Digital Tentmakers Review: Cory, Bobby, Rob Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program called Digital Tentmakers. Is Digital Tentmakers the real deal? Find out in this Digital Tentmakers review.

Tensions are high these days. There’s the pandemic, as well as an impending threat to world peace. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are overthinking about what’s going to happen.

In fact, a lot of people are also getting worried about the future. This is why people do their best to keep their jobs, in order to pursue financial security. After all, it seems like being financially stable is the only way to ensure that you’ll live decently once disaster strikes.

I think we have learned a lesson from the pandemic. It’s better to prepare for the worst, because you don’t know what will happen. In fact, despite of all the preparations, there are still things that happen which are out of our control.

This is why side hustles have become popular nowadays. From coaching gigs, investing in cryptocurrency, and many more, you can essentially pick what you are good at and make money by doing it.

What brought you to this review is the prospect of making some money on the side. Luckily for you, I did my research, so I’ll be able to tell you whether this program can help you find your way to financial freedom.

Before you decide to commit to this, you should read this Digital Tentmakers review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with the program in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Digital Tentmakers?

Digital tentmaking

Digital tentmakers is basically a career which involves using one’s skill in software and writing in order to supplement their income through various digital means. It is a pretty unfamiliar term, as it is used by those who do ministry.

For those unfamiliar with the term, tentmakers refers to the activity of any Christian who, while serving as a minister or in vocational ministry, gets paid for his or her church service, but also does other jobs to supplement their income.

Instead of getting total financial assistance from the local church, a Tentmaker supports themselves by taking a part-time or even full-time employment in the marketplace using their talents and knowledge.

Basically, digital tentmakers is done by people who do ministry in order to continue serving in their church, while at the same time make money through other means.

Ministries, of course, compensate those who volunteer for them. However, it is not enough for some people, which is why they look for other avenues without having to neglect their church duties completely.

Who is Cory Long?

Digital Tentmaking Review: Cory Long

Cory Long is the poster boy of digital tentmakers, which is one of various types of the lead generation business model.

It was devised for Christians who desire to devote more time to helping and growing the Kingdom, providing a secure living for their families, and pleasing God by promoting His Word, wisdom, and unconditional love.

Cory Long has walked in your footsteps and knows what it’s like. He was seeking for an internet business opportunity five years ago. He just knew one thing for certain: he needed change to happen.

Him and his wife want a self-sustaining income stream that would enable them to devote their whole time to ministry. The image was crystal vivid in his mind. However, he had no idea what to do in order to reach his goals.

He had previously worked in a brick-and-mortar firm. He has also aided small companies in establishing themselves via his ministry. But he couldn’t find a good business model that worked for him. That is, until he learned how to make digital tents.

Cory has never earned more than $50,000 a year performing church work until learning about digital tentmakers. He is now classifies himself as financially independent.

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How Does Digital Tentmakers Work?

Cory teaches digital tentmakers along with Bobby Stocks and Rob Sekel. Bobby is an expert in paid advertising. On the other hand, Rob is a marketing expert.

Cory and his team provide you with a list of local big-ticket businesses with whom you may choose to collaborate. Then they show you how to establish digital shops (or tents, as they call them) to generate as many high-quality buyer leads as possible.

You’ll next discover how to catapult your digital shop to the top of Google’s search results. That’s where you’ll find the most qualified buyer leads on the internet, so to speak.

Then Bobby will teach you how to use sponsored advertisements to augment your organic traffic. In any local business, he has a proven technique for generating leads for less than 10 dollars each.

Then you’ll receive a personalized plan based on your personality that will convince company owners to purchase your leads.

Finally, you’ll discover how to build up stock arrangements so you can profit from the upside your digital tents are generating for each organization.

Cory Long’s Digital Storefronts

Cory explains that the DSE Offer System is when you rent digital storefronts to small business. The price usually ranges for $500 to $1500 each month.

It’s indeed very affordable for business, and the profit margins are huge. Additionally, you don’t need any technical or creative expertise, and there’s very little competition. Basically, it’s something that almost everyone can do.

Once you enroll in the program, you receive coaching and mentoring, as well as one bespoke digital storefront designed for you. You will also get weekly group assistance.

In order to find out how much the program will cost you, you need to schedule a call with Cory’s team directly.There are some programs like this which I reviewed on this website before which are as follows:

How Can You Join the Program?

Let’s find out how you can enroll in this program in this section of the Digital Tentmakers review.

Enrolling for the program is via application basis. If Cory, Bobby, or Rob do not believe they can assist you, they will not accept your money.

I think this is quite rare, in terms of other course creators. Most course creators I researched do not really screen applications and just let people join their program.

I have an issue with that, because most of the time, people who enroll in online courses do not know what they are doing. These gurus essentially use people’s ignorance to their ignorance.

As you can observe, a lot of courses do not fit with the background of people who enroll in them. This causes mismatch which often leads to failure.

I think you are aware by now that gurus go out of their way to invite people to enroll without getting to know them first. Instead, they do their best with convincing them how the opportunity can change their life.

Well, it isn’t surprising that most gurus do not really care about their students. They are just after their money, after all. And they will do everything they can so they can keep taking money from innocent people.

In the case of this program them, they seem to be genuinely concerned about their students. Very impressive indeed.

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Is Digital Tentmakers Legit?

In this section of the Digital Tentmakers review, let’s find out whether the program is legit or not.

I cannot find any source in the internet which says that the program is a scam. After all, like I previously mentioned, only those qualified for the program can enroll. Applications are being analyzed, meaning that there are limited slots, and only those who are selected will be allowed to enroll.

I guess this puts a lot of credibility to the program. Unlike most courses which accepts every enrollee, it looks like this program wants the best for their students. They want to gauge whether their experience and skills qualify them for the program, which means that they are not giving people false hope.

It is a good thing that the ones in charge of this program actually care, unlike most gurus I have observed. They actually know what it feels like to enroll in a program or for a company, only to be disappointed in the end because it is another deceptive opportunity which only want your money.

I think this is because they actually want their students to succeed, and they want to give them quality training. Of course, they are still after the money because they want to earn a living. On the other hand though, they want students who they can actually train.

It is safe to say that Cory is one of the rare types of gurus you can find in the internet. He seems trustworthy enough, and would only want the best for his students. Other than that, he is also God-fearing, meaning that he seems to have a good moral compass.

Alternatives to Digital Tentmakers

For this part of the Digital Tentmakers review, let’s look into other viable side hustles you can get into.

Digital tentmakers is specifically designed for people who want to make extra income other than the compensation they get from serving at their local church. Maybe it is best that you enroll in a different program if you are not one of those people.

There are various other programs you can sign up for, which could make you some decent money once you get the hang of it. I suggest that you lean into your interests though so that it would be an easy transition for you.

You can look into freelance gigs like being a paid public speaker, or study how to invest into cryptocurrency to make some cash. You can also look into real estate investing if you have the money for it, or even get a side gig as an affiliate marketer.

The choice is all yours. However, I know of the best opportunity that I can offer right here. It is better than all of those I mentioned, and would surely pave your way to financial freedom.

Final Verdict – Digital Tentmakers

Before I end this Digital Tentmakers review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

When it comes to making money on the side, there are usually a lot of options. This one seems to be designed specifically for people who want to make some money while serving their church regularly.

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, these people who volunteer in their church are usually compensated. It is usually a fair amount of money, but when they have a family to look after, things might be tough. And it is not like they can easily give up their church duties, especially when they have devoted their life to doing so.

I can understand why Cory has been especially passionate with this, considering how he has been in the same footsteps as you probably did. He has tried everything from MLMs to other make money online schemes, and he didn’t really find a good program to commit to.

Cory seems like a pretty good guy you can trust too, as he knows his way around the business. Not only is he credible and capable enough, but his concern for his students is the main reason why people trust him a lot.

After all, credentials do not really mean anything if you are not trustworthy. There are a lot of gurus online who use their exceptional credentials to con people. Thankfully, Cory is not one of them.

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