Dolmar Cross Review: Is Automated Investor System A Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Dolmar Cross and his Automated Investor System. Are they a scam? Let’s find out in this Dolmar Cross Review.

Even if an individual already has a stable job that gives regular income, that won’t stop some from finding a good side hustle.

After all, who doesn’t want an extra income stream? As long as their body and mind are able to, there’s really no stopping us.

But more importantly, these alternative income opportunities are becoming more important in scale. Mainly because of the pandemic.

Several people have lost their jobs due to industries closing down. While some of them simply just resigned (or retired) for various reasons, but most notably related to stress.

So whatever the reason for it, it’s really clear. Everyone needs a good online opportunity to make money. The only concern now is whether that opportunity is legitimate, or not.

And this is what this Dolmar Cross review is all about. Dolmar Cross himself claims that he can offer you a good opportunity to make money, even from the comfort of your home. Through his Automated System Investor program.

But is this opportunity legitimate? Or is it a scam? And will this work for you?

Before you spend any money on this, make sure to read this Dolmar Cross review first. So you can determine for yourself if this opportunity is something for you, or not.

Disclaimer: This is a fully independent Dolmar Cross review. I’m not affiliated with Dolmar Cross in any way or form whatsoever.

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Who Is Dolmar Cross?

Dolmar Cross is a real estate investor, Inc. 500 entrepreneur, national speaker, and a well-known social media influencer. He has been in the real estate business since he was 20 years old, and has been successful at flipping houses for over 15 years.

However, when the real estate market crashed in 2008, Dolmar almost lost many of his assets. And he himself has to declare bankruptcy during that period.

But thanks to his mentor, he has since recovered by learning how to flip real estate with little to no money available.

Today, he’s now the founder and CEO of 30-Day Cash Buyers and the co-founder of Real Advisors (a company that has since achieved #80 on the INC. 500 America’s fastest-growing privately held companies in 2020). He has also done away with his real estate business in order to focus on mentoring other individuals on how to succeed in the real estate flipping business.

Dolmar Cross 2

And to do that, he has created an online course under his Real Advisors company, the Automated Investors System.

What Is The Automated Investor System?

The Automated Investor System is a program by Dolmar Cross which, he says, can help you earn money on real estate.

Real estate flipping can be a good and very profitable side hustle, but it still requires plenty of work.

The challenge here is finding sellers who can offer a good deal for their real estate, and then finding buyers who, of course, are willing to buy that real estate for your declared price. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the real estate you’re going to sell is in good, preferably livable condition, or else you have to shell out some extra money for repairs.

The Automated Investor System is an app that claims to remove all that hard work on selling real estate. All you have to do is just Point, Click, Flip.

Using this system, Dolmar Cross says you can make $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 or more in 30 days. And you can even do it without spending a single penny.

Of course, such claims are always suspicious the first time you hear of them. And for the most part, you’re right.

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How Does The Automated Investor System Work?

Once you sign up for the Automated Investor System, you’ll first be taken to a webinar hosted by Dolmar Cross himself. The webinar usually lasts for 90 minutes, but there are some reports that it could last as long as three hours (which can be a drag).

After that webinar, you’ll then be able to download the app itself (after purchasing it, of course).

It is claimed that the Automated Investor System works by using special real estate data to find the best deals around the area. Basically, you’re going to act as a middleman for these deals to happen.

You find a single real estate that’s for sale, search for a potential buyer who’s also willing to pay your finder’s fee, then you link them up. From there, you can profit from the difference.

But is it really as easy as “Point, Click, & Flip”? I certainly don’t think so.

Because the problem with this system is that you may have to do a lot of cold-calling to get many of these property owners to sign a sell contract with you. Only with that contract, you may be eligible to flip those properties to interested buyers.

Additionally, the online nature of this business method means you may never have a chance of inspecting that certain real estate you’re going to sell. This means that you’ll never get to see if the said property is in need of some minor repairs or furnishings that the seller may miss.

If such details are left unchecked, it could be a big hassle for the buyer to make those repairs themselves. Something that you, as the middleman, should be responsible for identifying (and possible repairing).

How Much Does The Automated Investor System Cost?

Signing up for Dolmar Cross’ real estate webinar is totally free of charge. Because the main goal of that webinar isn’t to teach you anything about real estate flipping, anyway.

Its purpose is to sell you the Automated Investor System app. Which costs $497 for the initial payment, then a monthly fee of $97 for continued use.

Given what I said earlier about real estate flipping using this system, I certainly don’t think that this system is worth it, even with that price. After all, there are simply quite a number of flaws that will prove this app doesn’t simply work as intended.

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Is Dolmar Cross A Scam?

Dolmar Cross himself certainly doesn’t seem to be a scam. His credentials aren’t something that can’t be ignored. And based on his webinars, it seems that he did made plenty of money doing real estate flipping.

Dolmar Cross

However, his Automated Investor System can be considered as one, if not almost.

There’s no way any kind of app or software can greatly aid you in the real estate business. Because it isn’t really as easy easy “Point, Click, Flip”. There are still several things that you should do when selling real estate.

First of all, you should always do an ocular inspection of the real estate that you’re going to flip. Because, as I said before, the quality of said real estate should help you determine if you can easily sell the property in question.

If it’s not, then you should also shoulder the expenses that you need for repairs. Obviously, no one likes to buy a run-down real estate property unless they’re willing to make the repairs.

Secondly, while it’s true that you can find potential sellers using the Automated Investor System, you still have to deal with cold-calling these people. And while this sounds a bit ironic, some of the people listed on that app aren’t even planning on selling their property at all.

Basically, who wants to cold call people and try to talk them into selling their house out of the blue? Certainly not me, of course. And most certainly not you.

Basically, Dolmar Cross himself isn’t really teaching you on being successful at real estate. He’s more of a promoter than a real estate mentor at this point.

It’s no wonder some people think that maybe, he got rich not by real estate flipping, but by selling this system instead. Indeed, since he has done away with and went on to found Real Advisors, which is basically a “real estate mentoring company.”


Real Estate

In this section of the Dolmar Cross review, I will be revealing to you why I don’t think real estate can work for everyone.

Buying and selling real estate isn’t really a piece of cake. You can’t just decide to pursue a career in real estate on the spur of the moment. Making judgments about a real estate-related business is a serious matter.

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need capital. If you do not have capital, then I suggest looking for another business to get into. Properties are not cheap at all.

It only gets a bit worse right now since we’re currently in a pandemic situation. Most people right now aren’t able to think about buying a new home or a new location to settle in for whatever purpose. Obviously, the first thing they’re going to think about right now is buying their necessities.

Real estate may experience a boost in sales once the pandemic is truly over, yes. But it’ll be only in very specific areas.

In short, if you want to make plenty of money in real estate, you’re going to have to do a lot of hard work especially today.

Dolmar Cross Review: Final Thoughts

Closing off this Dolmar Cross review, I would like to give my thoughts regarding this.

If real estate flipping sounds like an ideal way for you to earn big money, then it’s up to you to think that way.

But personally, it’s not really that ideal, especially for a beginner. The amount of capital that you’ll need to successfully establish a business like this isn’t something you can achieve in mere days.

Sure. It’s an investment that always appreciates, thus increasing its value. But the hard work that you’re going to put up with this may not be worth it.

In fact, when it comes to real estate, digital real estate is so much better today. It’s much less of a hassle to set up a related business like domain flipping and even lead generation if you wish.

But if you really want to learn the real estate business, then Dolmar Cross may not really be the mentor that you need. Personally, there are more reputable real estate mentors out there such as Jamil Damji, for example.

But if you ask me, I would just stick to what business method works for me.

My personal recommendation for making money online revolves around lead generation and digital real estate. And if it works for me and for many people, it’s certainly going to work for you as well.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Dolmar Cross review.

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