Dropship For Sale Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Dropship For Sale. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

E-commerce is still such a big industry on the internet. A lot of people buy stuff online. Some of them choose to buy from places like Amazon. While others choose to buy products from smaller online stores. But most retail establishments have some kind of online shop.

People take convenience for granted. But that could also be bad in some ways. I feel having everything under our fingers has warped our minds to how stuff gets delivered to our homes. I feel like same-day delivery made us expect that everything can be sent to us within the day. For some items, sure. It could work. But there are items that take a bit more time to reach our doorsteps.

It’s not a surprise that many want to try to start their own e-commerce store. A lot of different people you may see online have done videos on how they were able to earn a million dollars through e-commerce and all that. People also want to reach that kind of level for themselves. Which is why a bunch of different services and programs have popped up in recent years. They offer services that can help manage your shop for you. Or ones that could help you start a shop from scratch.

I’m no longer a newbie when it comes to most e-commerce services out there. But there are still a few services that have just now appeared on my radar. That includes Dropship for Sale. But what exactly are you getting from them?

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Dropship For Sale Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Dropship For Sale
  • Founder: Not available
  • Website: https://dropshipforsale.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Done-for-you service
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: While it’s nice to have somebody make a e-commerce shop for you—domain name and all—I don’t really recommend that you use the services from Dropship For Sale. The lack of information regarding the company’s founders kind of makes them a bit sketchy.

Who Created Dropship For Sale?

A screenshot of the Dropship for Sale website

Unfortunately there isn’t any information regarding the people that started Dropship For Sale. Their website doesn’t even have an about page. And that’s where most online companies usually feature their management board. They mention at the bottom that they have offices in Great Britain and Ireland, as well as the United States and the Philippines. But there’s nothing else that you can find about the people who run it.

Through a bit of searching, it seems that the company is based in Ireland. But that’s the extent of what you can find online. It’s not new for certain companies to withhold information like that. Still, it makes you kind of doubtful that there are no people represent the company in some way. There’s not even a LinkedIn profile for any of the people that work for Dropship For Sale. It doesn’t even seem that the founder is on social media. The official Dropship For Sale Instagram account follows on account and it’s Shopify.

This doesn’t really bode well for the rest of the review. It’s kind of important to know who started a company. And if they’re not at all willing to do that, then it’s hard to trust that they will be able to do a good job of creating a Shopify store for you.

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What Is Dropshipping For Sale?

Dropshipping For Sale is a company that offers a prebuilt Shopify store for whatever niche that you intend to sell in. It seems that they will handle almost everything that comes with setting up the store. From the branding to the account management, they will somehow do it all for you.

When you go to their website, they will show you a bunch of different stores that they have already built, including the domain for it. It seems that each store costs $997 upfront. But you will be going to pay Dropshipping For Sale $99 a month to manage your store for you. There’s also a monthly fee of $29 that Shopify charges you.

Seemingly, they are able to setup a store for you within 24 hours. Though, you have to pay them more to speed up the process. It usually takes them three days to set up the account for you. Once you’ve paid them, the store is pretty much yours to keep.

You’re basically paying them handle most of the marketing and customer service duties. It seems that you can choose a different niche that you want to sell in. They will do all of the steps again for you. And you can do that as much as you want.

What Is Dropshipping

A screenshot of the pre-made websites available on Dropship for Sale

We’ve talked enough about services that Dropshipping For Sale provides. Let’s now talk about dropshipping. If you have been on this website before, you have already read some of my previous reviews. But if you haven’t allow me to walk you through it.

Dropshipping is a method that people use in e-commerce. Usually, any business owner handles every aspect of order fulfillment. That involves sourcing the products, storing them in their inventory, packaging orders for delivery and delivering them to the buyer. They would sometimes hire a third-party service to handle the delivery. But most of the other steps are done by the store.

Sometimes though, it can be hard for them to sell products. Especially if no one’s really buying them. Sure, they could always put up those items for sale. But it’s still hard when the time comes that they have to replenish their stock again and it doesn’t move down as quickly as the previous month.

With dropshipping, a third-party supplier handles the inventory, packaging and delivery of the product. When somebody buys a product from your store, you will then relay that order to the supplier. And they’re the ones who are going to pack the orders and deliver them through their partner service. Since the supplier has the product in stock, you don’t have to worry as much about the inventory.

Most of the time, the price of the product bough through the supplier is cheaper than what is listed on the shop. That’s how certain e-commerce stores manage to make a profit from dropshipping.

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Final Verdict – Dropshipping For Sale Review

Nothing about the services that Dropshipping For Sale provides seem compelling enough. Most of the other companies that offer similar services are better than this one. Even then, I don’t really recommend any kind of done-for-you service.

If you look at some of the templates that Dropshipping For Sale offers, most of them pretty much look similar. All that’s really changed are the photos, colors and logos. Shopify already offers themes that you can use for your own store. Some of them cost money while others are free. Looking at some of the screenshots of those themes, they’re definitely better than the ones Dropshipping For Sale offers.

The lack of any information regarding their management board definitely doesn’t help their case, to be honest. I’m not asking for a lengthy story about how the company started. At least try to show who runs the company. It’s sometimes good to know that there are real people running the company.

Looking at the reviews for the company, it does seem that there have been instances where Dropshipping For Sale wasn’t able to do the work that was expected for them. I mean, they were the ones who said that were able to deliver a fully functional website within 24 hours. That doesn’t really help them at all. Sure, the amount of 5-star reviews trump the 1-star ones. But one of the most recent 1-star review mentions that they haven’t received their store yet. It’s hard to risk a lot of money to a company that’s not able to fulfill their duties to you as a customer.

It’s hard to get into e-commerce nowadays, just from the size of the competition you have now. But if you have an idea that will reach a certain amount of people, why not try it, right?

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That’s it for my review of Dropship For Sale. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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