Ecom Stride Academy Review – Leon Green Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Ecom Stride Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this Ecom Stride Academy review.

Ecom Stride Academy stands as a dropshipping initiative birthed by Leon Green, a self-made entrepreneur whose journey serves as a testament to perseverance.

This program is meticulously tailored for novice individuals venturing into the realm of dropshipping, offering insights primarily focused on harnessing the potential of Facebook ads as a foundational marketing tool.

Leon Green’s overarching objective is to mentor and equip aspiring entrepreneurs in launching and nurturing their enterprises from the ground up. His aim is to impart invaluable wisdom and firsthand experiences, elevating their prospects of achieving success in this competitive landscape.

Through Ecom Stride Academy, Leon endeavors to empower newcomers, providing them with the requisite guidance and tools to navigate the intricate terrain of dropshipping with confidence.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Ecom Stride Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Leon Green in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Ecom Stride Academy Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Ecom Stride
  • Founders: Leon Green
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend eCommerce because of the low profit margins. There is also the high possibility of not succeeding.

What is Ecom Stride Academy?

Ecom Stride Academy Review - Logo

Leon Green’s brainchild, the Ecom Stride Academy, stands as a comprehensive dropshipping program aimed at newcomers in the business sphere. This initiative serves as a guiding beacon, specifically instructing beginners on leveraging Facebook ads as the linchpin in their dropshipping endeavors.

More than just a tutorial, this academy encompasses a holistic approach, equipping novices with foundational skills to initiate and cultivate their entrepreneurial ventures from the ground up.

At its core, the program is a reservoir of knowledge and strategies tailored for those navigating the intricacies of dropshipping. Leon Green’s objective through this academy is to not just impart theoretical knowledge but to also provide practical insights, empowering beginners to overcome the hurdles typically encountered in establishing their businesses.

The Ecom Stride Academy operates as a pivotal resource, offering guidance and expertise to transform novice aspirations into tangible and sustainable business ventures in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

Who is Leo Green?

Ecom Stride Academy Review - Leo Green

Leon Green’s narrative of triumph resonates as a testament to resilience and relentless effort. Hailing originally from Nigeria, Leon’s trajectory traverses continents, as he and his family transplanted their roots to the USA in 2003.

It was the poignant observation of his mother’s financial tribulations following his father’s demise that fueled Leon’s resolve to venture into entrepreneurship.

Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 2018, Leon found himself drawn into the realm of dropshipping. However, the prohibitive costs associated with conventional educational avenues and mentorship prompted him to pursue a self-guided path. Undeterred by the absence of formal guidance, Leon dived headfirst into the world of trial and error.

His pursuit led to an accumulation of invaluable experiential wisdom, gradually refining his acumen in the intricate domain of dropshipping.

The journey was a relentless pursuit of knowledge, where every stumble became a lesson, propelling Leon closer to his aspirations. His steadfast commitment and unwavering resolve to learn from failures eventually bore fruit, culminating in a reported achievement of a coveted 7-figure milestone.

Leon Green’s odyssey from humble beginnings to notable success epitomizes the adage that determination, coupled with a thirst for knowledge and resilience in the face of adversity, can pave the way to extraordinary accomplishments.

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Ecom Stride Academy Overview

Ecom Stride Academy Review - Leo Green 2

Ecom Stride Academy stands as a beacon of comprehensive education, centered on harnessing the power of Facebook ads as the linchpin in the domain of dropshipping profitability.

The program operates as a multifaceted guide, covering pivotal facets integral to successful dropshipping ventures. It extends its purview beyond mere advertising, encapsulating crucial elements such as product exploration, website curation, crafting compelling ad copies, and pinpointing target audiences.

Furthermore, enrolled students receive a weekly infusion of meticulously curated and tested winning products. These offerings come hand in hand with meticulously outlined, step-by-step strategies elucidating the optimal methodologies for product testing across diverse platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The curriculum of Ecom Stride Academy transcends mere surface-level teachings, delving into the realms of automated order fulfillment—a strategic time-saving maneuver—and scaling methodologies pivotal in transforming a profitable product into an enduring brand. Leon Green’s vision for this academy extends beyond conventional education; it’s about empowering students with the practical tools and discernment needed to navigate the cutthroat world of dropshipping.

The primary goal remains to arm learners with the insights and expertise necessary to make informed decisions, significantly augmenting their odds of success in this fiercely competitive market landscape.

What can you learn in the course?

Ecom Stride Academy presents a robust curriculum, meticulously crafted to equip students with an arsenal of resources and strategies crucial for navigating the intricate world of dropshipping.

Inside this comprehensive program, learners encounter a spectrum of invaluable tools, each strategically designed to fortify their foothold in this competitive landscape.

At the heart of the curriculum lies the Weekly Handpicked Winning Products, hand-selected and rigorously tested by Leon himself. This offering provides students with a pipeline of potentially lucrative opportunities, laying the groundwork for launching their businesses effectively. Complementing these offerings are pre-prepared Website Designs tailored for each winning product, streamlining the process of setting up their online stores with utmost efficiency.

The program extends beyond product curation, delving into the nuances of crafting compelling Ad Copies and navigating Target Audience selection. This guidance facilitates a seamless marketing approach, ensuring students grasp the intricacies of reaching the right demographics for each product.

Equipped with Step-by-step Testing Strategies, learners are at the forefront of cutting-edge methodologies, exploring avenues through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads.

Further enriching the learning experience, the academy dives into the realm of Automated Order Fulfillment, elucidating time-saving techniques pivotal in optimizing business operations. Scaling Techniques form another cornerstone, imparting strategies to transform a mere winning product into a flourishing brand—an indispensable phase in the evolution of any dropshipping venture.

Through this multifaceted curriculum, Ecom Stride Academy empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and insights necessary to forge a successful path in the dynamic realm of dropshipping.

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Is Leon Green Legit?

In the realm of online programs and personalities, speculations and accusations often surface. Leon Green has encountered allegations branding him as a scam artist, casting doubts on both his credibility and the legitimacy of his program.

However, it’s imperative to approach such assertions with caution, urging a meticulous investigation before drawing conclusions.

Individual experiences in such scenarios are subjective, with varying outcomes for each participant. What might be deemed unsatisfactory by one could be exceptionally advantageous for another.

The prudent approach involves assessing available information, diversifying sources for reviews, and forming a well-informed judgment based on substantiated evidence.

Final Verdict – Ecom Stride Academy Review

The Ecom Stride Academy, championed by Leon Green, arrives amid mixed perceptions and allegations. While initially appearing as a comprehensive guide for aspiring dropshippers, the program confronts a shadow of skepticism and skepticism.

Whispers of doubt surround Leon Green himself, tarnishing the credibility of the academy. Accusations labeling him as a scam artist ripple through online spaces, casting a pall of uncertainty over the authenticity of both the program and its creator.

Despite Leon’s journey from adversity to success and his purported achievements in the dropshipping realm, these allegations cloud the academy’s prospects. The discord between claims of his success and allegations of deceit creates a dissonance, leaving prospective participants in a haze of uncertainty.

While it’s imperative to approach such claims with skepticism and an open mind, these accusations raise poignant questions about the program’s legitimacy. Potential participants must exercise extreme caution, meticulously researching and vetting the available information before committing to the Ecom Stride Academy.

Individual experiences vary widely, and what might be a thriving opportunity for some could potentially lead others astray. The presence of these allegations demands a cautious approach, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to weigh the risks meticulously before investing their time, trust, and resources into the program.

In conclusion, the controversy swirling around Leon Green and the Ecom Stride Academy casts a pall over the program’s credibility. It underscores the critical need for thorough research, diverse sources of information, and a judicious approach before making any decisions about enrollment.

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