Digital Leasing Reviews – Rank & Rent Too Tough?

Digital Leasing Reviews - Rank & Rent Too Tough?

Today we will be reviewing a system called Digital Leasing. Is it legit? Find out in this Digital Leasing review.

Digital leasing is when you rent things like equipment or software using online platforms and with the help of today’s technology applying, approving, and handling paperwork and payments in this type of leasing is considered to be more efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly, benefiting both lessors and lessees.

With this business model, Joshua claims to help ordinary people achieve financial independence.

In this review, we would be looking at the system’s overview, how it can help newbies in this industry and if Joshua was really able to stand by his goal.

Sit back, relax and continue scrolling down!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Digital Leasing in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Digital Leasing Reviews: Quick Details

  • Program: Digital Leasing
  • Founders: Joshua T. Osborne
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook
  • Type: Business Model
  • Niche: Digital Real Estate, Marketing
  • Recommendation: While the business model does shows potential for a sustainable business, it’s still best to keep in mind that it involves sales strategy that might no be for everyone. There’s also the fact that the cost would vary depending on several factors.

Who is Joshua T. Osborne?

Digital Leasing Reviews - Rank & Rent Too Tough?

Before becoming the present entrepreneurial teacher, Joshua T. Osborne who was born from Colorado Springs, Colorado, faced challenges that shaped him. Despite setbacks and unnoticed hard work, each experience molded his mindset and skills. Initially uncertain about fitting in, he realized not conforming was key to his success. During his childhood days, his restlessness was deemed problematic but later, he actually saw it as a strength. Seeing himself as an entrepreneur, he realized he had the ability to shape his success and make positive contributions, which fueled his determination to achieve his goals.

Josh established a moving company in his garage, dedicating his weekends to the venture. Initially, he rented trucks from Uhaul and secured jobs through Craigslist. However, he found the weekend income insufficient and realized it disrupted family time. Consequently, Josh left his 9-5 job at the installation company to concentrate on expanding his moving business.

In 2014, Joshua encountered Dan Klein and Brad Campbell, the founder of Millyuns, and enrolled in the local lead generation coaching program formerly known as Job Killing. Within just 12 months of applying Dan’s teachings, he experienced a remarkable transition from zero to a seven-figure income.

Currently, Joshua devotes all his time to his digital real estate venture, earning a monthly income exceeding $41,000. Additionally, he provides coaching to thousands of students, assisting them in establishing their rent and rank empire.

What is Digital Leasing?

Digital Leasing Reviews - Rank & Rent Too Tough?

Digital Leasing is a concept crafted by Joshua, drawing inspiration from traditional real estate, blending it with his practical and professional expertise and adding a digital twist. The core idea is to create a digital asset, which mainly websites, and lease it to local businesses.

You can compare Digital Leasing to flipping a physical house, but in this case, it involves digital properties or “assets.” In essence, you lease the traffic from your digital property to small local business owners or “tenants,” rather than renting a residential space.

As an overview of the process, you would start by building a website to create a digital rental property through rank and rent. Get a domain matching your service and location. Then, use current search engine strategies to rank your website and Google Business Profile at the top in the town where you want leads.

This virtual space becomes leverage for assisting local businesses. Once your digital property is highly ranked, customers looking for your service will visit on Google, enter their details, and connect with your client. You earn as the middleman between customers and businesses, like a “digital landlord” getting paid as long as the property stays highly ranked on Google.

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How it works?

Digital Leasing Reviews - Rank & Rent Too Tough?
  • Choosing a Niche

Selecting a niche require identifying a particular field or sector that matches your expertise and interests. You investigate your target audience, evaluate the competitive landscape, and analyze the market’s growth potential. Concentrating on a niche allows you to tailor your services to cater to the distinctive needs of that market, increasing the likelihood of attracting clients specifically searching for the services you provide within that chosen niche.

  • Determine the size of the population

Find out how many people are in a specific group by collecting data or doing research. Knowing the population size is important for things like market research, planning resources, and making decisions because it gives you a basic idea of how big the group is.

  • Assess the level of demand for the service

Understanding this demand is crucial for making informed business decisions, allowing you to adjust your offerings, set appropriate prices, and position your business effectively. This evaluation is essential for the long-term success of your digital leasing venture.

  • Build Out Your Website

Building your digital leasing website involves planning its structure for easy use, selecting a relevant domain name, obtaining reliable hosting, and creating clear content about your services. Utilize appealing visuals and user-friendly features and regularly update and maintain the website for effective client attraction and conversion.

  • Applying SEO

This involves improving your website’s content, structure, and overall online presence to effectively attract potential clients. A crucial aspect of digital leasing SEO is researching keywords that potential clients use when searching for services, optimizing your content to appear in relevant search results. Success in SEO also requires consistently creating high-quality, relevant content related to digital leasing, establishing expertise, and improving search engine rankings.

Additionally, optimizing technical aspects such as fast loading times and mobile responsiveness contributes to a positive user experience and enhances SEO performance. Building quality backlinks from reputable websites serves as a vote of confidence in your content, potentially elevating your website’s ranking. Regularly monitoring your website’s performance through analytics tools allows for ongoing evaluation, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring alignment with evolving search engine algorithms.

  • Locate a business owner in search of leads

When you look for a business owner that is looking for leads, you can opt in using the passive sales approach.

The passive sales approach is a relaxed method of attracting customers. Instead of forcefully pursuing leads, businesses focus on creating a welcoming environment, building a strong online presence through content marketing and social media. By shaping a positive brand image and delivering meaningful content, businesses attract leads without being pushy. This approach lets customers explore and engage at their own pace, emphasizing relationship-building and empowering customers to make informed decisions without feeling pressured by aggressive sales tactics.

Think of it as when you go to a grocery store and there’s a food stand a new product that indicates “Free Samples”. You would be invited to try some of it because after all, it’s free! And after tasting that it is actually good (which only applies to some), you would buy it.

  • Repeat Process with a Different Niche

It’s basically going back to start the process for a different niche to attract more clients.


There is no exact amount indicated for Joshua’s Digital Leasing but some reports stated that you should at least have some $500 for starters. Although, it does not include overhead cost so that may probably another $500? It depends.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


Joshua is a known figure in the industry earning 7 figures with his digital assets. And since digital leasing is just starting, there are fewer competitions at the time of writing compared to other business models.


From the looks of it, this business model would definitely take some of your time and doesn’t really spell out passive income. Digital properties can take some time before ranking which still dependent on the market area you choose as well as your niche. You can also consider that finding a local business owner who would want to work for you might not be as easy as it sounds like. Think of the Free Sample in the grocery story. Not everyone will buy after trying out.

Final Verdict – Digital Leasing Reviews

Digital Leasing is starting out its popularity and really shows effectiveness for people to make money online. However, there are multiple factors that needs to be considered when it comes to its cost, like the website, its domain and hosting services. And again, these are necessities to improve your website that would attract business owners. Inclusive to that as well is to make an effective sales pitches to have them rent out your website.

Like any other business that may show potential, it is still best to make a thorough research about the type of business you would want to venture and be prepared both financially and mentally.

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