Ecom Freedom Review: Is Dan Vas Course Worth Buying?

Today we will be reviewing a course called Ecom Freedom. Is Ecom Freedom legit? Find out in this Ecom Freedom review.

I’m sure you’ve thought of leaving your long-term job at some point in your life. After all, working for a company can be stressful. You may also be underpaid, which adds to your burnout and overall work stress.

To be honest, you’re quite lucky to still be employed. Because so many people have lost theirs as a consequence of the present epidemic, even if you wish to quit working, it may be tough to do so, particularly if you don’t have any savings.

Those who opt to continue in their jobs, on the other hand, would face unpaid overtime and salary reductions. That’s unfair, particularly if you know you’re worth more than you’re being paid.

This is why so many individuals choose to start side businesses instead. They want to be able to make more money. Regrettably, the only option to earn more money is to work more jobs.

You found this newsletter while looking for ways to make money. Is it worthwhile for you to join up? Is it feasible to make this business opportunity work just by enrolling in a course?

What brought you to this Ecom Freedom review is the prospect of making some money on the side. Luckily for you, I did my research, so I’ll be able to tell you whether this program can help you find your way to financial freedom.

Before you decide to commit to this platform, you should read this Ecom Freedom review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ecom Freedom in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Ecom Freedom Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ecom Freedom
  • Website:
  • Type: Training Course
  • Niche: Amazon FBA
  • Owner(s): Dan Vas
  • Price: $799
  • Recommended?: Yes and no. The course is comprehensive enough to teach you about Amazon FBA, but it is quite costly. There are better courses in the market that are cheaper, as well as free resources you can peruse.

What is Ecom Freedom?

Ecom Freedom Review: Logo

Dan Vas’s FBA course, Ecom Freedom, teaches you all of the FBA tactics that helped him grow his online company to six figures.

Ecom Freedom teaches you how to start an FBA business from the ground up, including how to set up your company, do product research, limit your product potential, find suppliers, run Facebook advertisements, and launch your product.

Basically, Dan promises to teach you all you need to know to start an eCommerce business.

Amazon is clearly the biggest online retailer in the world today, surpassing and even Alibaba. As a result, it’s no wonder that it’s home to some of the most lucrative online business prospects available.

According to the course website, you must have prior expertise operating an internet company in order for it to be successful.

The irony in that is the website also states you may join the program even if you have no idea what Amazon FBA is or how to get started selling on the platform.

Although the training course is mostly presented via video, there are a few PDF files permanently included for you to review if you choose not to watch videos.

Who is Dan Vas?

Ecom Freedom Review: Dan Vas

In 2017, Dan Vas launched his Amazon business as a seller. He’s chosen to venture out and open his own dropshipping business the following year after a few failures from his trial-and-errors.

Following this, he decided to create a course to educate others how to be as successful as he was, called Shopify Freedom.

When I looked into his biography more, I discovered that he had the courage to create a course despite just being in business for a year. I don’t believe he has sufficient experience to educate others.

He also claimed to be the inventor of “branded shipping.” This business model involves fast shipment (2-3 days), high-quality items, and custom packaging. That’s been out for a while. I’m not certain he came up with the concept.

FBA works

Dan also has a Youtube channel with over 300k subscribers as of this writing. His YouTube content focuses on all of the tools that Amazon FBA requires, as well as financial independence, brand structure, e-commerce, free website traffic, and making money fast.

He brags about how much money he makes dropshipping on his YouTube channel. To tell you the truth, I have serious doubts. Selling courses, I believe, accounts for the majority of his income.

Is Dan Vas Legit?

To be honest, I’m not sure whether he’s competent to teach, but I don’t believe he’s a con artist. Who knows, maybe he’s simply a quick study and has mastered dropshipping in under a year.

However, I doubt he earns a lot of money using dropshipping as his primary source of income. It’s just not as lucrative as you think, given that he’s only been doing it for a year. I believe he makes his more money by selling his courses.

Furthermore, I do not believe the course’s cost is reasonable. It will simply cover the fundamentals. There are more effective and less expensive courses focused to the fundamentals of eCommerce and dropshipping. I believe you would be better served by taking them instead.

I suppose if you truly want to understand the fundamentals, you’ll want topay for it. If you want to save money, I recommend that you explore for free resources. Many of these may be accessed on the internet.

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Ecom Freedom Overview

In this section of the Ecom Freedom review, we will be looking at the modules included in the course.

Module 1: Welcome to Ecom Freedom

This session serves as an overview of the Amazon Ecom Freedom program. Dan Vas discusses the program, how to succeed, your thinking, and FBA success, among other topics.

This introduction, in my opinion, contains useful information. Dan sets the tone for the rest of the conversation by offering sound advice.

Module 2: Getting Your FBA Online Business Set Up

Dan begins demonstrating how to set up your company in this module. Dan walks you through getting your seller central account authorized, organizing your paperwork, setting up payments, and dealing with suspensions.

This module mainly serves as an Amazon technical primer.

Module 3: Building Your Product Opportunity List

Dan demonstrates how to begin choosing your product in this session. A good product sells itself, and in the world of Amazon FBA, your product is critical to your success.

Das discusses the components of a successful product, the ideal categories, research methodologies, Amazon statistics, and outsmarting your opponent. This module has a lot of important information.

Module 4: Narrowing Your Opportunity List

It’s time to narrow down your list after you’ve compiled it. Dan demonstrates how to choose your winning product. He discusses estimating product margins, Amazon fees, verifying product demand, patents and trademarks, and as well as calculated risk.

This lesson builds on the concepts introduced in module 3 and provides some good advice.

Module 5: Finding High Quality Suppliers

Dan presents the “Ecom Freedom Product Sourcing System” in this module. The technique is a cost-effective and efficient way to source your merchandise.

He demonstrates contacting suppliers, establishing business connections, locating your competitor’s supplier, bargaining, and calculating costs.

This module has some important information, but nothing in can be considered as unique, if you ask me.

Module 6: Placing Your First Product Order

It’s time to take a chance now that you’ve decided on your product and provider. Dan walks you through the ordering process in this module.

He covers ordering product samples, constructing your brand, designing a logo, creating iconic packaging, growing your customer list, and placing your first orders to your suppliers.

Module 7: Creating a Powerful Brand

Dan considers building a strong brand to be very important part of the business. He walks you through creating your email, marketing strategies, and business website.

He also discusses Manychat, Facebook Messenger integration, and brand protection. In general, this module provides useful information for developing a decent, professional brand.

Module 8: Creating a World Class Amazon Listing

It’s time to start your listing now that you’ve got everything in order. Da discusses keyword lists, quality product images, product pricing, as well as automated email sequence.

He also demonstrates how to create conversion-friendly bullet points, product descriptions, and titles.

Module 9: Launching Your Product Successfully with Facebook Ads

The listing isn’t going to go live just yet. Dan demonstrates how to launch your product effectively for this module.

He walks you through how to prepare your shipment for Amazon, choose the best keywords, create your PPC launch campaign, acquire your first reviews, and use Manychat and discount coupons.

He also demonstrates how to use pricing techniques and Facebook Ads to grow your campaign. This module provides is all about effectively marketing your products in order to launch them successfully.

Module 10: From Zero to Expert with PPC

Dan delves further into PPC in this session, concentrating entirely on Amazon’s PPC platform. He goes through the “secrets” of Amazon PPC, how to optimize your campaign, how to use Amazon’s data to identify keywords, and some general advice.

If you ask me, I prefer the information in this section over the Facebook advertisements section of module 9. It has a more professional and practical vibe about it.

Module 11: Ordering Your Next Product

Dan spends a lot of time in this session discussing where your major emphasis for growth should be. He speaks about how to build up customer support systems, how to split test sales to increase profitability, how to automate your company, how to use Amazon discounts, and how to create product variants.

Following that, he discusses your next product and when it should be released. Dan is one of the few people who has genuinely discussed split testing on Amazon.

Module 12: The Road to a Million Dollar Brand

Dan outlines any potential issues you may have and how to deal with them in the last module. He discusses the most common issues that Amazon FBA companies face, as well as crucial next actions, your FBA roadmap, acquiring a trademark, creating a “moat” around your firm, and international development.

He also offers a very quick one-video training on influencer marketing and team development. This was a really beneficial module to study. While not all of the material is applicable to your business, it is still informative.


If you pay in full, the Ecom Freedom course will cost you $799. There is a 7-day free trial, which is great news. In other words, you may try out the course before committing to the full payment.

It also comes with a payment plan that consists of two monthly installments of $450. Another option of three monthly payments of $350 is also available.

Before you enroll to the course, you should also figure out what extra costs you’ll incur. Is the training course encouraged to be supplemented? Is it expected that you would pay thousands for advertisements?

That said, if you want to be successful in this course, you’ll need more than $799 in your wallet.

This strategy only works if you employ Amazon sponsored advertising and promotion, which means you’ll have to spend even more money.

This strategy is unsuitable for you if you do not have at least $5,000 to invest in your company right now.

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Does Ecom Freedom Work?

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, so don’t expect to become wealthy soon with Ecom Freedom. However, if you complete the course and devote the necessary time and money to Dan’s techniques, you may be able to profit from this business.

With this course, you might be able to generate some decent income every month. That, in my view, is merely a gimmick to get people to buy the course.


The truth is that the majority of individuals who choose to pursue with Amazon FBA fail due to a lack of sufficient training, capital, or simply because they find it too complex.

So, even if there’s a potential you may profit from Ecom Freedom, don’t get your hopes up just yet. Earning a revenue with Amazon FBA involves time, money, and a lot of hard work.

Is the Course Worth It?

Ecom Freedom isn’t a bad course by any means. In fact, I believe it’s a pretty comprehensive course. For all of the benefits that Amazon Ecom Freedom provides, I believe it is a good investment for your if you are serious about starting your Amazon FBA business.

It provides you a mix of organic and paid marketing options to choose from. This training will benefit anybody who is new to FBA. In terms of value, you get what you pay for.

However, I don’t think Ecom Freedom is the best FBA course. It’s a little too costly for my tastes. This course would be fantastic if it were a couple of hundred dollars less expensive.

However, despite of the price, Ecom Freedom is a good course as is.

Who Should Take the Course?

AMZ Automation FBA

Anyone who wants to understand how to make money with Amazon is advised to enroll in Ecom Freedom. It is for individuals who are new to the concept, as well as those who have the financial means to buy it, since it is rather costly.

Dan’s course covers the fundamentals of FBA as well as more advanced information. I really like how, in addition to sponsored traffic, it shows you organic options to promote your goods. This is advantageous because, despite the high cost, you may learn how to market for free.

Ecom Freedom is also for people who want a thorough education on the subject since it is a comprehensive course. I don’t believe you’ll need to go looking for further information.

Is Ecom Freedom a Scam?

Ecom Freedom isn’t a phony training program. In fact, I’m certain it’ll be a fantastic training course. Ecom Freedom is one of the most legitimate courses out there, in my opinion, for all the value it provides.

This training will be very beneficial to anybody who is new to FBA.

This course has been designed primarily for beginners by Dan Vas. He shows them how to sell legitimately on Amazon.

Furthermore, some of the course’s latter sections may be valuable even for expert FBA sellers.

Ecom Freedom also offers a 7-day free trial, which I like. In this pricing range, there aren’t many Amazon courses that give the same choice.

It is, however, quite costly and comes with a slew of additional fees.

But, in the end, Ecom Freedom presents genuine business opportunity. If you’re searching for a good Amazon FBA course, this one could be able to assist you with getting started on this business strategy from the ground up.

Final Verdict – Ecom Freedom

Before I end this Ecom Freedom review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I’m sure you learnt something new about the business concept after reading this Ecom Freedom review.

While it may seem that starting a dropshipping business is easier than making your own things from scratch, it is really rather complex.

It’s full with financial risk that you must confront head on if you want to succeed.

Keep in mind that you will have no influence over the product quality your customers get. All you can hope for is that they are pleased with their purchase and that they do not post bad reviews on your shop.

You’ll need to pay for advertising, as well as VA wages even if you don’t make any sales (assuming you want to hire some individuals for your team).

I don’t recommend dropshipping as a side hustle. It’ll take up a lot of your time, undermining the idea of calling it a side business.

On the other hand, what I can give you is something you can get started on right now. It’s simple to understand and doesn’t need a large investment to get started.

You’ll discover more details about this fantastic opportunity in the next section.

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