Ecom Family Academy Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we’ll look into the Ecom Family Academy. Can you really learn something from here since it’s called an “academy” or is it just another money-grabbing scheme? Find out on my Ecom Family Review.

The world of eCommerce has already been around during the late 90s and due to the rapid evolution of our technology, online processes became faster than dealing with it during the early stages. 

Together with the fast evolution of our technology is the fast growth of online-based businesses in our industry. 

The growth of eCommerces is absolutely wildering and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon, that’s why many of us are still starting an eCom store even if we know that it is already that crowded.

Even the so-called Mr. and Mrs. Ecom used this as a stepping stone in starting their own business, the Ecom Family Academy.

Is it worth your time, money and effort to join such programs enlisted by them or is it just another way of juicing some cash out of your pockets?

Just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is a fully independent review. I am in no particular way affiliated with Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, nor the Ecom Family Academy. All opinions are unbiased and other information came directly from their website.

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Name: Ecom Family Academy

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Ecom (Reginald and Tania Jennings)


Socials: Facebook, Instagram

Type: Business Solution

Niche: eCommerce

Recommended?: You can really earn some cash in building your own eCommerce store but it’s not as easy and fast as you think it is because of the fact that the industry is already congested.


Not everyone is aware that the ever successful Shopify that we all know about today started as a sole snowboarding equipment store back in 2004. 

It started off as Snowdevil, an online store made by 3 young men, Tobias Lütke (left), Daniel Weinand (middle), and Scott Lake (right). Having below satisfactory results, as a computer programmer, Lütke took it upon himself and built his own eCommerce platform for himself. 

After two years is the birth of Shopify (2006), which is now one of the most successful eCommerce platforms ever existed and has over 1.7 million companies across the globe.

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Well, in my honest opinion, you can still find success in the eCommerce industry, given that you are passionate at what you do.

Even if you’ve researched about the fastest possible ROI in an eCommerce business, you can totally ignore it since in today’s industry, the eCommerce world is overpopulated. it’s not the same thing as what it was before.

It’s oversaturated by the fact that anyone who wants to start earning money online will come across the idea of all of this, which is online selling.

Did you know that based on statistics, there are 12-24 million eCommerce stores worldwide and the number keeps on increasing each day. 

But you can take into account that less than 1 million of these stores make $1,000/year. 

There’s still room for growth and success, yes. But you also need to be mindful of what things can help you climb up to the top. A good mentor can be a first. 

With hardwork, perseverance and patience, everything is still possible. Just don’t be rash with your decisions and everything will play their part along the way.


Mr. Reginald and Mrs. Tania Jennings, who are also known as Mr. and Mrs. Ecom are the people behind Ecom Family Academy. 

As you can see, they’re husband and wife that found success in the eCommerce industry and now, they’re willing to share their strategies and tools to every person interested in venturing into the same space.

Both have their parents in the real estate world. They both grew up watching their parents being an entrepreneur and gradually learning the ropes of becoming one themselves. We can also say that they have the genes for it, they’re born with it.

All those experiences and times with their parents become the fuel to what they do today. They’re not afraid to try things, and that’s what led them to doing eCommerce full-time.

Started off with listing products manually on eBay, now they do their own fulfillments for their customers and clients on Shopify, the majority being as print-on-demand items with private fulfillments.


The Ecom Family Academy is a private educational community that wins together, fails and learns together, grows together and does any part of the journey together in order to propel their students’ eCommerce businesses forward.

“For us, it’s not just being entrepreneurs, and I really never thought about it. It was more on survival. Though we are going through the journey together, there’ll always be dark and rough times.”

There’ll be times where you can’t pay your rent, being cut off, trying to figure out how to feed your family, provide for your family and such. Yes there are those times. 

It’s not about the milestones, it’s about the system. It’s not about getting to the top of the mountain, it’s about learning how to climb.  

These are the mindsets that they teach to their students in their Academy.

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They make use of Shopify’s POD (print-on-demand) services to their clients. POD is a process where you work with a supplier to customize white-label products with your own designs under your own brand.

Oftentimes, these stocks must be fulfilled by the platform themselves, but it is different with EFA. The academy handles all the products and does the fulfillments themselves. They have their own warehouse where they stock all the products. 

They’ll tell you how they are able to do fast shipping in the USA that helps them build a long term eCommerce business.  They will not be just teaching you how to do it, they will also be your life-long product manufacturers.

They claim to teach you tricks on how to earn $100 per day in no time after starting. It seems that they make use of the gift giving strategy to amplify your sales.

There will be more surprise bonuses along the way, so better keep up. You can register and book a date for the free training that they offer on this website. You’re good to go after filling out all the required information being asked.

As per the courses of the academy, it seems that you need to be a member first before getting access to the list of courses that they offer. The bad thing is that there’s no “sign up” button on their other website (in the Quick Details section). 

Maybe they’ll talk about their courses to those willing to avail one after the free training that is being conducted by the two themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Ecom. You can just raise your concern after all the discussions.


There’s the mindset that you have a green light until you get a red light. You just need to go after it without asking permission.

That’s kind of a hallmark to a lot of successful entrepreneurs out there. Don’t be afraid to try things even if you’re not yet familiar with it. 

Make the effort to research about it if it catches your interest. There’s an unlimited number of possibilities out there, you just need to find what fits yours. 

You don’t need to be told what to do. If you see an opportunity, then attack it. You’ll eventually learn along the way.

For Mr. and Mrs. Ecom, they shot their shot in trying to dwell in the eCommerce world, and now they’re successful with it. 

Mistakes and downfalls are part of the bigger picture. You can always learn from them to never make the same mistakes again. That’s what makes people stronger and firm to their decisions. 

So yeah, you better shoot your shot too, we never know what’s in it for you for the future, just focus on the now.


Thank you for reading this Ecom Family Academy review.

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