learning materials.

Aside from the training materials, you’ll also be given access to a variety of relevant tools and templates that you can freely download, once you enrolled in the course.

Here’s a quick overview of what can you expect from the modules in Freight Broker Boot Camp.

First Module

The first module will be all about giving you the basics of being a freight broker. You’ll be taught about the laws and regulations on being a freight broker, how much capital you’ll need ($3,000 to $10,000 is recommended), plus all the tools you need.

Also, you’ll learn the important difference between a broker and an agent.

Broker Vs. Agent

A big part of this module is differentiating between the two. While at their core, they perform the same role of acting as a middleman between two different services, they’re still two different roles.

But to make it simple, an agent works in the best interests of the company they’re working it. A broker, on the other hand, works in the best interests of their client.

Second Module

The second module focuses on logistics and various documentation procedures.

Here, you’ll learn all about handling logistics arrangements, preparing all necessary documentation, and strategies for negotiating the best possible deals for your clients.

It also talks about freight rate classification, which is needed when you’re negotiating the best prices for your shipping clients.

Third Module

The third module talks about the costs associated with this business model in further detail. This is where you will learn all about the needed expenses, so you’ll know what to expect.

The costs that you need to pay attention to in this business model include business insurance, software cost, marketing expenses, outsourcing, freight shipping rates, operating expenses, fuel surcharge rates, factoring receivables, and others.

Fourth Module

The fourth module deals with different shipping categories that you should know in full detail. These can include automobile transport, dump trucks, oversized loads, wet and dry goods, hazardous materials, military freight, etc.

Fifth Module

The sixth module covers various insurance coverage, as well as some software that can be used to help you manage it.

It’s not really required by the law for goods being shipped to have insurance, but it’s still quite important. After all, as a freight broker, you could be held liable if a shipment doesn’t arrive, or if it gets extremely damaged during transport.

That’s why, cargo insurance coverage is still important

Sixth Module

The last module is all about the taxes that you need to pay. You’ll also learn about the difference between incorporate vs. LLC, accounting principles, and more.

Since accounting can get a bit overwhelming at times, you should also take the time to consult an accountant for these factors as well.

Tool Database

This section of the course contains all of the tools, databases, and templates that you’ll need for this business.

This section includes:

  • Carrier Database
  • Contract Generator
  • 5 Website Templates
  • Forms & Agreements Library (you’ll need to know these to run your business)
  • “Think and Grow Rich” Ebook

How Much Does Freight Broker Boot Camp Cost?

Joining in the Freight Broker Boot Camp will set you back a price of $185.

For an online course that teaches a new business model, it’s actually quite cheap. Even cheaper than other courses like The Simplest Biz, and especially others that teach you about being a real estate broker.

But it’s not the cost of the course itself that’s the problem here. It’s about the business model.

The problem is that, despite what they say, setting up a freight broker business can cost a lot of capital. We’re basically talking about thousands of dollars worth of capital needed.

Thus, it’s basically going to cost you a lot more in the long run, aside from this course, if you wish to dive into this business model.

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Is The Freight Broker Boot Camp Legitimate?

For sure, the Freight Broker Boot Camp is a completely legitimate course. And Dennis Brown himself isn’t a scammer.

Dennis Brown clearly has the qualifications and the experience needed to teach you how you can become a freight broker. His experience in running a freight broker company means that all of the course material presented here comes from his own experience and knowledge.

And thus, if you want to learn how to have a freight broker business, this is definitely for you. This course is as comprehensive as you can get when it comes to that subject.

Not only do you get complete and legitimate training, you’ll also get plenty of tools that you’ll need for this business venture.

But the question is, should you? Freight Broker Boot Camp and Dennis Brown are definitely legitimate. But it doesn’t mean that this course isn’t for everyone.

Will You Recommend Freight Broker Boot Camp?

To be honest, I don’t think I can recommend this course to anyone who wishes to find a new source of income.

It’s not about the quality of the course that’s bad, because it’s actually quite good. However, the business model isn’t something for everyone.

First off, you’re going to have to do a lot of work with interacting with a number of people to get clients. This even means that you may have to resort to cold-calling various companies just to find a client that’s willing to work with you. This may lead to some uncomfortable moments for some people.

Also, while the potential income you can get with this business model is great, some of the costs associated with this may not be enough to cover it. That is, of course, unless you’ve contracted with a good number of clients.

Finally, you can’t earn any kind of passive income with this business. Especially if that’s what you’re after in an online business. You’re going to have to closely monitor every aspect of this business while you’re running it, to make sure your clients are satisfied with your service.

This can be easily mitigated by outsourcing your business and hiring virtual assistants. But would that be worth it for the cost? Especially when you’re still starting out?

Freight Broker Boot Camp Review: Final Thoughts


So to close off this Freight Broker Boot Camp review, I’d like to give out my thought that may or may not help with your decision.

Being a freight broker is quite similar to doing real estate. In that you’re going to have to do quite a bit of hustle to earn money.

To be fair, there’s nothing with that. After all, being able to hustle is a sign that you’re hardworking and really committed to pursuing your financial goals.

Freight Broker Boot Camp is a great course, and a great business model, if you’re used to the idea of sales talk to get clients to work with you. Since you’re going to be interacting with them a lot.

But if you don’t have any background in sales talk, then you’re going to have a hard time with this business model.

Furthermore, the capital you need is quite huge, and isn’t really advisable for beginners.

It’s not the end of the road, however. If you don’t like this idea, and it doesn’t suit you, there’s still hope.

You’re free to try out my personal number 1 recommendation to make money online. And the best part is, it also has an opportunity for you to earn some passive income.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Freight Broker Boot Camp Review.

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