Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 Review – Is Justin Painter Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Dropshipping Mastery 2.0. Is it legit? Find out in this Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 review.

Dropshipping can be profitable, only if you know what you are doing. You need to look out for costs too, even if you wouldn’t even be touching the products.

So, this program says that it can help you with your dropshipping business. How true is that?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Dropshipping Mastery 2.0
  • Owner: Justin Painter
  • Website: https://loadcourse.com/library/justin-painter-dropshipping-mastery-2-0/
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommended?: If you are able to anticipate what your customers will want to purchase online, you can make a nice livelihood off of dropshipping. Because of this, getting good at it requires a lot of practice and study, which takes up a lot of time. To compensate for the fact that dropshipping is undoubtedly a full-time job, you should look into acquiring some other form of passive income in addition to that.

Who is Justin Painter?

Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 Review - Justin Painter

Justin Painter is the one who conceived of and created the instructional video series known as Dropshipphing Mastery 2.0. He says he is 20 years of age.

These days, it’s not hard to locate individuals who are knowledgeable about eCommerce. If I’m going to pick up any new information, I’d much rather get it from someone who has been around longer and is, as a result, more experienced and mature than I am.

Because of the fact that he has only been in this business for a few years, in my opinion Justin Painter is not yet qualified to be considered an expert in the field of internet commerce.

I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to maintain growing his YouTube channel given that it now has almost 100,000 subscribers; the platform seems to have a lot of potential for financial gain.

Even if he buys fake subscribers, the fact that he rarely deletes videos from his channel makes this situation very peculiar.

It is quite easy to fabricate the numbers by utilizing a variety of techniques, and as a result, it is hard to determine whether or not they are real.

Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 Overview

The second edition of the Dropshipping Mastery course provides in-depth information regarding the steps required to establish a dropshipping business on Shopify.

To give you an idea of what to anticipate from the class, below is a brief summary of the topics that will be discussed.

The program is like Push AMZ, Store Formula, and Lunar Ecom.


In this very first module, you will be presented with an verview of the content that will be addressed throughout the rest of the program in subsequent classes. Additionally, Justin will provide you with some useful advice.

Essentials of Dropshipping

You will have a foundational understanding of dropshipping by the end of this class.

With Justin’s assistance, you can learn how to determine which customers of your online store represent a marketable section. One such area of concentration for your specialist market is wellness or aesthetics.

If you conduct a search on YouTube, you will find a few videos that provide instruction on what to sell.

Another set of skills that Justin teaches his students is how to discover trustworthy AliExpress suppliers.

Building Your Store

Any of the many different eCommerce systems that are currently available can be used to launch a web-based storefront for a business. This lesson is going to focus entirely on Shopify because it is the most intuitive platform from which to build an online store.

During this talk, Justin will guide you through the steps necessary to launch a Shopify store. You will learn how to do things like create product descriptions, establish prices, and add products to an online store.

In addition, prior to beginning work on Facebook advertisements, Justin suggests integrating the Facebook pixel into your website. It is essential to monitor user activity with the help of the Facebook pixel in order for Facebook advertising to work effectively.

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For this lesson, you will discover how to make the most of Instagram as a retail marketing tool with the help and advice of Justin. Even if Instagram is sending a lot of visitors your way, it can be difficult to grow your following even if you use Instagram.

You’ll learn all you need to know to get started with Instagram and build a following, including how to create an account. Another strategy that Justin will go over with you is called influencer marketing, and it involves recruiting well-known people to help spread the word about a particular service or product.

Youtube Influencers

You’ll learn here what it takes to get YouTubers to promote your products or services to the audiences that watch their channels.

There is no need to look any further than Justin Painter if you want to learn how to select a decent advertising channel and bargain with them.

Facebook Ads

It is surprising that Justin does not address Facebook ads, given the widespread availability of education on this topic in other eCommerce courses.

There are just five videos that discuss advertising on Facebook, which is not enough. Because handling advertisements on Facebook is so complex, you won’t be able to become an expert by studying just five videos on the subject.


The cost of Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 is manageable for most people. It costs $297 for one purchase. However, this does not indicate that investing money in it would be a wise decision.

This is due to the fact that the quality of the classes being offered is not sufficient. Traffic is the most important factor in the success of any dropshipping business. Because there were no customers, there were no sales.

However, the course that Justin teaches does not provide sufficient information about how to draw in customers. On the subject of advertising on Facebook, he doesn’t go into a lot of depth.

Because of the high prices associated with Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing, dropshipping is not an appropriate use of these platforms. Building a brand is the core objective of influencer marketing.

In addition, Justin is not going to teach you how to get Google to send you free traffic. You simply cannot afford to ignore Google as a possible source of visitors if you want your business to be successful.

It is extremely important to take note that any payments that have already been made for this class will in no way be reimbursed, no matter what. There ought to be a red flag here, as I have never before encountered a respectable educational program that guaranteed students’ ability to recoup their financial investment in the program.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to the majority of retailers between 14 and 30 days after making it and receive a refund.

Before you fully commit to the deal, exercise extreme caution.

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Final Verdict – Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 Review

I’m afraid I won’t be able to confirm your suspicions about Justin Painter being a con artist. He does have some familiarity with the dropshipping process. In addition to that, he is an excellent guide for mastering the fundamentals.

The material contained in his Dropshipping Mastery 2.0 course does not provide a high probability of financial gain. The issue is that he does not have sufficient knowledge on traffic to be of any assistance to you.

In addition, none of Justin’s trade secrets will be divulged in this program in any way, shape, or form. Everything that he teaches in the course is readily available in other places, completely free of charge.

Even more so, you’ll realize that eCommerce is not as simple as you might have anticipated it to be in the beginning.

Because of the high cost of advertising and the large number of companies that are employing it, the level of competition is extremely tough.

To get you to purchase his course, Justin will only highlight the positive aspects of the experience. He does not caution you about a number of potential pitfalls that are associated with online shopping.

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