Douglas James Marketing Review: Is He A Con Artist Or Not?

Today, we’re going to talk about the Douglas James Marketing online course. Is this a fraud course? Find out in this Douglas James Marketing review.

Nowadays, “making money online” and “online jobs” has become quite a trend. That’s because people are actively looking for alternative ways to earn an income.

And all of them are for different reasons.

Some of them do this because they wanted to quit their 9-to-5 day job and needed an alternative source of income.

Others wanted to get a side hustle to complement their main job’s source of income.

But most of them do this because they’re currently unemployed and they needed a new job (especially with the current pandemic situation).

Whatever their reasons will be, one thing is certain. Most of us may prefer to take up several online courses first to learn a new skillset.

And Douglas James Marketing claims to be one of them. In a nutshell, Douglas James Marketing is a set of online courses that aim to teach people who they can build an online business.

But, is Douglas James legit? Or all of his courses are just scams?

Before you decide on spending any money on this, you should read this Douglas James Marketing review first. So that you can determine if this is worth your time, money, and effort. Or not at all.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Douglas James Marketing review. I’m not affiliated with Douglas James himself in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Douglas James Marketing?

Douglas James Marketing Banner

Gone are the days where traditional marketing is all that’s needed for your business. While it’s still essential in some cases, online digital marketing is now the new way on how businesses can boost their marketing efforts.

Douglas James provides a variety of online courses that focuses on different online marketing subjects. But all of them have one goal in mind: To help users succeed with their efforts in online marketing.

Some of the things that these courses teach revolve around the effective use of Facebook Ads, ClickFunnels, and SEO. They do so because these are the platforms that most, if not all, “high-ticket” offers always use.

Aside from these courses, there are also services wherein you can talk to several “high-end” influencers to teach you their techniques for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Finally, you can also apply to join some seminars where Douglas James himself will teach even more digital marketing techniques, and attract more clients.

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The Man Behind Douglas James Marketing

Like what the name says, the person behind this is none other than Douglas James.

Douglas James, The High-Ticket Client Guy

He bills himself as the “High-Ticket Client Guy“, or simply the “High-Ticket Guy”, due to his accomplishments in landing high-ticket, high-paying clients.

Before he became the high-profile digital entrepreneur that he is today, he was once a Navy Corpsman, and he was onboard the USNS Mercy once. They’re known for providing some healthcare assistance in several impoverished countries like Fiji, Guam, and even the Philippines.

According to him, his experience in humanitarian aid has inspired him to “use his life to elevate people and guide them towards success.” It could be pure sales talk to convince you into enrolling in his courses, but it’s still something to take note of.

Douglas James Marketing: Inclusions

Douglas James offers a variety of courses and coaching that talks about how you can succeed in online marketing. And as his “nickname” says about him, the idea is for students of these courses is for them to land high-ticket clients of their own.

The following are the three main online courses that Douglas James Marketing offers.

The High-Ticket Experience

Douglas James Marketing: The High Ticket Experience

This online course teaches users the proper way to negotiate with potential clients over the phone.

Here, you can learn how to close deals with clients over the phone, schedule a sales call, as well as finding your business niche. If you’re selling something that requires you to have a phone conversation with a potential client, this is the course you’ll need.

Enrolling in this course is totally free of charge, unlike the other courses here. However, you won’t get the most comprehensive training on how to start a business here.

In fact, this course is also one big sales talk for Douglas James to convince you into signing up for his other courses.

Local Business Funnels And Ads

Douglas James Marketing: Local Business Funnels And Ads
In this course, students will learn more about the business of lead generation. That is, you make money by generating leads (customers) for small businesses, using a simple website with ads.
Here, you’ll learn how to create your custom ads for your lead-gen business. As well as teaching you how to create your own sales funnels to collect more leads.
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The High-Ticket Expert

Douglas James Marketing: The High Ticket Expert

This do-it-yourself coaching program teaches the often-overlooked techniques and strategies one must use to get sales calls.

Here, you’ll learn how to generate applications and book the right calls for your high-ticket services. Based on the description, this seems to be quite similar to “The High-Ticket Experience”, but is more comprehensive.

Other Coaching Services

Other coaching services that Douglas James Marketing offers include:

  • 1-Hour Activation Call – Based on the description, here you can schedule a one-hour call with a marketing expert in order to quickly teach you some digital marketing strategies and answer your questions.
  • 6 Month Group – Here, you can have a comprehensive video call training with six calls from six high-end influencers which will tackle different topics like branding, marketing, sales, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Plus, you get two live online training on Facebook advertising and high-ticket sales, access to a private Facebook group, and Voxer messaging access during the program.
  • VIP Day – This allows you to join a live seminar with Douglas James himself. During the seminar, he will teach you everything that he knows about online marketing, as well as how he was able to land high-ticket clients for more profit. This also gives access to the private Facebook group and Voxer messaging access after the seminar day is over.

How Much Does Joining Douglas James Marketing Cost?

To access all of the courses inside the Douglas James Marketing program, you need to pay a one-time fee of $3,000 dollars.

One of the courses offered here is free. But it’s not comprehensive, and only serves as an upsell to convince you to register full-time for this program.

This certainly isn’t the cheapest online course about marketing around. But it’s not the most expensive, either.


As the marketing and moneymaking method being taught here require the use of Facebook ads and ClickFunnels, you should also consider the costs of both of them should you want to go for this business method.

Are The Courses Of Douglas James Marketing Worth Trying Out?

Despite the legitimacy of Douglas James himself (he’s not called the “High-Ticket Client Guy” for nothing), I don’t really recommend this business idea for several reasons.

The Courses Are Pretty Basic

At first glance, it might seem that the courses offered by Douglas James Marketing are revolutionary and quite amazing. And it’s partly due to the rather enthusiastic terms that they used when marketing them.

However, once you’re inside, you’ll find that it’s nothing special at all. Most of the training that they’re doing here, aren’t really anything new.

In fact, a few of the lessons about marketing that you’ll learn here, you can learn elsewhere in other, much cheaper courses (some of them are even free).

The only worthwhile addition to the courses here is that Douglas James shares a bit of his personal experience during these lessons. Which is like saying to his students that “Don’t make the same mistakes that I did.”

This element can be good or bad, depending on how worthwhile the experience is. But if you take these personal experiences out of the equation, you’ll only end up with very basic, overpriced courses.

The Business Model Is…Rather Complicated

As stated before, Douglas James Marketing’s courses make heavy use of Facebook ads for their marketing strategy.

While running Facebook ads and Clickfunnels is very effective in marketing, they can also be very expensive. Most especially in the case of Facebook ads.

Furthermore, Douglas James makes it so that running Facebook ads sounds so easy. When in

fact, it’s NOT.

In fact, the courses here don’t really provide any other means of marketing should their Facebook ads fail to get traffic. The success rate of your Facebook ads marketing campaign still isn’t easy, even when you received training from these courses.

And speaking of success rates…

This Method Isn’t For Everybody

First of all, there is no question that Douglas James’ methods are effective, and that there’s no questioning his accomplishments and net worth.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone can emulate his success using his methods. This is why all online moneymaking courses have the disclaimer of “Results may vary.” written somewhere on their websites.

Sure. There are several testimonials that can give proof that the system works, and the reviews on TrustPilot are all positive towards the program.

But there’s STILL no solid proof that anyone has made money or land a high-ticket offer using this system. Those who succeeded with this system, I’m sure they spent A LOT more capital to help them with this system.

And as we all know, not all of us can access that same amount of capital for marketing. Especially when you’re a newcomer.

Douglas James Marketing Review: Final Thoughts

Before I close off this Douglas James Marketing review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Whatever method that you wish to learn to make money online, always keep in mind that there’s no such thing as “getting rich quick”.

Regardless of the system you use, success in it is always determined by the amount of work and dedication you put into it. Some monetary capital is also needed, but there are times that it isn’t necessary at all.

For this reason, if you think the courses offered by Douglas James Marketing are a good fit for you, then go ahead. I don’t think he’s a scam at all.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that I can recommend it to all of you either.

As I said before, you needed a lot of monetary capital to succeed even the slightest bit in this marketing method. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time.

My advice is, there’s still a better way to make money online out there. And most of the time, it only involves little monetary capital, and some knowledge.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Douglas James Marketing review.

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