eCom Babes Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an online course known as eCom Babes. Is eCom Babes legit? Find out in this eCom Babes review.

Here you are, trying to destress from all the work-related and personal stuff you have been experiencing lately. You badly want to take a vacation, yet the pandemic situation is still in full swing.

Working from home is a lot more stressful than working in an office environment. In fact, it is because people cannot really separate their work life and home life anymore.

This leads to feeling of being burnt out, which leads to a host of mental health problems. As much as possible, you should take breaks if you are starting to feeling burnt out.

However, taking a break does not really apply to a lot of people. I’m sure that for you, you want your future to be stable, which is why you are seeking additional financial opportunities.

To be fair, this pandemic has truly put a lot of us in a lot of stress, and gave us feelings of anxiety. You want to make extra money, and that is what brought you to this review today.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this eCom Babes review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is eCom Babes?

eCom Babes Review - eCom Babes intro

Just like what the name states, eCom Babes is a course is targeted towards women. Seeing as to the vast number of women running their own business these days, it only seems fitting that a course would be created targeting women who want to know how to run their own business.

eCom Babes is not only a course. It is also a community for women who would like some support on running their business, and building it from the ground up.

Take note that the course is targeted more towards beginners, so only the basics would be taught.

Majority of the course will talk about the business model known as dropshipping. The later parts would be teaching about the more complex topics, such as making and running ads, and how to scale up your business.

The creator of the course is Cortney Fletcher. The approach she uses in the course is known as Connective eCommerce. Apparently, it does not really require that much capital.

Course Format

The course is in video format, meaning that every module will include videos with it.

There are 6 weeks worth of material included in the course. A few bonus videos are included as well. In my opinion, the videos are fairly well-made, making learning a less complicated task.

What I noticed though is that the videos are screen-shares, which means you would not really see the face behind the one responsible for teaching the course materials.

The course is also being updated every now and then, which is a plus.

The Community

Once you purchase the course, you will also have access to a Facebook coaching group. You can personally interact with Cortney in this group, as well as meet people who are also taking the course.

For a better learning experience, Cortney herself hosts 3 weekly Q&A calls. Students can get their questions and concerns answered by Cortney herself, along with the other coaches.

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Course Modules

Here are the modules included in the course.

Welcome Video + Mindset

There is a welcome video that you can watch right after you log in with your credentials.

Of course, it is about Cortney Fletcher hyping up the course, and congratulating you on your decision in buying the course. She will also be giving tips as to how you can get the most out of the course.

According to this video, the course is good for women who want to know more about eCommerce, or those who already own an eCommerce store but is stuck on what they need to do to expand the business.

There is also the emphasis on why you should take advantage of the support system available for you, which is a way of stressing that you need to join the Facebook group.

Week 1: Mindset & Foundations

Like I said before, the course is targeted towards newbies on the eCommerce business. The first week will be more about giving you the proper mindset in order to succeed in your business endeavors.

The videos included will focus on giving you the right mindset when it comes to your business and your life. More of a spiritual guidance, to be precise.

There are topics about how you can achieve your dream life, how to be more responsible, and how you can make anything work as long as your heart is in the right place.

Week 2 — New Age of eCommerce

This module covers the business side. Cortney will be teaching you how powerful the grip eCommerce has on the modern world.

There will be lessons regarding how you can start your dropshipping business, the importance of focusing on a niche, and how to find the best products to sell in your website.

As you can see, this is where you will start learning how to run an eCommerce business.

Week 3: 7-Figure Store Anatomy

In this section, Cortney will explain to you how to get your eCommerce website up and running. From purchasing a domain, using Shopify, choosing a theme, and listing products, this section will help you a lot if you still do not have an existing store.

It is quite thorough, so if you are new to this, you need to absorb quite a lot of new information. There is a step-by-step guide too, so you can be assured that you are well-guided all throughout the process.

Week 4: Setting Up Social

This module will tell you all about the importance of setting up social media accounts for your eCommerce store. Unsurprisingly, social media is now a major part of marketing.

It is also reiterated that you know your customers in order to set up a store with the products they will definitely purchase.

The contents of this module are less complex than the previous one. However, if you are quite new to social media, then you will be learning a lot from here.

Week 5 — Connective eCommerce

Cortney will be introducing her method in this one.

Basically, this method is quite simple to understand. Connective eCommerce is all about dropshipping and getting affiliates, who will then do the job of selling the products.

As you can see, this concept is actually less risky. You need not spend a lot of money on purchasing inventory and getting ads. All you need to do is wait for the sales to come in and work from there.

I think this is good for newbie sellers, especially those who cannot afford a large capital.

Week 6 — Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures w/ Ads

This section features a lot more videos than the previous modules.

In this one, Cortney will explain how she utilizes ads in her social media accounts. This is an extremely important marketing tool, as most people who buy online also use social media.

Bonus Content

Yes, there is bonus content that was added to the course as part of a supplementary module.

The content features what you need to know about email marketing. There are also other important lessons for you here, like designing your online store and doing product research.

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Is eCom Babes Worth It?

Judging by how this course is thoroughly put together, then I think it is worth it. Take note that this is specifically targeted for women who want to open an online store, so the focus is more on feminine themes and products.

However, the main concern I have towards this course is that it is designed for beginners. Those who are looking for ways to expand their already existing business might not get the help they need here.

The course will teach you quite a lot of foundations on business, but for the other parts, it does not really go into the specifics.

I guess what makes this course stand out is the fact that it offers support through social media, and that it is constantly being updated with the latest information you need to know.

Is Cortney Fletcher Legit?

eCom Babes Review - eCom Babes creator

Judging by how she presented this course, I think she is pretty legit.

She also offers quite a lot of support to people who purchase it, as she personally checks on them with the weekly calls. It’s quite rare to see people who actually care as much as her.

My only concern is the way how she makes money. Does she make majority of it by utilizing her methods, or by selling the course? I think it’s most probably the latter.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Dropshipping

Ads are Not Cheap

You needs ads to get people interested with your brand. However, you would want to be seen in the biggest internet platforms if you want those orders to come. Advertising on social media is not cheap, though.

In order to beat other brands, you need to purchase a more expensive plan to get your ads out there. Of course, those competitors are aware of this, and will do the same.

It is quite hard to get noticed, especially if your products are from competitive niches like apparel, cosmetics, and other fashion items.

Not to mention that the cost of ads also increase yearly because of demand. Yikes.

High Financial Risk

It is quite costly to start out, as you need to pay for everything out of pocket. Even without having to pay for inventory upfront, you have a lot of other costs to consider, like website hosting, subscriptions to programs you need to design your website, etc.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, though. In order to start putting your brand name out there, you need to rely on ads, or pay influencers to advertise for you.

However, you should make sure that you are getting business. Those costs you will be paying for monthly will not be stopping anytime soon, even if you get no orders.

Very Little Quality Control

Since you have no control over the quality of products that your buyers will be receiving, you also cannot give them quality customer support. Of course, you have no idea what went wrong, and only the supplier does.

However, your supplier can easily deny any wrongdoing on their part. This means that you are left to refund your customer or do a chargeback, which will not be good for your store’s reputation.

What I Like in eCom Babes

What I like about eCom Babes is how they market the course towards women. It is quite rare for courses to do these, as most courses just market to everyone.

This way, they get a lot more personal connections with the people who want to purchase the course. Also, it appeals to the modern woman who is strong and independent.

If you are looking for a beginner course for eCommerce, then I highly recommend this one, especially if the market you want to appeal to is also women.

What I Dislike in eCom Babes

The course does not really have the price tag available for public viewing, which is quite concerning. It sounds like a well-developed course, but the problem is that it could be a bait.

Once you click the link on the website, you are immediately prompted to provide your personal information. I am sure that this is only for the newsletter, but considering how privacy is always an issue in the internet, it makes me a little concerned.

I am not sure how much the course is, but it could be pretty expensive. A course that is made for beginners should not cost so high.

My other concern is the creator of the course. I do not know if she makes the majority of her fortune from her eCommerce sites or from selling this course.

Do her methods really work, or does it really matter as long as she earns money selling the course? That, I cannot really answer.

Aside from that, there is also an issue with dropshipping. It isn’t really as profitable as how this course makes it out to be, as you do not really have control over the quality of your products.

Final Verdict – eCom Babes

Before I end this eCom Babes review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Now that you are done reading this review, I am sure that you have an idea on how dropshipping works.

As you can see, it isn’t really as profitable as this course makes it seem. There is a huge risk, as you will have no control over the items that will be delivered to your customers.

You also need to consider all the costs that you need to continue to pay for, even if you are not making sales. All businesses need capital.

In my opinion, selling online is quite a tedious side hustle. There are a lot of things that will require your attention, so if you want to make it work, it will require a lot of your time and effort.

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