Ecom Masters Review – Joaquin Corrales Is A Scam?

You probably searched for ecom masters review by joaquin corrales on google.Fortunately you landed on the right place.

We are going to cover everything in this article.You may be saw this course through youtube ads.

The owner invested a lot of money in marketing this course through ads.

First impression is that If he is making that much money why he is working so hard to sell his course.

He says that he makes $1500 from his online store.I can not give my final opinion about that because I do not know anything about his income claims.

I write on is dropshipping worth it.You will like it.

The price of ecom masters is $1997.This is mind boggling to me because I know a lot of course out there giving more value than this course.

More importantly,these courses are ten times less pricy than this one.This course is very much overpriced.

Without wasting time let?s dive into our topic?

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eCom masters Review

eCom Masters is a course by joaquin Coralles.

The price of the course is $1997 which in my opinion is very much overpriced.

You can get ecom courses having same value and in ten times less price.

Joaquin Coralles is a famous youtuber.

He did a very good thing to convince people that he is living a luxury life and making bank with dropshipping.

He did very hard work on his course which is very good and I also appreciate it.This course is getting a lot of hype in the market now a days.

A lot of people asked me to write a review on it,so here it is.

The owner has a good reputation but the course is for $1997.There is a lot of risk involved in it.

There is not any kind of proven strategies that you will be successful.

I used to invest in proven marketing strategies which would make me rich.

Investing this much money without any proven strategies did not work for me.

I know that it is also true that it can make you rich and seems get rich quick.

With dropshipping,shopify etc yes you can make a good living.

Beside this you have to make your mind to lose money.

It happens 99 times out of hundred in dropshipping.

Well you maybe saying who I am to say this.

Let me tell you I am in online field for more than three years.But I started to make money this year.

I lost a lot of money in dropshipping buying courses etc.

I tried everything from smma,clickbank and other stuff but succeed with affiliate marketing.

Joaquin Corrales Is A Scam?

No,he is not a scam.I think joaquin corrales is legit.

Is he really making that much money,I can not say well maybe..

If you know that he was partner with franklin hatchett and they are no more partners now.

I think If you really want to invest your money than I think joaquin corrales course content is 60% similar to franklin hatchett course.

His course name is ecom elites and price is 200 bucks.Franklin hatchett is now moved to affiliate marketing as we believe that it is the best way to make money online.


As I said earlier in my articles and reviews that dropshipping is a terrible business model.And I am standing with my stance right now too..

There is a lot of things I think that the guy joaquin corrales copied from others to make this course.

I thoroughly saw three to five dropshipping courses which were famous at that time.

I noticed that the guy picked things from courses which are pretty solid to make his own.

No,I do not recommend it to you.

Having said that his course has not more videos included franklin hatchett but the price remains same at 997 bucks.I do not know why?

 Inside ecom masters course

As I said earlier the course is very overpriced and it is not a recommendation from me.There are a lot of videos included in it that you can get from courses like ecom elites.

But let?s dive what will you get inside the ecom masters course.


You will get access to 130 videos showing you what it takes to make $1400 a day.

In addition to this there will be videos probably 30 of them which will show you how to setup everything(theme).

Again the owner jaoquin corrales will not be taking you step by step rather it will be franklin hatchett who will guide you through fb ads and everything.


You will be getting ecom turbo theme.It?s free if you enroll in ecom masters.The price of this theme is $147.

This theme is again created by franklin hatchett who has his own ecom elites course and no more partner with joaquin corrales.


You will also get a coaching by franklin hatchett,joaquin and other team members which is good.If you want your hand to hold step by step.


They also have bonuses if you enroll inecom masters course.Live questions and answers will be included in it.

Who is Ecom masters for?

I write a lot of reviews on ecom courses like ecom cash code,my ecom club,ecom profit masterclass and dropshipping titans.

Some of them are scam and some are legit.Most gives the value content and worth the money some don?t.

But the one thing that was common in all of these were that they all claims that they are for beginners.

If you want to know this applies to ecom masters than my answer will be yes.

If you are beginner and want someone to hold your hand and guide you step by step than it maybe good.


My Verdict  

I personally do not like dropshipping and ecom masters course.

When I was like you finding a way to make passive income,I lost a lot of money buying courses.

One of them was like two THOUSAND bucks.

The main problem is that they all claim to be give you a stress free life without guarantee.

I like affiliate marketing very much and I think that it is very terrible business model.I am talking about dropshipping.

It is not only me,franklin hatchett who is now all in to affiliate marketing says this.

He accept that starting a dropshipping in 2020 is just a waste of time and money.

Remember the course includes a lot of videos of franklin hatchett and he do not support dropshipping anymore..


Been in the online field for more than three years I know every online business at the moment.

I believe from my heart that affiliate marketing is the best way to start an online business.

The affiliate marketing industry is bigger than many countries budget,I think it is around about three billion industry.

I believe from my heart that it is the best way to start an online business.

Other than this there are others factors too.It is the best business idea in 2020 and afterwards.

I think that it is much more complicated than dropshipping too.

Personally I think that dropshipping,amazon fba and smma are the terrible business ideas to start.

A lot of cons in these businesses.

If you think that you will get rich quick in online industry forget about it.

You have to work hard to achieve anything in life.To grind everyday in life.

Work hard is the key to success.If you are paying thousands of dollars in courses like ECOM MASTERS and not putting the work than it?s a waste of money.

Another thing that I like about affiliate marketing is you can make thousand dollars just by selling one product.

it?s called high ticket affiliate marketing.

I only focuses on high ticket affiliate marketing.I believe that It is a s hard to sell high ticket product as a five dollars product.

Go with my recommendation you will not recommend it for life.It?s start as low as $7.


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