Ecom Cash Code Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?


Welcome to my honest ecom cash code review.This review is going to be very in-depth.

First thing first,I want to congratulate you for coming here and reading this review.

Second thing is that I am not associated with ecom cash code and this review is going to be unbiased and from a third party.

Let’s talk about it.

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Is Ecom Cash Code Legit?

If you are new to my site then you probably don?t know that I review make money online platforms like ecom cash code with proof.

So, the answer for you is that ecom cash code is not legit and a big scam and an excellent game for money.

I am gonna prove you why I am saying that!

For reviewing this make money online platform I spent hours and hours just to reach to the truth about the program!

I came across so much scams and red flags in ecom cash code which i will show you with proof.

First Of All,

What is ecom cash code?

Ecom cash code is  an education platform which teaches people how to make money online.

Being In online business person I can tell you that there are hundreds and thousands of ways to make money online.

And each of them are the proven ways that can make you financially free!

But in this ecom cash code platform they solely focussed on DROPSHIPPING.

The program promises to make you financially free by helping you get started with dropshipping,which is good!

But,there is so much shiny object syndrome inside the system that anyone can get INTO THIS TRAP!

How much ecom cash code costs?

So people have gone through the system.Or got an email or ad about them and noticed that it costs 97 bucks.


But it is not completely true,this is basically an upsell.

You will be thinking that what is upsell?

In marketing and sales language upsells means to convince someone to enroll in your system.

And when they enroll in the system they sell you their high ticket products.And in this ecom cash code they will sell you from $97 upto $10,000 Products.

Yes, you heard me right after every step they will convince you to buy their product.

So,now these are some of the many red flags that are more similar to scams.and we gonna talk about them step by step.!!!

#1-Value In Ecom Cash code system!

First thing first,let?s talk about what you will get in exchange of 97 bucks.

Will you get enough value?

And my answer is NO.

Believe me,most of the things that are inside the course you can also learn by watching free videos on youtube.

And I am 100% convinced that you will get more value from youtube than paying for this so called course.

I told earlier that this 97 dollars of your investment is no more than upsell from them.

The thing is on the purchasing column written that their regular price is $597.

It?s kind of funny to me because how the hell in the world someone buy this kind of value in exchange with 597 bucks?

There regular price was never $597 it was always $97 or $47 and will remain the same.

So,my personal opinion is that they do not provide enough value to you that you consider them paying $97.

#2-Have Multiple Uniform Resource Locations!

I have gone through a lot of scams while reviewing them.Basically online to be precise.

Whenever scammers starts an online scam,there is an institute in america called FTC that immediately shut them down.

But now a days scammers are everywhere.

For avoiding themselves from shutting down ecom cash code’s owner made this exact same site on more than one URL.

And you go through these urls,you will be redirected to the same page.Which will be of course of ecom cash code?

So,this is a big red flag for everyone!

#3-Always Accepting New Students!

On the site you will notice on the right side a scanning button.

Which after every 3 seconds start scanning and saying that ecom cash code system is accepting new students!!!


I have visited this site hundreds time and it is always keep saying that they are accepting new students.

As I told you earlier that this is a marketing strategy.

This is called playing with the fear of your buyers.So that they will end up buying your product.

There is no such thing this system always wants new students.With some new and fresh money.

#4-Redirected to another page!

If you stay at ecom cash code site more than 10 minutes than you will be automatically redirected to another page.

In my case ecom cash code redirected me to some bitcoin mining pages.I don?t know anything about bitcoins.


And it seemed that ecom cash code was also an affiliate of that site!

So, my aim of saying this is basically that the system says that you can earn upto $10k in your first month. And are actually earning pennies themselves.

And by doing this they may earn roughly 100 bucks a month..

These are very small small things that you have to consider and check realistically before investing somewhere!!!

#5-Fake Testimonials!

So,ecom cash code also include success stories of lot?s of students.
But here is another red flag for you?

The pictures and video testimonials used in ecom cash code are actually fake.

Let me tell you why.Because all the students in the video testimonials are not actually their student!

They are all actors of a freelancing site called fiver.You can also hire them by paying them money according to your budget.


Their gig is that they will do testimonials for your project as they did for ecom cash code?

This is not a mistake or scam by the actors.This is their profession, You pay them money and they will do the work for you.

It?s actually a scam by the platform(ecom cash code).

Actors are bragging people by saying that they can succeed with the platform in only one month.

And that they are earning $10k $20k $30k a month.


They keep bragging people by saying that we work only three hours a week.

Here is another thing for you,this is because 99% of the people do not want to work hard.

#6-Shiny Object Syndrome!

If you gone through their sales video you probably noticed that it?s pretty much exciting.Seems that it is pretty easy to succeed with them.


I went through the whole system and I with my heart can say that it is not more than a shiny object syndrome!

Stay away from these kind of shiny objects in the near future.

#7-Not Safe For User?s!

When you go through the ecom cash code site you will notice on the top left.There will be a sign of not secure!


It means that google is giving you warning that this site is not secure for you.Google is not encouraging you to give them any information about yourself.

For example,credit card details

So,be aware before giving them any card details because it?s not safe for you!!!

Some complaints are that they are still charging them money even they cancelled their membership.

#8-Fake Trust Building!

The site uses fake trust building strategies which convince people like me that they are legit.


But,I can say this as a scam.

Who verify them?

No one knows it?

Or I think that this is just a link building strategy.


In the sales video owner also introduces himself.

In which he tells you from where he was and where he is now.

But he is no more than a scammer to me!Because in the dropshipping industry no one knows him.

I am saying because I know the big game player in this dropshipping industry!


His name is toe vee.And this guy is not legit!


It’s just an upsell of the program called my ecom club.

As I told you earlier that the platform used upsell of $47 or $97 to sell you their high ticket product inside the system.

And the program ranges from the $47 to $10,000 ticket product inside it.
And here are more people who fell for the it and had a costly lesson!


So, all these points are just red flags and give you the idea that the ecom cash code is high ticket product with low value!

You can also check my review about second income center.


Yes, ecom cash club is not legit and it is a scam.If you want to make at least $5k/month with affiliate marketing then checkout my number one recommendation to make money online.

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