Do You Need a Life Coach? Life Coaching Explained

It’s hard to believe that life coaching is a legitimate profession when there are so many recognized health experts available.

Anyone may call oneself a life coach without having to meet any regulatory requirements.

If a coach decides to get certified, they may pay anywhere from $50 to $10,000, depending on the provider, and all they’ll get in return is a piece of paper saying they took and passed their firm’s unique course.

It might come off as a scam or an attempt to separate people from their money, just as the practices of psychics or alternative medical providers.

As if this weren’t suspicious enough, the area isn’t legally recognized and isn’t subject to the same confidentiality or other standards that control fields like therapists, psychiatrists, or doctors.

In this article, we will be talking about what life coaching is, what life coaches do, and whether or not you should work with one.

What are Life Coaches?

Life Coaching Explained - Life coach

Life coaches provide a service that combines psychotherapy, monetary guidance, and inspirational oratory.

Some life coaches charge more than $100 per hour for in-person sessions and close to that much for sessions conducted over phone or email, making this a potentially profitable profession.

Since there is no physical end result to life coaching, some people view it as a fraud. Even still, hundreds of individuals every year willingly pay for sessions in the hopes of improving their lives.

There are potentially fraudulent life coach certification programs out there.

Despite the fact that there is no one set path to becoming a life coach, many people seek out dedicated training programs.

It’s also common for other life coaches to operate these academies as part of a larger pyramid scam.

Several experienced life coaches elect to get formal coach training to improve their skills and gain credibility with customers, even though many of them already have relevant experience but no degree or certification in coaching.

However, many “legitimate” life coach training programs are actually frauds, credential mills set up to scam you off of your hard-earned cash or your personally identifiable information.

You may avoid falling into scams by learning to detect them and doing research on a program’s or coach’s past, whether you’re seeking training or are already certified and looking for a program to join as a coach.

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Life Coach Requirements

An outstanding coach is one who earns their client’s trust and closeness by attentively hearing both their words and their nonverbal cues, then using that information to guide them to breakthroughs via insightful questioning.

Becoming a great coach involves more than just formal education and accreditation. Neither your own nor your customers’ success as a coach is guaranteed by completing a training program that has been approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Yet it may be a game-changer in terms of your capacity to work together with clients to produce tangible outcomes.

Coaching abilities are essential, but they may be supplemented by a wealth of life experience and personal growth.

Paying a coach doesn’t guarantee that you’ll experience the same life-altering, business-expanding, million-dollar, life-altering love that they have.

In fact, if a coach pretends to know everything and makes it sound too easy, it’s a red flag that they aren’t qualified to be helping you.

What Can Life Coaches Help You With?

Life Coaching Explained - Life coaching

A competent life coach will aid you in uncovering the unconscious narratives and patterns from your past that are currently exerting influence over your life. Also, they will show you how to use your past traumatic experiences and narratives as motivation for a brighter, more hopeful present and future.

You may get from your current situation to the one you envision with the assistance of a life coach.

They don’t dwell for eons on the traumatic experiences that have impacted your existence. It’s not healthy to spend all of your time dwelling on the past. Furthermore, this is considered a sort of pain in Eastern philosophies.

Of course, the best course of action is to accept responsibility for past wrongs, extend forgiveness to the offender, learn from the experience, and then move on.

What they’re really doing is acknowledging the importance of their part in allowing you to progress to greater and more interesting things in the future.

I did another exclusive about life coaching, which you can read here. You can find a review about a life coaching course here, as well as an exclusive about dating coaches.

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Is Life Coaching a Scam?

The niche suffers the same problem that plagues every sector: swindlers.

The difficulty arises when you pay a life coach hundreds of dollars an hour for advice that could have come from any motivational poster.

Anybody may launch a successful career as a Life Coach; the role does not require any specific qualifications or experience.

That said, anybody can put up a website and pretend to be an experienced Life Coach. As a result, many people begin labeling themselves “Life Coaches” despite lacking the requisite expertise to effectively aid their clients.

To achieve their qualifications, most professionals invest tens of thousands of hours in training. In contrast to other professions, life coaches often put in far less time and effort studying.

As a result, you can end up hiring someone who lacks substantial relevant experience, and may not be of any help to you at all.

In addition, there are no mandated qualifications for life coaches. As I mentioned before, this implies that anyone may establish a life counseling service without having to file any paperwork with any government agency.

Yet, the International Coach Federation is just one of several organizations that recognize coaches and award credentials. However, it seems like the vast majority of life coaches do not pursue certification through these routes.

Few life coaches, despite popular belief, have formal training in psychology. Differentiating between the two services is essential.

Psychologists take the time to listen to you and draw on their training and expertise to devise individualized plans for improving your mental health.

It’s possible to pay too much for a life coach; I did some research and found a handful who charge more than $1,000 per hour.

Should You Work With a Life Coach?

Everyone has preconceived notions of their mental and physical abilities that limit what they think is possible. If you’re stuck at a certain level, overcoming that notion will set you free.

A life coach is not meant to be a spiritual guru who will teach you how to live your life and solve all your problems.

It’s about finding someone with the expertise to assess your current situation, define your ideal future state, then get you there with tried-and-true methods that have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of other people.

Your life coach doesn’t have to be more accomplished than you are.

The only thing they need is the knowledge and training to know what questions to ask to zero in on the specific erroneous beliefs and poor behaviors that are getting in the way of your success.

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