Drunk Farmer Morning Routine Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about the Drunk Farmer Morning Routine. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

When I had first heard of the phrase “drunk farmer morning routine,” I was confused by it. Why would I write about farming? It doesn’t really make sense considering most of the reviews I have done are about things like digital marketing or e-commerce. Farming does use technology. But it’s definitely a lot different to what I often write about.

There were so many questions that popped up in my head when I was pitched this topic. I had to get to the bottom of it. The phrase seemed too specific. There’s bound to be something that related to it. Especially with the type of content that I write on this website.

As I searched online, I came across a podcast episode with Craig Ballantyne. His name was definitely familiar to me as I had written about him before. When I listened to the podcast that talked about that phrase, it made a lot more sense. Still, it was sort of not what I expected. At least there was a bit more clarity now.

So what exactly is the drunk farmer morning routine and how does it relate to Craig? You’d be surprised by how personal that phrase is to him. But I wouldn’t tell you right away. You have to read the review to find out more.

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Drunk Farmer Morning Routine Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Drunk Farmer Morning Routine
  • Founder: Craig Ballantyne
  • Website: https://www.craigballantyne.com/
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Coaching service
  • Niche: Business strategy; self-help
  • Recommendation: While there is some legitimacy to what Craig does, I don’t particularly recommend his services to everyone. You are going to spend a lot of money for his services. And I don’t think the cost justifies what you’re going to get out of it?

Who Is Craig Ballantyne?

A screenshot of a video featuring Craig Ballantyne

It all started with a blog. I’m aware that it may seem weird to start off this section of the review like that. But I assure that it makes with regards to Craig Ballantyne.

A guy named Mark Ford started a blog called Early to Rise in the early 2000s. The blog was basically filled with a lot of motivational content that will help you get through your day. In some form, that type of content still exists. Mostly, it’s on places like Instagram or Facebook.

What’s interesting about the blog was that Mark was writing under a pseudonym for most of the his run on the blog. The popularity of it lead him to get book deals and the like. People were actually inspired by what they read in the books. And some of them decided to quit their day jobs to start their own businesses. Surprisingly, some of those business were able to earn six- to seven-figure incomes. Though, there’s not really a lot of concrete information regarding those businesses.

This is where Craig comes in. At the time, Craig was in graduate school. He was taking up a degree in exercise physiology. Aside from that, he was running his own newsletter. It was, unsurprisingly, about exercise routines. Most of the routines he wrote about weren’t really what you’d expect. There was an audience for the newsletter, at least.

Because of the newsletter, he managed to get the opportunity to write for Men’s Health magazine. Most of his success early on related to fitness. But Craig wanted a lot more. He wanted to have something like Early to Rise.

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Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Because Craig wanted to have something similar to the Early to Rise, he decided to ask for help from his business coach at the time. He built up his skills as business owner and as a business coach. Eventually, he was able to launch a website called Internet Independence. It was partially modeled after Early to Rise.

By 2011, Mark had wanted to retire from the website. He was looking into selling his website. It was still getting a decent amount of web traffic. And he didn’t really want all of his hard work to go to waste. (You’d be surprised by how many instances people have wanted to buy and/or sell websites.)

Somehow, Craig had heard of this offer. He decided to meet up with Mark to talk about it. Why wouldn’t he pass up that opportunity? The thing that he wanted was in reach. They were able to settle on terms. Eventually, Craig Ballantyne became the new owner of Early to Rise.

For the most part, Craig was able to keep the website running for years to come. Similar to Mark, he was able to also write books of his own. Some of which managed to become a best seller. Aside from that, he was also improving himself as a business coach. And it seemed to have worked. He was apparently able to help hundreds of people earn seven-figure incomes with his help.

And that pretty much leads us to the Millionaire Morning Routine and the Drunk Farmer Morning Routine.

What Is The Drunk Farmer Morning Routine?

A screenshot of a video featuring Craig Ballantyne, founder of the Drunk Farmer Morning Routine

During the end of the episode that Craig did with the Perfectly Mentored podcast, host Jason Portnoy asked him about the drunk farmer morning routine. Apparently, it’s a thing that Craig has talked about before?

The phrase was based on Craig’s life growing up. He lived on a farm with his family. The drunk farmer refers to his dad. Somehow, despite how drunk he was the night before, that didn’t stop Craig from doing the work that he does. So basically, the drunk farmer morning routine is a mindset. It seems kind of anticlimactic, I know. But that’s what it is.

Craig pretty much summed it up in the interview. “If you gotta do something important, you get up and you do it.” It’s definitely a good mindset to have. Seeing as he is a business coach, it makes so much sense that this is a thing that he instills on his clients. People paid you thousands of dollars to help them succeed in their business. Why not add in some quotes every now and then?

Seeing as it is just part of a larger thing, his coaching program “Millionaire Morning Routine,” I get why that mindset is what stuck with people. It’s very easy to remember. When you have a mindset like that, it’s kind of hard to not do it. You’re only really disappointing yourself if you don’t put in the work, right?

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Final Verdict – Drunk Farmer Morning Routine Review

It’s hard to believe that the drunk farmer morning routine is just part of a coaching program that Craig Ballantyne does. But people like that kind of stuff. There’s something to cling on to when it comes to self-betterment. When you internalize that mindset, it could make you feel like you’re going to find success in whatever you do.

Since the morning routine is part of a larger program, it’s easy to recommend just the mindset of it all. The actual program? Not really. Unless you have a ton of money to spend. Also, the program is mostly people who already have a business. They want to scale their business. But sometimes, they don’t know exactly where to begin. I honestly don’t know what else Craig does aside from being a business coach. Seemingly, he has to have some businesses of his own to make his coaching services more legit.

If you want to get a sense of what Craig Ballantyne has to offer, he has a ton of videos on YouTube. He talks to different people who have found some level of success. Once you get a feel for what he does, maybe the coaching program offers might be something you could actually use. But I don’t highly recommend it for people who don’t really have the money for it.

A business takes a lot of hard work. But it also requires a lot of decision making. It’s hard to quit because you’ve already spent so much of your time and resources on it.

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That’s it for my review of Blog Growth Engine. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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