Digital Landlord Review – Modern Millionaires Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about the Digital Landlord program from the Modern Millionaires. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Digital real estate has been a thing for a while now. Despite all of that, it’s not really that great of a method of earning money on the internet. I know that starting off a review like this might seem weird. But that’s what I have managed to find out from all of the other digital real estate-related training programs that I have reviewed.

Compared to all of the other methods out there, there’s a bit more difficulty in finding success with digital real estate. We’re going to talk about how exactly it works later on in this review. But I am going to say this now: you’re going to spend a bit of time before you find success in it. Still, there’s so many of these training programs out there.

Take the Digital Landlord program for example. It shares similar words to another digital real estate training program called 7 Day Digital Landlord. I initially thought that it was the same program. But, surprisingly, it’s not. I understand that it is hard to create a new product in this particular niche. So you are bound to have similarly named products. Their goal now is to make the case for why they are the better option.

I hadn’t really heard about Digital Landlord before all of this. So I’m going into this review without any idea of what it provides. Sure, I have reviewed other similar programs. But there’s often something different in how they approach it.

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Digital Landlord Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Digital Landlord
  • Founders: Abdul Farooqi & Chance Welton
  • Website:
  • Socials: InstagramYouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Digital real estate
  • Recommendation: Digital real estate takes a lot of work to make it profitable. I don’t particularly recommend digital real estate to people who are not willing to put in the work for it. While it’s possible that you’ll get clients and earn money, it’s not guaranteed to always be the case.

Who Are Abdul Farooqi & Chance Welton?

Let’s start off with Abdul Farooqi. Abdul came to Canada by way of Pakistan. His family was living an okay life in Pakistan with his parents and his four other siblings. I guess, as with a lot of immigrant families, there were probably opportunities abroad that they couldn’t find in Pakistan. So by the time that he was 12 years old, they migrated to Canada. And that was basically a reset to their lives. His dad tried his hardest to provide for his family. There were a lot of financial struggles early on. But that didn’t deter Abdul or any of his siblings from helping out.

They did a bunch of side hustles while they were in school. Because his dad was working for a convenience store, it was sort of easy to buy a bunch of soda and energy drinks. Abdul and his siblings were able to sell a bottle of energy drink for about $3. They did a bunch of other side hustles too. And that was really when Abdul’s entrepreneurship skills started to build.

He was able to graduate from business school. After that, he worked for investment banking company for about a year. He unfortunately got laid off from that job. So he decided to move to Calgary. That was what lead to him getting into digital marketing. And meeting Chance.

But Now It’s Time For Chance

A screenshot of a video with Digital Landlord founders Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton

There’s not really a lot of information that you could find about Chance Welton online. He seems to have grown up in low-income home in Idaho. So he sort of had a similar experience to Abdul where his parents tried to make ends meet for their family. Unfortunately, Chance’s father passed away.

It seems that Chance blew all of the money he got from his dad’s insurance on vices. You know, drugs, alcohol, all that stuff. So he really struggled with his finances afterwards. That was a learning moment for him, in a way.

I guess, at some point, Chance was looking for a way to earn money. It doesn’t seem that Chance went to college. So he definitely didn’t have a lot of options. He still had about a $1,000 left from the insurance money. And he decided to spend it on a lead generation program that was created by Dan Klein.

Unsurprisingly, that was the same program that Adbul was a part of. They didn’t really start a business together immediately. Both of them decided to start their own digital marketing agency. But at some point in 2017, they decided to start the Modern Millionaires.

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What Is Modern Millionaires?

So in 2017, Abdul and Chance decided to join forces and start the Modern Millionaires. Because both of them studied lead generation, it only made sense that Modern Millionaires focused on that. They still run their respective businesses. But, as a bunch of other digital marketers out there have done, there’s some earning potential from starting your own training program.

There are three tiers to the program that they offer. The basis for those three tiers is how much effort you are going to put into this venture. There’s a “do it yourself” package where you get four weeks worth of training and access to a private Facebook group with other members. You also get the software that you will use to actually earn money.

Then there’s the “done with you” package. It has everything that the DIY package has. But you get access to a 90-day agency boot camp. You’re basically starting your own agency with the help of the Modern Millionaires team.

And, finally, there’s the “done for you” package. It doesn’t have any of the inclusions from the other two packages, for some reason. But as the name suggests, the Modern Millionaires team is the one that’s going to create the agency for you. You’re going to earn money from it. But they’re probably going to take a cut for maintaining it before you actually commit.

What Is The Digital Landlord?

A screenshot of a video with Digital Landlord founders Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton on a cliff near the beach

The Digital Landlord is sort of an extension to the services that Modern Millionaires is providing. It’s definitely a huge stretch going from lead generation to digital real estate. Although, you will actually need leads in order for your digital real estate business to thrive.

Digital real estate is pretty much similar to the usual real estate that we all know. But instead of physical properties, you’re renting out or selling a digital property like a website. Websites are the type of digital property that most digital real estate owners focus on.

You’re basically going to build your own website within a niche. It could be about anything. Fashion, food, technology, you name it. In order to succeed in selling a website, you first have to make the website an asset that people are willing to buy. And that usually means that you have to use a lot of SEO to make that website rank high on the search results.

It’s possible to earn a lot of money from selling digital properties. But it takes a freaking long time to make those properties valuable. With a property like a house, you can immediately see the value of the house in how it was constructed and styled. Online, you’re going to have to take people at their word. And the only way that a digital property can be profitable is if gets consistent traffic going into it.

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Final Verdict – Digital Landlord Review

I don’t really recommend the Digital Landlord program. As I have mentioned in previous parts of the review, it’s hard to actually earn money quickly through digital real estate. The Digital Landlord program doesn’t seem to exist anymore. So it’s easy to avoid it. But there’s nothing about this particular program that’s different from all of the other training programs I have reviewed before.

The lead generation program though sounds better. But considering that thousands of people have used the techniques being taught in the program, you’re competing with a lot of them for clients. Getting your site to rank high in the search results is also a challenge nowadays. There’s very little to any of the programs being offered by Abdul and Chance that makes it worth it for beginners. Especially since most of the packages they offer cost thousands of dollars. And I don’t think a lot of beginners have that kind of money to spend. Especially since it doesn’t seem like they accept refunds.

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That’s it for my review of Digital Landlord from Modern Millionaires. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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