Dropshipping Titans Review – Paul Joseph Is A Scam?

If you landed on this page,it is more likely that you searched for dropshipping titans review.Well luckily you landed on best review of it.

I will be telling you whether paul joseph is legit or not.

I write lots of reviews on ecom and dropshipping courses which I thought did not worth the money like..

I am reviewing this kind of course after a long time,because the dropshipping on ebay is very rare at the moment.

I also thought of it two years back but I think that there was a lot of competition that time.

Guys ebay dropshipping was very famous and profitable back in 2005 to 2010.

The reason because I am saying that is you have to compete with other sellers to.

How in the world they give you preference over the experience sellers?

Back then there was not any kind of competition on ebay.

Lot of people made easy money there.

But the only question in your mind would be can you really make money on ebay in 2020?

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Dropshipping Titans Review

A lot of online courses out there claims you make money online.Dropshipping titans is one of them.

First of all I do not support dropshipping on ebay and do not want you to go into that.

It is not a good way to set a business online.

Back few years ago a lot of dropshippers face this problem that some of them simply go to ebay and leave others behind.

I wrote a review on is this business worth it?

But this also stops,because the chinese dropshippers came into the scene.They throw their competitors out of the water by dropshipping for free around the world.

This is the only reason of shopify dropshipping arrived.

You can easily sell the product with high prices compare to the ebay.

There are a lot of problems in dropshipping titans which teaches ebay dropshipping is that there are limits.

You can only sell ten products right now.

Yes only ten and you are not going to make bank only selling ten products.This is because they do not give priorities to the beginner over powersellers.

Paul Joseph

Paul joseph is the owner of the course dropshipping titans.He claims to be earning 10,000 dollars a month.

I know that he is lying.Gone are the days you can make this much money.Now you can not this kind of money.

And this thing I also noticed on the sales page.

In the page it is written that he makes $15,000 and on the sales videos it was $10,000.I think these claims are just lie.

I think he changes the figures with inspect elements,Yes!If you go to that video there was a pause in between 1 minute 20 sec.I think any one can do that and change the results.

Because the page was reloaded at that time?

There is not even a single line about ebay on his sales page.

There are a lot of videos of success stories.Honestly I do not know whether they are legit or not.

I think that there is no way you can earn 15 grands a month with dropshipping titans.

Price of the dropshipping titans is one payment of $297 or three of $127.

Dropshipping titans worth it?No!!!

I searched a lot about it and found a comment of a person about it.Hope this will help you to make a decision.


Inside dropshipping titans

Let?s talk about what will you get by spending 300 dollars into this program.

There are a lot of videos in dropshipping titan.The owner paul joseph takes you from a complete beginner to fifteen thousand a month.

Ebay dropshipping is pretty rare now days but let?s talk about it.

 You are going to get 20 modules inside the course.Let us talk about it.

First three modules

In the first three modules there will be videos showing exact strategies he used to scale to $15k a month.there are a lot of videos in these videos.

Most of the time consumed will be on what is dropshipping and ebay.It made me laugh because if you are in there you have to know what is dropshipping.

In it he will also show you how to setup paypal.

Next Modules

I am not going into the details because it?s not worth mine and your time i think.

I remember to say another thing.If you are from outside of US than this course is not for you.

The owner did not tell you anything on it.But it is not.

So,if you are non american than I would recommend you to go with my recommendation.


The things i liked in dropshipping titans

Well,pretty sad that there is not much here to like.I did not find it interesting.

More ever I think that my readers can not get much value in this course and is not worth their money.I agree that dropshipping maybe a quick rich scheme at some point and you can earn good money in it.

Having said that,I also believe that there is a lot of risk involve in it.I lost a lot of money dropshipping and finally find success in affiliate marketing.

If you ask my personal experience,I think affiliate marketing is much more easy than dropshipping.

The things I disliked in dropshipping titans

There are lot of things that i did not liked in this program.First of which was hype.I personally think that make $15k a month now a days is a lie.

Plus there is no proven way money back guarantee etc…

This course provide less knowledge and I think that waste of 300 bucks.

Sales page is also a good trap.Overall I did not like it because now a days to make a passive and reliable money through dropshipping on ebay is not an option.

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Is Dropshipping Titans Legit?

Yes it is legit.But the claim the owner is saying did not make any sense.

I personally think that dropshipping on ebay is not a good business plan for 2020.I think the course do not worth $300.

I tries dropshipping and failed.Yes I know a lot of people are having success with it but I do not recommend it to my users.

In online market there are three terrible business ideas which I know personally.

Number one of which is dropshipping because shipping takes a lot of time,money,work and do not worth your time.

The next one is SMMA because you have to cold call hundreds of business owners before even get a single client.

And the third one is amazon fba.It requires a lot of money to start with and also time.


I believe from my heart that the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing.You do not have to do much.

You don?t have to deal with shipping issues.Product is also not yours so you do not have to create product.

It?s the best ways you guys.

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The main thing is that you only have to make one sale to make one thousand dollars.

So I highly recommend you to give it a try.

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