Ecom Degree University (Workshop) Review – William Rivera Scam?

Today, we’ll look into the Ecom Degree University (Workshop). Do they have the means to help you in every step of the way in the eCommerce world or are they just after your hard-earned money? Check it out in my Ecom Degree University (Workshop) review.

It’s pretty convenient nowadays to set up an online store rather than a physical store. And the eCommerce industry has been doing pretty well due to the fast-paced evolution of the technology.

There’s no stopping these evolutions because all we need right now are those life-changing progress that will have a big impact in today’s game.

I feel sorry for those being left out but there’s still a chance to keep up if you really love what you’re doing. There’s no constant in the business industry, because everything is all about change.

You’ll eventually get left out if you can’t keep up. Yes, you can stick to what you know best but that won’t improve your way of lifestyle in the long run.

There’s an indefinite number of possibilities out there, you can stand idly and watch or take the leap of faith and try new things. It’s up to you, but I personally prefer the latter. 

These eCommerce courses and programs have been popping up like mushrooms eversince online stores became a trend in our current industry, especially when the pandemic hit 2 years ago.

And one of them is William Rivera and his Ecom Degree University (Workshop). Is he a good choice to be a mentor and example to portray in starting your eCommerce journey or will he just grab your money and hide?

Just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is a fully independent review. I am in no particular way affiliated with William Rivera, nor the Ecom Degree University. All opinions are unbiased and other information came directly from their website.

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Name: Ecom Degree University

Owner: William Rivera


Socials: Instagram, Facebook

Type: Business Solution

Niche: eCommerce

Recommended?: There’s definitely cash in starting your own eCommerce business if everything is done properly. You must have passion, determination and most of all patience in this venture.


The concept of eCommerce has been around since the early 90s, but has been booming in most recent years and became one of the most popular business trends on the digital space.

It is what keeps the people in-line since the pandemic started and has helped countless people earn some money for the sake of living during hard times, where all of us can’t even go out and do our jobs.

Companies, buildings, business centers have stopped operating ever since then and it’s thanks to the concept of eCommerce that people are still able to cope with the ever-changing environment that we live in.

Even if things are slowly getting back to normal, malls and other shopping districts are opening little by little, online shopping will always be our go-to pastime.

The convenience of being a customer, buying all the things they want in the comfort of their homes, and as a seller, who doesn’t need to stand in a stall, waiting for a customer to come enter their store’s doorsteps saves us a lot of time and energy.

Time and energy that you can always put through other things, especially when you’re with your family. That’s the greatest blessing that you’ll get, being able to have quality time with them, and of course while earning a living.

So in my honest opinion, in the world of eCommerce/online selling, you can still see profit given that you are on the right track and doing all things right.


It’s very rare to see some people start on the track of eCommerce instantly, right? William is also part of the “i hate my underpaid 9-5 job” kind of people before he came across eCommerce.

William has stumbled upon an Instagram Ad while scrolling through his phone. The particular Ad that he saw eventually led him to attending an eCommerce conference (for Amazon FBA and dropshipping).

Of course, there’s no instant success in a world where you have just started venturing. After countless trials and errors, he has started seeing success in the eCommerce industry.

Maybe advertisements are his angels, because of another Ad that he saw about “couple bracelets” that keeps on appearing on his tread. An indicator that it’s been selling well, that’s why he grabbed the opportunity and tracked down the product.

Finding success in tracking it down, he eventually placed a bulked purchase. After marketing it on Instagram, he surprisingly made over $45,000 in less than 3 months.

Realizing that he can earn more, like the old proverb says, the big money can be made in teaching others how to fish. That’s the time where Ecom Degree University was born.

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Ecom Degree University is an eCommerce learning program where William saves you a lot of time doing trial and errors, making mistakes in building your own eCommerce business.

William made a proven and tested strategy that you can learn and copy in order to build a profitable business, either via Amazon FBA or Shopify dropshipping. Choose what best suits you.

It is a legitimate course that, if completed, will let you obtain all the baseline skillset to start your own work-from-home eCommerce business. They’re all in the “laptop lifestyle” as they would always say in their promotional videos.

The program now claims that they have more than 700 students and is expected to grow up to a thousand this year, but I doubt it? Why? I will discuss it later.

As stated earlier, the course covers Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping. Some additional lessons are on Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising methods that can help you boost up your business.


It is an eCommerce trade school that teaches people how to start profitable businesses with little up-front capital.

They claim that upon taking this course, you’ll be able to supplement your existing income, if not permanently leaving your miserable 9-5 job by creating a very successful, sustainable online business. It covers step-by-step eCommerce Training ($1497), step-by-step Amazon Selling Training ($1297), and Exclusive Mastermind Chat and Private Facebook page ($497).

A total cost of $3285 if purchased separately, with the normal offer price of $1497 (all-in) and now they’re selling it at another discounted price at only $997.

There’s a lot of discounts happening that when an average joe sees it, they might take it as an opportunity to grab. But many say otherwise.


Upon checking Will’s Facebook page, his latest post concerning eCommerce was last March, which already five months have past. More recent posts focus more on real estate and crypto.

He also posted something about his hip hop and DJ career wheret he has been picked to be Spotify’s cover while paying tribute to his single with 7 million streams, according to his claims.

But all is a lie. He just photoshop-swapped his pictures into the Spotify profile of a legitimate artist and called it his own. What a delusional man he is.

What you can learn from this is that he has sidetracked his mind to focus on other things.

 It shows that he is willing to lie, plagiarize things in order to earn money and further his career pursuits.

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He’s not into the course since he already found something else to do, which is his music career.

There might be some people who have attained accomplishments using this course based on testimonials. But all of those can only be taken with a grain of salt.

They might be paid reviews for all we know, like those paid plays on his Spotify song releases.

Amazon FBA and dropshipping business models are still relevant in today’s industry.

They’re still viable for entrepreneurs who want to start their own online businesses but risks are involved in such setups.

The reality is that there are better digital marketing courses out there. You just really need to put a lot of effort in researching.

Money is not passive, literally. You need money to earn money in an online business. Make spending money on ads as an example, because it’s not as cheap as you think it is.

Also, the competition is fierce/the market is already congested as it is, so patience is a must.


Thank you for reading this Ecom Degree University review.

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