eBay Affiliate Program Review – Scam or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as the eBay Affiliate Program. Is it legit? Find out in this eBay Affiliate Program review.

Are you trying to find more methods to monetize your website’s visitors? To diversify your income and reduce your risk, it could be a good idea to check out a few different affiliate programs.

Now, many new affiliates look to Amazon when they want to promote products from a wide range of categories.

But here’s a lesser known fact: eBay is also a key player in this industry. Sure enough, it’s eBay we’re talking about.

Intriguingly, eBay doesn’t appear to get much love from the big-name affiliates and the so-called “gurus.” It’s puzzling, isn’t it? Is the eBay Partner Program as horrible as many think it is, or are the benefits being withheld?

The good news is that I did the research, so let’s get into it.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this eBay Affiliate Program review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with eBay Affiliate Program in any shape or form whatsoever.

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eBay Affiliate Program Review: Quick Details

  • Name: eBay Affiliate Program
  • Website: https://partnernetwork.ebay.com/
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Affiliate program
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommendation: I am not that convinced about the purported earnings of people in the affiliate marketing industry. After all, such numbers can be easily exaggerated. Besides, there are more popular affiliate programs than this one now. The profits that could be earned here are also not that much.

What is eBay Affiliate Program?

eBay Affiliate Program Review - Logo

Previously using their own affiliate scheme, eBay has switched to a bespoke program on Impact’s affiliate network as of late. However, there is a catch.

Impact doesn’t make it obvious where to apply for the eBay program; instead, you’ll need to head over to the eBay Partner Network. As far as I can tell, the reason eBay’s affiliate program isn’t included on Impact is because the company requires all affiliates to have an eBay account.

To apply, visit the application page and sign in with your eBay credentials (or establish a new one, if necessary).

One annoyance is that you can’t just link your current Impact account to eBay. Even if you currently have an Impact account, a new eBay Affiliate Program account must be created. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something to keep in mind.

You will be asked for certain identifying details upon signup. You may also choose from a variety of marketing platforms, such as your own domain, mobile applications, and even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

After submitting the application, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for a response.

eBay Affiliate Program Overview

eBay Affiliate Program Review - eBay Partner Network

Users who click on your affiliate link and make a purchase on eBay inside that 24-hour window will earn you a commission. Notably, eBay has just changed the cookie length from seven days to a more reasonable two weeks.

You may advertise anything from any eBay category as an affiliate. Your audience will choose whether you focus on “Buy it Now” options or auctions when offering things.

Remember that if you choose to advertise auction products, the buyer has just 24 hours from the time they click your link to submit a bid.

You may rest confident that you will still receive your commission even if the auction lasts for several days.

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From one percent (%) to four percent (4%), eBay offers variable commission rates based on category. Therefore, the percentage of the sale that goes to you will vary per category, depending on what your referral buys.

View the detailed commission schedule for the eBay Affiliate Program down below. Do not forget that the most recent commission structure is always available on the Impact registration page.

Commissions are wonderful, but it’s helpful to know that eBay limits how much you may get from any given transaction.

If someone you mention uses your link to purchase a mansion on eBay, for instance, you will only receive a maximum of $100. Keep it in mind while making ads for expensive things.

Withdrawing your commissions is possible after you have reached a minimum payout threshold of $10. Either an EFT or PayPal account may be used to make a purchase on eBay, which are both very useful payment options. Simply opt for the solution that suits you best.

But keep in mind that PayPal has a 2% processing fee that maxes out at $20. Keep it in mind while you weigh your financial alternatives.

In general, commissions are issued within 30 days of a referred customer making a transaction. Don’t freak out if the money doesn’t show up instantly; the transfer procedure might be time-consuming.

You may expect to get your referral bonus in the start of July if you suggest someone at the beginning of June. While persistence is required, the payoff is well worth the effort.

eBay vs Amazon Affiliate

There are several important variables to think about when determining whether to join an eBay affiliate or an Amazon Associates affiliate. It’s time we compared the pros and cons of these two widely used affiliate schemes.

Affiliate programs with a 24-hour cookie duration are available through both Amazon and eBay. That person will earn you a commission on their purchase if they make it within 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link.

An important distinction is that if a customer adds an item to their basket but doesn’t complete the purchase right away, Amazon Associates will still receive credit for the recommendation for up to 90 days. There is no longer any kind of referral period on eBay.

Amazon Associates has among the highest commission rates of any affiliate program. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

You may make a great 10% profit selling high-end cosmetics, or up to 20% commission selling Amazon video games. Affiliate marketers may find these higher compensation rates to be quite attractive.

Amazon has the largest selection of goods available. They have a huge selection of product types to promote, so you have a lot of leeway in what you choose to market. Amazon is your one-stop shop for anything you need, from gadgets to apparel to furniture.

On another note, eBay is where you want to be if you’re on the hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind things. Therefore, eBay might be more suitable if you’re trying to reach a certain demographic that has an interest in these kinds of specialized items.

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Final Verdict – eBay Affiliate Program Review

Despite eBay’s many advantages, it’s worth noting that marketing Amazon items typically results in more money.

When you sign up for Amazon Associates, you have access to a broader client base, more product categories where you may earn a commission, and better commission rates.

If you may choose between two ways to earn money by promoting Amazon items, Amazon Associates is the way to go if you want to optimize your revenue.

However, if you’re targeting a niche market that’s interested in unique products like antiques, collectibles, and handmade goods, the eBay Affiliate Program may be a better option.

Your specific field, intended audience, and individual tastes should all factor into your final selection. There is still the option of becoming an eBay associate if you find yourself unable or unable to market Amazon items.

In conclusion, the affiliate program on eBay is one of the best because of the variety of useful features it provides and the ease with which they can be accessed.

Despite its limitations—including a 24-hour cookie window, low commission rates, and income caps—Amazon’s scheme has a serious competitor.

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