Dream Builder Review – Mary Morrissey Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Dream Builder. Is it legit? Find out in this Dream Builder review.

Do you feel like you’re in a rut and you can’t go forward? Many other grownups share your sentiments, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you are, either. It’s common to feel this way, but it’s tough to figure out where your life is headed right now.

When we’re feeling depressed, the worst thing we can do is compare ourselves to others, which just serves to demotivate us further.

Here is my review of the Dream Builder program, a self-improvement curriculum. Mary Morrissey is the founder and owner of the Brave Thinking Institute which offers the program.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Dream Builder review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Mary Morrissey in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Dream Builder Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Dream Builder
  • Owner: Mary Morrissey
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Self-help
  • Recommended?: This is another self-help program. Just so you know, I do not recommend any of them. After all, they do not really work for everyone.

What is Dream Builder?

Dream Builder Review - Logo

This is a 12-week long online course. Its goal is to help you learn how to evaluate your own potential and set realistic goals for your own life.

You may access this program from anywhere and on any device. It’s an all digital experience. You can come to these sessions whenever it works best for your schedule, as there is no set hour for them.

A typical session lasts around 30 minutes, and there are often one to two each week.

To that end, this content is made available as downloadable and streamable audio recordings. Alternatively, you may save the PDFs to your computer.

The “Attunement Meditation” audio session is roughly 10–15 minutes long and is included weekly alongside the program videos.

This consultation has the potential to introduce a welcome new light into your life and should be treated as such.

The program is quite similar to other self-help programs I have reviewed in the past, such as I Am Enough, Habits Academy, and Wake Up Warrior.

Dream Builder Overview

Dream Builder Review - Mary Morrissey

Week 1: Defining Your Dream

This is only the beginning of the program, and it will assist you in discovering how capable you are at dreaming. You will have an understanding of how you might methodically apply your imaginations to the process of constructing a prospective existence that is ideal for you.

The first week will consist of two classes; therefore, there will be two audio recordings for you to listen to. The first audio is around 28 minutes long, while the second audio is approximately 32 minutes long.

Both of these audios come with supplemental audio for meditation, course work, and a transcript.

Week 2: Testing Your Dream

The second week of the program will instruct you on how to determine the response and determine whether or not this new prospective existence is worthy of your consideration.

The second week is a little condensed session, consisting of only one audio recording that is around 37 minutes long, in addition to an audio recording for meditation.

Week 3: Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

For this week, you are going to be guided toward developing your sense of worthy for the life that is potentially available to you. You will eventually come to realize that you have been underestimating yourself.

This presentation is broken up into two separate audio recordings, each of which is around 30 minutes long

Week 4: Befriending Your Fear

How about you take your attention away from the anxiety that you are experiencing and place it entirely on the dream that you have?

All of this will be covered in week 4 with the assistance of two audio recordings that are each half an hour long.

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Week 5: Activating the Law of Circulation 

This week, you will get guidance regarding the power of giving and how it may align you with the Law of Circulation that governs the universe.

You will learn how the power of accepting brings this whole process to a close.

We are all a part of a bountiful universe, and the only way for us to realize our dreams is to be in alignment with that universe.

Again, there are two separate audios, the first one lasting around 31 minutes and the second one lasting approximately 28 minutes.

Week 6: Changing Your Perceptions

By this time, you probably have achieved mastery of the art of giving and receiving, which enables you to link yourself with the Law of Circulation.

Both the act of giving and the act of receiving must be accompanied with a sense of forgiveness. Why do you forgive other people when it is to your personal advantage? You will discover the response to this question during this week.

Regarding the audios, this next week will be a brief one with only one audio that is around 20 minutes long.

Week 7: Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness 

Adopting a mindset of forgiveness is not simple. It may be broken down into a number of phases and processes. To tell you the truth, more practice is required.

You have to make it a part of your routine, and that is what you are going to learn how to do this week.

The audio recording for this week lasts around 40 minutes.

Week 8: Listen to the Still, Small Voice

This week marks the beginning of the program’s more advanced level.

Following the laying of the groundwork up until this point, the next significant step is to comprehend and acknowledge your “Intuition.” That is the “quiet voice” that you have been ignoring since you don’t know how to respond to it.

It have the capacity to assist you in leading the kind of life that you frequently envision for yourself in your fantasies.

At this point, you will begin to genuinely enjoy the program since you are now brimming with constructive energy and faith. It seems as though there is nothing that can stop you.

You just need 45 minutes of uninterrupted time all at once to finish the audio.

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Week 9: Building a Bigger Believing: Creating a Support System to Navigate the Gap

As we move closer to the conclusion of the process, the next phase will demonstrate the significance of developing a support network for oneself.

This support system that surrounds you with your supporters may be helpful at any time, but it is especially useful when you do not believe in yourself.

This support system will assist you in transitioning out of the “dreaming” stage and into the “moving forward” and “starting to take action” stage.

This week, in addition to the other typical assignments, you have one audio that is approximately 41 minutes long.

Week 10: Changing the Channel: A Frequency for Answers and Solutions 

You gained the knowledge necessary to construct a support system for yourself at the week before this one. You will now begin to make promises to each other and identify the partners who believe in what you are doing.

Finding opportunities and pursuing convictions will be a straightforward objective that we share here.

This week, in addition to the practice sheets and golden nuggets, you will receive one audio lesson that will run around 26 minutes.

Week 11: Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone 

During the course of this week, you will be required to step back and do a comprehensive review of the whole procedure. There are still certain voids that want your attention, and failing to do so might make pursuing your dream more difficult.

The experiences you are having right now will teach you valuable lessons on how to deal with setbacks and ensure that you continue to make progress despite them.

Week 12: Harvesting Your Dream 

During the twelfth and last week of the program, you will get the impression that you are coming closer and closer to living the life of your dreams.

You will come to realize that the trip you take to achieve your ambitions is far more important than the actual achievement of the dream itself.

The very last audio recording is 37 minutes long and may be found here.

When you take the wheel of your life and steer it in the direction you have always envisioned it going, life takes on a deeper sense of significance, and thanks to this training, you will now have the ability to make that dream a reality.

Final Verdict – Dream Builder Review

The program is really professionally put up and has a ton of audios, self-practice tools, and pdfs.

Because it allows you to pay everything at once or in installments, making it simple to own, its payment choices make it convenient to do so.

It will cost you $497 to get started with DreamBuilder.

It is important that you take advantage of the benefits while you still can because they are only available for a limited time.

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