Dividend Machine Review – Bill Spetrino Scam?

Today, we’re reviewing a course by Bill Spetrino called Dividend Machine. Is Bill just a scam? Find out by reading this Dividend Machine review below.

Bill Spetrino is aware of how “boring” his investment strategies in Dividend Machine. He doesn’t care, he wants it that way.

“Keep your investments boring and the rest of your life fun and exciting,” says Bill. It provides results and that’s what matters anyway.

So, what is this boring strategy Bill is talking about? Well, it’s all about investing in stock dividends.

Unlike the typical high-risk trading, stock dividends is all about safety and income. You’ll learn the intricacies, such as which company to purchase dividends from, by subscribing to Bill’s Dividend Machine.

Before subscribing, I advise you to read this Dividend Machine review first. The details written here can help you make an informed decision.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely unbiased review of Dividend Machine. And I’m not affiliated with Dividend Machine, or its creators, in any way.

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Dividend Machine Overview

Dividend Machine Review: Website

Dividend Machine is a subscription-based course that claims to provide info on stock dividends strategies. From their site, they claim that you’ll receive expert advice on how to earn in a relatively low-risk business.

They’ll teach you a long-term approach to building your wealth. None of the improbable promises and get rich quick scheme are included here, only organic growth.

As written on their site, Dividend Machine’s portfolio is composed of plain companies. Instead of following the hype of other industries, they stick to investing in established businesses such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and retail banking.

It’s not just any companies, though. They must pass all the requirements on what Bill calls as his “rigorous multi-step vetting process.”

The said requirements are as follows:

  • The company should have a resonant brand name.
  • The company should be largely free of debt and/or have enough capital to withstand unfavorable market conditions.
  • The company’s balance sheet should have no underperforming or useless asset.
  • The company should be a top performer on their industry.

Who is Bill Spetrino?

Bill is an expert investor who has earned millions through strategic investing. He claims that he knows at a young age that it’s his destiny to become an investor.

However, he didn’t start as one right away. He pursued a job related to his accounting degree from John Carroll University.

Specifically, he worked at a small accounting firm first. He also spent a decade teaching at a university.

He got tired of the 9-5 grind, like most of the mentors we’ve reviewed here. That’s why he tried to figure out how to escape such.

For him, what he needs is to become financially independent. After countless of hours reading books from individuals with great financial mind, he decided to try his hand on investing.

Basically, the rest is history from here. He’s good at investing and develop a winning strategy. This is the core of his Dividend Machine course.

The Great American Dividend Machine

Dividend Machine Review: Book Cover

This is the book written by Bill where he shared a more in-depth story about his personal experience. Specifically, all the nitty gritty of it that’s related to investing.

He also shared five important pointers that you need to know before investing. He explains this because he believes that being a good investor is not something you’re simply born with.

Five Important Pointers to Know Before Investing

First, you should ignore the stock market chatter. Stop listening to anyone who is keeping you from investing – trust your instincts and just go for it.

Second, you should buy a stock at a right price. To do this, you look beyond the price and start analyzing the stock’s value.

Third, follow what Warren Buffett, a well-known investor, said and be greedy when others are fearful. At the same time, be fearful when others are greedy.

Fourth, you must not chase a great stock. Instead, have a lot of patience and wait for the stock to come your way.

Lastly, you should remember that you can’t time the market. You buy stocks when you think you’re getting a good deal, not when it’s the right time.

Ten Principles of Dividend Machine and Why it Works

Aside from the pointers, Bill also shared the principles of his Dividend Machine course. Pay attention since you can’t find this on Dividend Machine’s website.

First thing is to be consistent. It doesn’t matter if it may take a while, just keep on pushing everyday until you incorporate the blueprint in Dividend Machine.

Second is to focus on buying stocks from reputable companies. Choose what can survive in the worst times and those with history of consistently paying dividends.

Third is to find the right stocks. To determine this, you look for the ones with the best growth potential.

Next is taking advantage of compounding. Reinvest your dividends so you can expect better returns (if things go well, obviously).

Fifth is to consider debt in choosing where you’ll buy your stocks. The lesser the debt of a company, the better.

Sixth is basically the same with the fourth principle. This is to consider the future growth potential of a company when buying stocks.

Seventh is to understand perceived value. As mentioned in the pointers earlier, you need to look beyond the price tag.

Eight is to buy stocks when they are priced low. Also, sell them when they are priced high.

Ninth is to treat investing as an art. It’s more than comparing statistics as companies, just like artworks, can have different interpretations on when they’re doing well.

Lastly, shift your focus from the so-called whales aka the big guys in investment. Instead, look at the smaller ones that can make decent gains as well.

Content of Dividend Machine

As a special promo, Bill is offering a trial of his Dividend Machine course for free… well, almost free-of-charge as you still need to pay a dollar.

When you have a subscription, you’ll receive the following:

  • A monthly 8-page newsletter where you’ll see Bill’s recommended stocks.
  • Weekly Updates on stock market news that is focus on Dividend Machine’s investment portfolio.
  • Podcasts hosted by Bill that is similar to weekly updates
  • Special Reports written by Bill including 5 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now and The World’s Greatest Dividend Stock.
  • Individual portfolios of different types (conservative, aggressive, and international).
  • Dedicated Customer Service team that can assist you 24/7.

Pricing of Dividend Machine

For the trial of Dividend Machine, you have to pay a commitment fee worth of $1. Meanwhile, an annual subscription would cost you a onetime payment of $109.95.

Both trial and annual subscription has a 60-day refund policy. Apparently, you can get your money back with no questions asked if you cancel within 60 days.

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My Favorite Program

What I Like About Dividend Machine

In this section, we’ll talk about what I like about Dividend Machine.

Affordable Trial

It’s not the best as a true free trial, but a dollar for a demo is not that bad. You can see for yourself if the course is right for you or not.

However, it’s somehow fishy to offer a trial with a dollar payment. Why would Bill charge a dollar when it’s so much better for his brand image to offer it as free instead?

Turns out, it’s a way for Bill to get your credit card details. Allegedly, it’s connected to something I dislike about Dividend Machine.

I’ll continue this discussion in the next section.

What I Dislike About Dividend Machine

In this section, we’ll discuss what I dislike about Dividend Machine. Unfortunately for Bill and Dividend Machine, the things I dislike outclass the things I like by a wide margin in terms of considering whether to subscribe or not.

Book as Advertisement for Dividend Machine

As the title implies, The Great American Dividend Machine book is basically an ad for Dividend Machine’s course. Whether you buy the book or not, this will be a disadvantage for you.

If you buy the book to look for actionable investment strategies, you’ll be disappointed. This is because what’s written is only surface level knowledge and is far from an actual strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, you can learn a thing or two here if you’re a beginner in trading. However, you’ll probably not see anything that you didn’t know if you’re an experienced trader.

Finally, you might not like the first part dedicated to Bill’s personal experience. Maybe the lengthy appendix too where Bill fills it with Dividend Machine’s testimonials.

Meanwhile, you’ll miss out a lot of details about the Dividend Machine when you don’t buy the book. The website of the course doesn’t include enough details about the program.

Lastly, you’ll never know the principles of Dividend Machine if you don’t read the book. Fortunately for you, I provided a summary for the said principles.

Unwarranted Charges

Remember the $1 payment for the trial I mentioned in the previous section? Apparently, such is connected to reports of unwarranted charges.

A lot of complaints online is pointing out the odd $1 payment as a deliberate way to capture your credit card info. Once they have that, they’ll subject you to a variety of hidden charges.

Allegedly, the risk-free trial and 60-day refund policy is misleading. Despite cancelling within 60 days of purchase, a lot has mentioned that they’re still charged (and not refunded) regardless.

Worst, there are some reports of incurring multiple charges too. Such charges have no explanation whatsoever as to what they are for.

Outdated Strategies

I don’t judge anyone’s political leaning. However, it seems like Bill’s conservative principle is affecting his investment strategies to a fault.

“His stock picks are basically suitable for a grandmother on a fixed pension to draw little dividend checks,” a reviewer said citing how Bill is out of touch with the current reality. This is also related on how Bill’s own political propaganda affects his stock choices.

If you want a stock recommendation without the influence of any political stance, then Bill’s course is not for you.

Pricey For What Is Basically a Newsletter

Despite the inclusions I mentioned earlier, the main thing that you’ll pay here is the monthly newsletter. To be honest, it’s quite rare to pay for such.

This is why I think paying $109.95 for a subscription is quite steep.

Parent Company is Problematic

Dividend Machine Review: Newsmax Terms

Dividend Machine’s parent company is Newsmax media. You’ll notice the strong connection as the Dividend Machine has no terms and privacy policy on its own.

Instead, it’s using the policies for Newsmax media. To be specific, you’ll be redirected to a policies page of Newsmax when clicking the link for Dividend Machine’s terms.

It’s not really a problem until you’ve heard the reputation of Newsmax. The reviews about them are very critical.

Besides accusations of spreading propagandas, they’re also regarded as a company that sells ads for its course. Dividend Machine being one of its courses is not a good look for the Dividend Machine itself.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Dividend Machine

For the reports of unwarranted charges alone, I’ll advise you to not buy this Dividend Machine course. I don’t have a proof to say that Bill and his course is a scam, but risking yourself to a credit charge fraud is not worth it.

Besides, who’s paying for a newsletter anyway? If you’re really keen on learning how to earn with stock dividends, you can start with free resources first before paying.

For paid courses, you’ll want something with actual value. Maybe something with an extensive course material or insightful coaching, but not with only a newsletter like Dividend Machine.


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