Dropship Lifestyle Review – Is Anton Kraly course Scam?

Dropship Lifestyle is a course created by Anton Kraly.The course is getting so much hype now a days.You know what?

I can easily earn commissions by putting affiliate links of dropship lifestyle to this post.But I do not wan to play with your future.

I feel better to write a review about it.Dropshipping at some point seems to be get rich quick scheme.

We will talk about all the topics related to dropshipping,Anton kraly and his dropship lifestyle course.

Dropshipping is getting competitive everyday.Everyone wants to build a life of freedom.

The life in which there is not any stress of money and they can spend time with their families.

That is why dropshipping,amazon fba affiliate marketing industries and SMMA is growing fast.

Best way to stand in the competitive crowd is to learn from the best.This is why people think of buying a course.

The question is that there are a lots of scams online.

Scammers created courses like ecom cash code,ecom profit masterclass and ecom masters.

I also reviewed lots of courses like iMarketslive,Millionaire millennial,profits unlimited and email income experts.

Today I am doing review about dropship lifestyle.We will also talk about Anton Kraly.s it legit or scam.

Should you invest in this course or not.Does dropship lifestyle course worth the money?Today?s topic is going to be very interesting,So I want you to read the full review.

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Dropship Lifestyle Review

The owner of this course,Dropship lifestyle has an awesome presence online.He has a youtube channel too.

At the time I am writing this,he got almost 70k followers on youtube.

But first I want you to read is dropshipping worth it.You will love it.

Anton kraly is well known in dropshipping industry.

He claims that anyone can get rich with his course.Anton kraly has a lot of success stories of the students.

The question is that these stories are true or not?

I reviewed a lot of scams,who used fake testimonials.They hired actors from the freelancing site called fiver.

A lot of people being scammed by these fake testimonials.

I am not going to say that these success stories are fake.But there is not any proof of it.

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Anton Kraly Review 

As I said that Anton Kraly is well known in ecommerce industry.He is in this field since 2007.

Anton kraly is worldwide known with his course.

I want to clear one thing dropshipping takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

I personally is not a fan of dropshipping.I hate this business model and advise you to not start in 2020.

We will talk about it later in this review.Dropshipping is the worst business model to start in 2020.

I have don a lomost all online business.Drop Shipping,amazon fba SMMA almost everything.

The success I got is in affiliate marketing that is why I am recommending it to you.

Anyway let?s see whether dropship lifestyle is legit or not.Can you really make big dollars with it or not?

Is it legit?

Based on several reviews and seeing th structure of the course I will say it?s not a scam.

The course is modeled very good and build in a way to succeed in any dropshippinng business.

Should you invest in it or not.I want you to read the full review before making this decision

Dropship lifestyle price

Premium course costs $2997 and ultimate course costs $4997.

Before doing this I want to highly recommend you to watch the free webinar on their site.

There is  nothing difference between $2997 premium course and $4997.

It is all about how involved you are in this course and serious towards your dropshipping business.

In ultimae course you will get a year of direct coaching from the owner of the course Anton kraly.

Ok now I can assure you that this course is not a scam.

It is totally legit.But read further why I do not recommend it for you to buy.

I am now going to cover the things that I liked and the things that I do not liked in the course.

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Things I liked in dropship lifestyle

Well there is a lot of things that I liked in dropship lifestyle.I want to talk about the main ones.


It is a well known course.The people who are involved in it and teaches dropshipping inside do not dropshipping.

This can be a minus point.Other then this there are a lot of knowledge in this course.

The owner himself Anton Krely has a loT of knowledge of dropshipping and doing this from 2007.

The course launched in early 2013.


The course keep on updating with everyday.

In dropship lifestyle the owner Anton Kraly is very keen to update it with every change in the ecommerce industry.

Anton Krely

Anton Krely is very keen to give value to his students.

He is very effective on speaking.

I seen a lot of videos of him on youtube.Convincing power of this guy is also extra ordinary.

Overall the structure of dropship lifestyle is awesome.

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Things I disliked in dropship lifestyle

Well everything in this world has cons and pros.So I talked about the things which I liked already.

Now I am going to talk about the things I disliked.


There is a very high failure rate in dropship lifestyle.

This is because I think that the owner Anton kraly sets up a lot of expectations for their students.

The most of the people joined dropship lifestyle are the ones who fell for shiny object syndrome.

They thought that it is a get rich quick scheme.

But anaton krely did not say in any of his videos that it requires a lot of hard work.

The failure rate in dropship lifestyle is very high.


The price of the course is upto 5 grands.

This is way too much I think.The claims that anton kraly make in it are totally BS.

Inside you will get a 23 days challange.

In this they claims that they can make anyone from complete beginner to expert and making six figure.

I know a lot of courses like ecom elites,ecom hacks which are ten times of less cost of this course.

The course is very overpriced as compare to the value they gave in this course.There are not many videos inside.


Whenever I write reviews about online course,I check it?s reviews on every platform.

I read a lot of reviews of dropship lifestyle.

People all across are complaining about their bad experience with the course.Se are talking about 5 grand investment?

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Final verdict

I saw a lot of reviews of dropship lifestyle.

Everyone who is doing review on the anton kraly course will get a commission if you buy through their link.

This means these review are totally favourable.I saw a lot of affiliate videos on this course.

No one is telling you the truth.

I do not want to sell you shit and earn commission.Look your future is my future.

I can easily earn two three grands by putting my affiliate links in this post.

This is not too much work I think.

This is just two clicks away.I do not want to recommend it to you.

First it is too much overpriced and second did not provide the value.

I know a lot of online courses which provide same value and they are ten times less price than this one.

Dropshipping is not a get rich quick scheme.It really needs a lot of hard work.You have to know what are you doing.

There is a lot of risk involved in dropshipping.


I think that there are three worst business ideas in online industry now.

These are dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.

In amazon fba you spend a lot of money buying the products,most of them never sell.

SMMA,you have to call thousands of business owners and convince them that you are best in running ads.

In dropshipping you have to wait for shipping.It requires a lot of money to start and it is not passive.

This is why I am recommending you affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the only online business model which provides you with this business model.

I love passive income that is why I come to this business.

I tried and done everything online.I bought a lot of online courses.

Invested a lot of money.

I keep saying this in many articles that the knowledge I got with this little seven dollars was unbelievable.

This will be the best $7 investment you will make online.

I believe that the product I am recommending you will provide you massive value.

There will be a 14 day challenge just for seven dollars.

The knowledge you are going to get is out of this world.There is value in each of the videos inside the system.

The thing I love in this is that it pays you commissions over 1k dollars.

Yes a single sale can make you one grand.

This is the best affiliate program in the world,which pays high affiliate commissions like this.I amk not bullshittiing you.

I am in affiliate marketing for more than three years and knows every online product out there.

I want you to go with my recommendation.

Best of luck


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