eCom Profit Masterclass Review – Richard Telfeja Scam?

If you landed on this page,it is more likely that you are looking for ecom profit masterclass review.

First I want you to read this review before buying it.We will be talking about the pros and cons of ecom profit masterclass.

I wrote a post on is dropshipping worth it?Give it a read too.

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What is eCom profit masterclass?

Ecom profit masterclass is an online course.It claims to provide you every things,tips and tricks you need to build and grow a shopify ecommerce store massively.

This course is so getting much hype now a days and a lot of people said to write a review on it,well here it is.

The course owner is Richard telfeja who gives you a six week online video training and mentorship.He claims to teach you every single thing which he used himself to build a shopify online business.

Richard telfeja claims that with these strategies and tricks he helped to build an $200,0000 online business.

In ecom profit masterclass you will get access to the 14 will be given to you during each week.

The ecom profit masterclass price is $1497.Which is way too much watching the value they provide in the course.

When you visit ecom profit masterclass you will  be bombarded with a lot of sales tactics.First of them will be the ticking clock.

It is more likely to be playing with the fear factor of the buyers.When you will refresh the page,clock will start again.

There are a lot of screenshot there.A lot of success stories which seemed to be true.

It?s worth it or not?I think it is very much overpriced.

They do a lot of claims of giving bonuses for free when you get in the course.We will talk about it later.

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Richard Telfeja

The owner of ecom profit masterclass is richard telfeja.Richard telfeja claims to be earning 200,0000 dollars a month.

He was a partner with franklin hatchett when the course was first published.

At that time the price of the course was $997.Now,the partnership with franklin hatchett is over.

Now,the price of the course increase to $1497.

It is very funny that the price is increased and there will be no more valuable videos of franklin hatchett.

For your knowledge,franklin hatchett went all in affiliate marketing.

My number one recommendation for you too is affiliate marketing.

Franklin hatchett has also his own course ecom elites.But he prefers affiliate marketing.

Ecom Profit Masterclass bonuses

First of all Richard telfeja?s claims to give you bonuses worth of nearly $4500.

The bonuses you are going to get for after paying $1997 for the course.

The bonuses include four things?

  • Fully optimized theme($997)

The first thing is that the fully optimize theme is for $997.Which is way too much overpriced.

I know a lot of themes out there and are hundred times less costly than this.And other thing is that they offer hundred times more functionality.

  • Access to private facebook group($997)

YES.this a good step by richard telfeja.I review a lot of ecom                         course before this one.Some are pure value and some are just crap.

The good thing amongst the good ones was that they have a private group where people can share their success stories.

It is always good to have a like minded community.

  • Live coaching every week($1997)

Richard Telfeja will be giving you live coaching every week.

This is worth of couple of grands according to them.

So,after talking about the bonuses,let?s talk about the structure of ecom profit masterclass.

We will be talking about what you will be getting in module every week.


Ecom Profit masterclass Review

So,I am going in depth that what will be you getting in the 14 modules.

But before getting in that let me clearify you that the course is very much overpriced.

Because you can get these kind of information from every other ecom course out there in less cost.

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Module 1:Basics

It is exactly what it sounds.First of all there will be a nice welcoming video.Then there are a lot of short videos.

The next seven videos will be completely be on how to setup shopify store.

There is a flaw in the course that they do not talk anything about choosing a niche.

This is the main think.The course who is for $1497 did not showing you how to choose niche.

If you have not knowledge what are you selling,how can you think to set a shopify store?

Module 2:Customizing Store

In this you are going to watch four videos on how to set shopify store.How to install the theme.

This is exact theme they are providing you in bonus when you join the course.

There will be complete videos on how to set logo,colors and more more things in that.

Module 3:Products

I reviewed a lot of ecom courses.After watching the ecom profit masterclass and into this part I do not actually know who copied who.

These reviews included?

In this module you will be finally choosing a product in niche.The video that is there starts with installing oberlo.

You are going to learn to optimize titles,images,checkouts and publishing your store.

They will also show you how to choose a niche and how to select a good supplier from aliexpress.

Module 4:Research

In this you are going to get three videos on how to choose product and do a complete research on it.

The videos will be on dropship spy.It is basically on turbo adfinder.

TURBO AD FINDER is a google chrome extension.

Module 5:Apps

Then the owner will be say to  have more apps on your store like carts guru,paypal photo lock.

Module 6:Order fulfillment

In this you will learn how to grow your business through different tactics.

Other Modules    

I do not want to go in depth into other modules.They are all basically on google ads.

There are lot of questions on these modules.There are not in depth training of google ads setting and other training in this.

You are going to give them $1997 for the training right?

Let?s talk about the traffic course.If we are not providing with the information on how to get viral traffic,I am more than convinced that you will be end up purchasing fb ads course.

The fb ads course will also cost you $997 for this.

After talking about the modules I want to talk about the things that I liked and disliked in ecom profit masterclass.

The things I liked of ecom profit masterclass

There are a lot of things to like about ecom profit masterclass.This includes following things..

Easy to understand

The course built in such a way that any way can take advantage of that.It is very easy to understand.The videos inside are valued and very informative.Even a complete beginner can understand it.

This is a very good thing in this.

Money back guarantee

They offers a 30 days 100% money back guarantee.I do not it is true or not.

I am saying this because I saw complains about them.

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Lifetime access to ecom profit masterclass

When once you purchased the course,you will get a life time access to the course.

Facebook group

You will be given access to the private facebook group.I think that it is too much overpriced to be honest.

The things I disliked of ecom profit masterclass

There are a lot of flaws in this course.Lot of people do not get enough value in this course.The course is very overpriced.

A lot of things are not clear in it for beginners.

There are the following things that I do not like in ecom profit masterclass?


The course is for $1497 and is very overpriced.You can get a lot of course with same value with ten times less price.

I know a lot of course in the market which provide same value and less price for example ecom elites.


A lot of complaints being made against tye course that they are not supportive.

I have seen couple of saying that the money back guarantee is lie.They will not give it back to you.

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The knowledge in the ecom profit masterclass is limited.I have talked about a lot of flaws earlier and do not want to repeat it.

It is just not worth the price and I advise you to not spend your hard earned money on that.

The reason why I prefer affiliate marketing over dropshipping is because I failed in dropshipping.

This is why I do not recommend it to my readers.Because I wasted a lot of money buying courses like this that do not worth it.

I believe from my heart that affiliate marketing is the by far best way to build a business online.

That is the beauty of the program I am recommending you to give a try.

I think seven bucks is not a lot of money to change your luck.

Less videos

The course was priceD at $997 .At that time the franklin hatchett videos was included in the,the videos of franklin hatchett are not there and they are not more partners.

The price of course is now $1997 and there are not valueable videos if frankiln hatchett..

Is Ecom Profit Masterclass legit?

Yes It is a legit program and you can give it a try If you have three to five grands to play with.The investment risk is high in this course.

That is why I think dropshipping is a terrible business idea.

If i personally talk about me I do not enroll in a program till they give me guarantee to succeed.

Richard Telfeja is not a scam.

My Number one online business recommendation

If you are new to beastpreneur,it is more then likely that you will not know this.

Things which I recommend to my readers are the ones by which i succeed.

My number one recommendation to ecom profit masterclass is affiliate marketing.

By spending just $7 you will learn a lot of content which the so called gurus are selling for thousands of dollars.

This is because the value I got by just spending seven dollars was extra ordinary.

I am in affiliate marketing for more than three years but i do not get that much knowledge as after enrolling in their fifteen days challenge.

Honestly i want you to succeed.Your future is my future.

I think $7 is not a lot of money to test with.

I am recommending this because the program changed my life.

This is the best affiliate marketing program in the world.They will help you succeed using proven marketing strategies.

This is not some kind of rocket science.

And comparing it to ecom profit masterclass which is for $1497 I think this provide you with the great opportunities.

More importantly the skills you are going to learn are more important than the money.

The skills that I learned helped me to succeed in any online business I want to.

So, I want you to take your first step to success and go with this.

BEST OF LUCK!cheers…

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