Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a training course known as Drop Ship Lifestyle. Is Drop Ship Lifestyle legit? Find out in this Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

If you want to earn some extra money during these uncertain times, then I think that the idea of side hustle will sound tempting to you. In fact, when the pandemic hit, more and more people decided to get into side hustles.

A popular side hustle I observed is starting an online business. What makes these work for some people is instead of putting it on the side (duh, side hustle), they decide to commit a little more time to it.

Remember that when choosing a side hustle you want to get into, you have to know that you need to learn a lot of new things. If you plan to start a small business, then you need to learn how to run a business.

It is not as easy as you think it is, honestly. Even if you plan to do it as a side hustle, it would take you quite some time to get used to running a business. There are a lot of tasks to pay attention to.

Take note that even though you plan to start an online-only business, you still need capital. Domain hosting, website widgets, and advertising, are not cheap at all.

That is when you stumbled into this course. Will this course work for you?

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Drop Ship Lifestyle review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Drop Ship Lifestyle in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review - Drop Ship Lifestyle Review intro

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a course which will teach you about dropshipping. The course is created by Anton Kraly.

Once you enter the main website for the course, you will see a video of him introducing the course. Here, Anton gives you a rundown of what you can expect from the course, and what you can expect from it.

Anton says that his course is a lot more different than other dropshipping courses in the market. He makes it sound that this business model is guaranteed to work for you too. I beg to differ.

According to my research, there isn’t really much money to be earned in dropshipping, unless you are prepared to build and grow your brand. It will require you a lot of time, effort, and patience.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Cost

The cost of this course is $2,997. If you want to use Anton’s product sourcing service, it will cost you $8,997.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review - Drop Ship Lifestyle Review creator

Anton Kraly is the one responsible for creating this course. Turns out that he has been featured in Forbes, which means that he is the real deal. I found the article which summarizes all his successes, which was publish on 2017.

Before he sold his dropshipping business, he was able to profit almost $4 million from it. That is crazy, but because of that, he was able to get people to sign up for his course.

Actually, he now focuses on this course full time, and he made more than $3 million in 2016 just from the sales of it. An impressive feat, which other gurus are surely striving for.

He shares that he has been making a full-time income on a laptop lifestyle for more than 8 years now. This means that he was able to make millions just by the help of his laptop and any place that has internet.

In conclusion, he has made his fortune purely from eCommerce; from creating eCommerce stores, creating digital products, and promoting affiliate networks.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Overview

The course is composed of of four sections. I will be discussing them individually so you will have an idea of what you will be getting in the course.

Every section includes modules and sub-sections, meaning that the topics are explained in-depth. Overall, there are 151 videos included, with the total course length lasting more than 30 hours.

Section 1: Dropship Blueprint

This section is composed of 13 different modules, with 77 videos included. The total duration is around 15 hours.

The lesson begins with Anton introducing you to the dropship model he uses. Apparently, this approach is what makes this course unique compared to other dropshipping courses.

What he recommends is that you find a single niche to focus in, and sell “evergreen” products in order to sustain the business long-term. He reiterates that this is a lot more effective than having to chase trends.

In fact, Anton thinks that you can find products which will never be out of styled, and discourages transacting with Chinese suppliers. He says that you should get in touch with local suppliers instead.

Well, to be fair, what Anton said is actually a little ironic. To be honest, I think we all know that these “local” suppliers actually just source their products from China, meaning that dealing with them is meaningless.

I mean, if you would be getting your products from there anyway, then just head straight to the source and cut the unnecessary middleman.

Actually, I have seen a lot of brands like these on Instagram who just dropships products that are obviously from AliExpress. If you have browsed through that site as often as I do, it is easy to notice things. Some sellers do not even change the photos they use and just copy it straight from the site.

You would be learning about the following:

  • Selecting your niche and products,
  • Doing market research
  • Creating your very own website
  • Looking for suppliers
  • Optimizing your store
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Automating your store’s operation

Can You Learn Product Research Here?

What I immediately noticed is that Anton deliberately skipped one important part here: product research. Actually, it is the most necessary thing that you have to pay attention to, which is why I am surprised why it isn’t here.

That is until I found out that Anton actually provides you with the option to avail of his service which can source your products for you. That service costs $8,997.

In my opinion, this cost is not people who know how to look up products should pay for. I think it is design for newbies who are still trying to grasp the situation, but still, it is quite overpriced.

The portion which discusses how you can create your own website is also plagued with sound issues all throughout, which is quite disappointing, especially if you want to take notes.

Also, like I said before, there is no need for you to look for “local” suppliers since they get their products from AliExpress anyway. Just go straight there and save money.

Section 2: Adwords PPC (Pay-per-Click)

This is composed of three modules, with 29 videos included in it. The entirety of this is around 5 hours.

It is presented by a different person. The instructor is named Michael Erickson, who is from Search Scientists. Search Scientists is a Google Certified Partner, and they spend millions of dollars yearly for Google Ads in behalf of their clients.

Michael explains how important advertising is, and how Google ads work in order to assist you in building your brand and helping your business become successful.

He will also explain to you what kinds of ads are there, and which ones you can use to drive customers to your site. Overall, this section can definitely help you out if you have no experience in using ads.

Michael definitely knows what he is talking about, as he has the credentials.

Section 3: Paid Social Traffic

This is composed of six modules, and is also presented by Michael Erickson. Here, he will be specifically talking about how to do marketing through the help of social media.

Module 1: Social Paid Traffic Marketing Fundamentals for eCommerce

This introductory module will show you the overview of how advertising works in social media. Michael discusses PPC, CPC (Cost-per-Click), and organic traffic, and how these work. He also explains the difference between running paid ads on Google and on social media.

You will also be learning how you can make use of sales funnels in social media, and how marketing works overall.

Module 2: Facebook Ads

In this module, you will be learning how can you use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. You will also be learning things you need to avoid if you want to have a successful ad campaign.

You will also be learning the different Facebook ad strategies you can make use of, as well as different ad formats and how these can work to attract your intended audience.

I think that the lessons presented in this module are more of designed for beginners. After all, if you are already experienced with Facebook ads, I think this module would not be as useful to you.

In summary, what you can learn from this module are:

  • Creating a spreadsheet for your campaign
  • Setting up your Facebook Business Manager and Ad Manager accounts
  • Installing and using Facebook Pixel
  • Setting up your product feed and product catalog tool

You will also see how Michael does this by giving you a demonstration. Along with that, you will also learn more about how you can make better ads to appeal to your audience.

Michael also teaches how to generate your campaign report, and how to get more data on Facebook Ads Manager.

Module 3: Instagram

This module is pretty short, and how to set up Instagram ads in Facebook. The reason why this is quite short (only five minutes long) as it is a pretty easy process.

Module 4: Pinterest

This module will teach you the different types of Pinterest ads, and how to set up your very own Pinterest business account.

Michael gives you advices as to how you can create effective ad campaigns for Pinterest users, and how to track the progress of your ad campaign.

Module 5: Twitter

This module starts off with Michael giving an overview regarding what types of ads can work in Twitter. He then gives a virtual tour of the ad analytics dashboard, and explains to you how the different functions work.

Michael will also teach you how to analyze the data from your Twitter ad campaign.

Module 6: Putting It All Together

In this final module, you will be getting a recap of everything you have learned in the first five modules.

Michael explains that you can make your ads work with successful results using the help of the “3R’s”. What you need to do is to target the Right Person using the Right Offer at the Right Time.

You will also be reminded that you need to stay active throughout the entirety of your campaign. You cannot just make an ad and put it out there, and let it do its thing.

Section 4: Events

This is a bonus section. It will show you a collective set of videos that are basically made up of presentations that were given by the speakers who are invited as guests at a DSL retreat.

You will be learning about the following:

  • Looking for prospective customers on Facebook
  • Marketing your eCommerce store
  • Balancing your work-life and home-life
  • Marketing your brand with the help of influencers
  • Building your own brand
  • Finding alternative methods that can drive traffic

Some of the contents of this section has already been discussed in the previous ones. It is 6 hours long, and is completely optional if you want to go through the entirety of not. It is more of supplementary materials, anyway.

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Dropshipping Explained


Now that you know what you will be learning from the course, you are probably thinking that this business is the right fit for you. After all, you need not create a product from scratch, as you will be dropshipping.

It is quite costly to manufacture your own products, as it means that you would need to pay for production costs and warehouse fees. You cannot possibly afford that if you don’t have thousands or even millions (depending on the products) on-hand.

Fortunately, I will be giving you an overview of dropshipping in this part of the Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

Dropshipping is pretty simple to understand. Basically, you look for products on AliExpress, you negotiate with the seller to supply you with said products, make the product listing on your eCommerce store, and use ads to promote the listings and your store in social media.

If you manage to create some tempting ads with deals that are hard to resist, then you can expect buyers to come shop from your store.

In dropshipping, you do not need to have any inventory on-hand, nor would you need to own a warehouse where you can keep your products. AliExpress will be the one fulfilling the order for you, and it will also ship the orders straight to your customers.

The concept is fairly simple and easy to understand, which is why a lot of people use the business model.

Does Drop Ship Lifestyle Work?

Now you are in this point of the Drop Ship Lifestyle review where you ask: can this course really help you?

Dropshipping is a business model that may sound easy to do, so in my opinion, you need to take some courses before you start your business.

If you have totally no knowledge regarding how online selling works, then this course can work for you. However, it is just way too expensive. There are more beginner-friendly course that are a lot cheaper available elsewhere.

Also, Anton’s approach to finding suppliers is just quite strange to me, as like I said before, it is easier to directly approach AliExpress sellers. It can save you a lot more money than going through a middleman.

I think you should not pay for this course if you are still unsure whether or not you will pursue the dropshipping business model.

Other than that, remember that a course can only do so much. Yes, it can teach you some techniques and strategies, but it still would not guarantee your success. That part is still up to you.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Dropshipping


Ads are Expensive

In order to get people to notice your brand, you need to run ads. The best place to do this is on social media, as millions of users use them everyday. That means millions of potential customers.

However, the more people you want to see your ad, the more expensive it costs. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to run more ads than them.

Basically, you are fighting each other with the power of money. The one who cannot afford advertising loses in the end. Also, if you sell products from competitive niches, it is harder to keep up with the competition.

Costs of ads also increase annually because there is high demand for them, which is not good for small businesses.

Very Little Quality Control

Because you cannot really check the product quality of the goods your buyers will be getting, this means that you simply cannot give them the best customer support.

You also have zero knowledge of your supplier’s manufacturing practices, meaning that you would not know if they are ripping you off or not.

Remember though that your supplier can deny any mistakes on their part, even though there is no other party to blame. In this situation, all you can is refund your customers, which is not good for your website’s reputation.

High Financial Risk

Before you can even start, you would have to pay for a lot of things. Even if your business is 100% online, you still need to spend money to begin.

Even though you need not pay for inventory, there are a lot of costs you have to pay for, like domain hosting, program subscriptions, website widgets, website themes, etc. You have to pay for those upfront.

If you want your brand to stand out, you need to run a lot of ads, which cost a lot of money. There is also the option of paying influencers to advertise your brand for you. The prices differ depending on who you want to advertise for you.

These costs you will be paying for will keep coming monthly, so if you want to keep paying for them, then you should work hard to get customers to order from you.

So, do you think this business model can work for you? Hopefully you got your question answered by this Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

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Things I Like in Drop Ship Lifestyle

Detailed Course

This course is pretty detailed, and I am impressed by how much ground it covers regarding the dropshipping business model. You will be learning everything you need to know if you want to start a dropshipping business: creating your store, sourcing products, and making effective ads.

If you are serious about getting into this business, then by all means, I would not stop you from getting it. If you are still on the fence, then I recommend going for a cheaper beginner course.

Things I Dislike in Drop Ship Lifestyle

Risky Business Model

I have discussed this in detail in the other sections, but let me reiterate again: this is a pretty risky business model.

You absolutely have zero control regarding the product quality your customers will get. Other than that, the market is already saturated, as thousands of people have also started dropshipping.

It can work, but there is no guarantee that it can work for you.

Expensive Course

This course is not cheap at all. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives, and if you are a newbie, then I suggest looking for a cheaper beginner course. If you are really broke though, then there are also free resources you can consult online.

Final Verdict – Drop Ship Lifestyle

Before I end this Drop Ship Lifestyle review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

After reading this Drop Ship Lifestyle review, I am sure that you have gained some new knowledge regarding how the business model works.

You may be thinking that it is a lot easier to start a dropshipping business than having to create your own products from scratch, but it is actually a lot more complex than that. It comes with quite a lot of risks.

Remember that you would have absolutely no control of the products that will be shipped for customers. Just hope that they will be satisfied with their purchase and not leave bad reviews.

Even if you are not making any sales, you are still going to be paying for a lot of operational costs, including domain hosting, advertisements, and VA salaries (if you hire some).

Overall, I do not recommend dropshipping as a side hustle. It will take a lot of your time, so it beats the purpose of being called a “side” hustle.

However, what I recommend to you is something you need not spend a lot of time learning. It is pretty simple to pick up, and you also do not need to spend a lot of money to start. More details can be found in the next section.

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