eCom Genie Review – Steven Mayer Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program named eCom Genie. Is it legit? Find out in this eCom Genie review.

Navigating the dynamic landscape of eCommerce demands innovative strategies, and in the quest for efficiency and increased profitability, automation has become a pivotal player.

eCom Genie, spearheaded by the accomplished entrepreneur Steven Mayer, stands out as a service provider at the forefront of this transformative wave.

In this comprehensive article, we embark on an exploration of the diverse offerings presented by eCom Genie. This involves a meticulous examination of the pros and cons that accompany this eCommerce automation service.

The central focus is to unravel whether eCom Genie proves itself as a valuable investment in the quest for operational optimization and financial gains.

As entrepreneurs worldwide seek tools to outpace their competitors, the examination of eCom Genie aims to provide insights into whether this solution is a game-changer worthy of consideration in the fast-evolving eCommerce arena.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this eCom Genie review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with eCom Genie in any shape or form whatsoever.

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eCom Genie Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: eCom Genie
  • Founder: Steven Mayer
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Business solutions
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend taking advantage of eCom Genie’s services, especially if you don’t already have an existing business.

What is eCom Genie?

eCom Genie Review - Logo

At the forefront of eCommerce innovation stands eCom Genie, a game-changing automation service founded by the esteemed entrepreneur Steven Mayer. This platform seeks to redefine the online business landscape by introducing a straightforward yet potent concept.

In essence, eCom Genie extends an invitation for partnerships in their thriving eCommerce stores. The arrangement is simple: you contribute the capital, and they handle the intricacies of the entire process.

The modus operandi is both ingenious and collaborative. The eCom Genie team strategically acquires products in bulk at wholesale prices and strategically sells them on prominent platforms like Amazon. The ensuing profits are then shared with their partners, creating a symbiotic relationship.

This unique model allows individuals to venture into the realm of eCommerce without the burden of managing every facet independently.

eCom Genie’s approach reflects a commitment to democratizing the eCommerce space, enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to participate without the steep learning curve or operational complexities.

As we delve into the intricacies of eCom Genie’s operations, II aim to unravel the effectiveness of this model and determine whether it stands as a transformative force in reshaping how people must conduct online businesses.

Who is Steven Mayer?

eCom Genie Review - Steven Mayer

At the helm of eCom Genie stands Steven Mayer, an eCommerce luminary boasting over a decade of industry experience. Steven embarked on his eCommerce journey as an Amazon FBA seller in 2012, rapidly achieving notable success.

Driven by a passion for sharing his knowledge, he initiated the creation of free eCommerce business tutorials on YouTube, amassing an impressive following of 20,000 subscribers and a community of over 6,000 members, solidifying his status as a trusted authority in the eCommerce realm.

However, it’s noteworthy that his YouTube channel’s popularity has experienced a decline, with subscriber numbers resting at 567 as of 2023.

Steven encountered a significant setback when a trusted account manager betrayed him, absconding with millions in investment capital. This betrayal dealt a devastating blow, resulting in clients departing and tarnishing the company’s once-stellar reputation.

Undeterred, Steven confronted the challenge head-on, assuming responsibility, refunding clients, and appointing a new account manager. Two years after this setback, he launched eCom Genie, driven by a dual purpose – to redeem his name and provide a valuable service to budding eCommerce entrepreneurs.

The narrative of Steven Mayer’s journey encompasses triumphs, setbacks, and resilience.

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eCom Genie Overview

eCom Genie stands as a versatile solution in the realm of eCommerce, catering to various needs and investment capacities through their diverse array of services. One of their flagship offerings is the Amazon Full-Service package, widely recognized as their most popular service.

This comprehensive, done-for-you approach ensures passive income for partners who contribute the capital, which is then strategically utilized to purchase products in bulk.

The eCom Genie team takes charge of the entire process, from listing and selling the products on Amazon to diligently splitting the profits with partners on a monthly basis. This full-service model relieves partners from the intricate complexities associated with traditional Amazon FBA selling, such as establishing an LLC, obtaining an EIN number, and creating a registered seller account.

With a proven track record of delivering results in less than a month, this package offers partners a store with a five-year sales history, minimizing the risk of suspensions. The pricing for the Amazon Full-Service package commences at a minimum working capital of $10,000, along with a partnership fee. Additionally, eCom Genie provides Store Buyback Protection, enabling partners to sell the store back if they cannot recoup their initial investment within 18 months.

Dropshipping services

For those seeking a swifter path to sales with lower capital requirements, eCom Genie presents the Amazon and Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping service. This alternative method involves the strategic purchase of high-demand dropshipping products, subsequently shipped and repackaged by eCom Genie in their third-party warehouses.

While not entirely a done-for-you service, eCom Genie equips partners with a detailed PDF guide for setting up their Amazon and Walmart stores. The time commitment for managing this business typically ranges from 1-2 hours per month. The pricing for the Amazon and Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping package initiates at a minimum working capital of $5,000, accompanied by a partnership fee.

Additionally, eCom Genie introduces a $100,000 monthly protection, ensuring a minimum monthly sales figure within ten months. If this guarantee is not met, eCom Genie pledges to work for free, foregoing any profit splits.

It’s noteworthy that eCom Genie also extends an Amazon Wholesale FBA service, although the specific details and information about this offering remain undisclosed.

As we delve into the nuances of these offerings, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview, weighing the benefits and considerations for potential partners considering eCom Genie as their eCommerce solution.

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The partnership cost with eCom Genie is contingent upon the chosen program, with distinct financial thresholds for each offering. Opting for the Amazon Full-Service package mandates a minimum working capital investment of $10,000, while the Amazon and Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping package sets a starting point at a minimum working capital of $5,000.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the pricing for the Amazon Wholesale FBA service remain undisclosed.

Additionally, each program carries an associated partnership fee; however, the exact figures are not explicitly stated. It is essential to note that while eCom Genie provides comprehensive services, the pricing structure might pose a barrier for some individuals, considering the substantial initial capital requirements.

Aspiring partners should carefully evaluate their financial capacity and weigh it against the potential benefits offered by eCom Genie to ascertain whether this eCommerce solution aligns with their investment goals and capabilities.

The refund policy for Steven Mayer’s eCom Genie lacks explicit information on the website. For those considering partnership, it is crucial to initiate direct communication with eCom Genie to glean details about their refund policy, along with any guarantees or protective measures they may have in place.

Transparency and clear understanding of these aspects are imperative for potential partners, emphasizing the need for direct communication with eCom Genie to ensure comprehensive knowledge about the terms and conditions surrounding refunds and associated protections.

Is eCom Genie a Scam?

eCom Genie Review - Steven Mayer 2

Branding Steven Mayer as a scam involves navigating a nuanced landscape. The reservations stemming from past incidents and unfavorable reviews tied to Valiant Consultants do raise legitimate concerns.

Yet, it is equally vital to view this within a broader context. Steven Mayer has acknowledged the setbacks, taken accountability by refunding clients, and embarked on a journey of redemption with eCom Genie.

The legitimacy of eCom Genie as a service remains intact, providing a credible offering within the eCommerce automation sector. Nevertheless, potential partners must engage in a thorough evaluation, considering the available information, gauging their own risk tolerance, and making an informed decision before committing their time and resources.

The intricacies surrounding Steven Mayer’s history prompt a cautious approach, urging prospective partners to exercise due diligence and prudence in their assessment of eCom Genie’s viability as a trustworthy eCommerce automation solution.

Final Verdict – eCom Genie Review

In conclusion, the exploration of eCom Genie and its founder, Steven Mayer, reveals a landscape fraught with complexities and uncertainties. The company’s promising premise of revolutionizing eCommerce through automation stands against a backdrop of questionable incidents in Steven Mayer’s past, notably the betrayal by a trusted account manager resulting in financial losses for clients.

While Steven Mayer has taken steps to rectify past mistakes and launched eCom Genie as a redemption venture, the shadow of skepticism looms large.

The decline in the popularity of his YouTube channel, coupled with the lack of transparency regarding pricing details and refund policies on the eCom Genie website, raises concerns about the credibility and trustworthiness of the service.

The dichotomy between the potentially transformative nature of eCom Genie’s eCommerce automation and the lingering doubts stemming from past events creates a challenging decision-making environment for prospective partners.

The call for caution and thorough due diligence before investing time and resources in eCom Genie becomes imperative.

In navigating the fine line between acknowledging the potential benefits of the service and grappling with the uncertainties surrounding its founder’s history, individuals must tread carefully. The journey into eCommerce automation with eCom Genie seems fraught with risks and unanswered questions, demanding a meticulous evaluation of personal risk tolerance and a commitment to making an informed decision in the face of lingering doubts.

As the quest for operational optimization and financial gains continues, potential partners are advised to proceed with caution, keeping a watchful eye on transparency, credibility, and the overall integrity of the eCom Genie venture.

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