Ecom Hacks Academy Review – Don?t Buy Jared Goetz Course

Hey whatsup beasts!Today I am doing review about one of the famous courses in the ecommerce industry ecom hacks academy.

The owner of the course is jared goetz.Jared goetz is very famous youtuber too.

This means that he also has an wide audience to promote ecom hacks academy.

One thing about ecom hacks academy is that it is promoted as drop surfing course.

Not a drop shipping course.This means that he mainly focused on hot items.Everyone knows that finding hot items that sells is the most important thing in dropshipping.

There is nothing new in that it is marketed as drop surfing course.

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Ecom Hacks Academy Review

Ecom hacks academy is a course by one of the beasts in the ecom industry.

The question is that should you put your hard earned earned money in this course.

Well I do not want to be a part of your decision.

I wrote is dropshipping worth it.You will love it.

I will review it honestly and than it will be totally up to you to join the course or not.

Let?s talk about the owner first.


Jared goetz is a very famous entrepreneur.He is also featured in and CNBC.

This means that he is not a night fly object.And a solid following on youtube.

But if you are featured in established website did not means that you can create your course of what you do.

More than that,his store is the fastest growing shopify store in 2007.

So,this means this guy got the ability to put up a course like ecom hacks academy.

In ecom hackls masterclass,there are total four modules.We are going to discuss these very in-depth.

eCom Hacks Academy Price

The course is overpriced.It is for $1997 and the model and structure of the course is based on 2007 trends and strategies.

I know a lot of courses online which provide same value with ten or twenty times less price than this course.

I recently reviewed them and the best one was ecom elites.

The other courses who are not as cheap and valuable as ecom elites but they are also good.

If you want to check their review.These are ecommerce empire builders,dropship lifestyle,ecom masters and dropship titans.

This is very important to check the reviews of the online courses because there is so much online abuse now a days.

I recently reviewed big scams in the online industries which are amazon fba heroes,my ecom club,fast fortune club,affiate champ and amazon cash website.

So,the question is should you invest two grands on ecom hacks academy or not.

I want to say another things that is not just $2000.

You have to invest $2000 too in fb ads and themes etc.

If you have $5000 extra in your bank,than I would recommend to give it a shot!

Let?s talk about the things they are gonna teach you inside ecom hacks academy.

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First Module

In the first module,there will be nothing new in the course,Jared Goetz will show you the basics that you probably know about ecommerce.

He will talk about the success stories of the people in the ecommerce space.

This is just for motivating people like you.It is a good thing for mind games.

After talking about the success stories,he will talk about the winning product for shopify store.

Also advise you how to pick the winning products.

Than he will take you to the setup of shopify store.

How to buy domain,phone numbers,payment method.shipping rules and meta description.

 Second Module

This is the largest module in ecom hacks academy if you are going to drop your two grands in this course.

In this course Jared Goetz is going to talk about the theme which he used to make $5millions in sales.

It does not means that he made %500,0000 than you will too.Result will be definitely different.

The theme is called shoptimize.This theme costs 167 bucks for a single license and the price goes up to 597  bucks for ten license.

It will be totally up to you to buy this theme or not.

There will be a few videos of jared goetz on this theme and than he will talk about other themes too.

Shoptimized is not a cheap theme but it focuses on conversion like ecom turbo.Ecom turbo also focuses on the conversion,but it does not cost like shoptimized.

The other videos on this module will be on..

  • Email Sequence
  • Faq setup
  • Upsells
  • Reviews
  • Shipping Bars
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Third Module

In this module,Jared goetz will show you the step by step process on product research.

How to choose a product and set it on the shopify store.

Fourth Module

This module is all about facebook advertising.

This is the only paid traffic that they are going to teach inside ecom hacks academy.

No google ads,no instagram ads,no pinterest and linkedin ads.

And you are paying them two grands.

There are so many course out there who are ten times less priced than ecom hacks academy.

I know that facebook paid advertising tis the main thing for any online business.

But you can not ignore the power of other paid traffic source.

Anyways what you are going to learn in this will be?

  • Setup a facebook page
  • Set Ads account
  • Campaign setting
  • Four videos on split testing
  • How to scale this
  • Bidding
  • Other basics

These all are too basic to give 2 grands for a course like ecom hacks academy.This is all available for free on youtube.

If you do not know split testing.It means which ads are working well and how to split test your audience.


You should not buy this course.I think that it is overpriced and do not give you value.

There is nothing new in the course to pay jared goetz for ecom hacks academy.

There are many course online which are very cheaper than ecom hacks academy.

Well,Now I want to take you to a new world and talk about why I hate dropshipping.

Dropshipping,ecommerce is the worst business model to start an online business in 2020.

There are three worst businesses online at the moment.Number one is dropshipping.

You have to deal with suppliers,customer reviews and sipping companies.

Also shipping takes a long time.Dropshipping costs a lot of money to give a solid shot.It is not passive.

You have to work day and night for your shopify store and so much hustle.

Second,Amazon fba you buy products most of them which never sells.

And the money you will need to start amazon fba is around about $15k.

Third,SMMA as I keep on saying on my latest posts as well that I took a lot of smma courses but these three are just terrible business model.

In social media marketing you have to call hundreds and thousands of business owners and keep convincing them that you are best in running ads.

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Alternative of ecom hacks academy

I believe that number one business online is affiliate marketing.

You do not have to deal with customers issues and other bullshit like that.

The other thing is that it is the one and only online business that provides you passive income.

There is not any business online which gives you passive income.

Affiliate marketing have the highest revenue as compared to every online business.

The affiliate program that I am recommending you pays about $1000 on a single sales.

So,that is very easy to get ten fifteen sales a month.This is $10k a monh simply.

No bullshit no BS.

The other thing is that they will teach you marketing and give you everything that you will require to build a business online.

I want you to join affiliate marketing.It is fastly growing and 2.3 billion industry.

See you inside.Best of luck for your future..CHEERS!!

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