Ecomm Sharks Review – Ramin Popal Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Ecomm Sharks. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

A lot of people have found success in e-commerce. Many people go into e-commerce as a way to sell products to a lot more people. Especially if they already own a brick and mortar store. It just makes sense to sell products you already have in-store on an online platform.

But sometimes, there are those that get into e-commerce because they watched some random person on YouTube brag about the amount he earns from it. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that. Everybody can do whatever they want to do. And if that person gave them the push to try something new, who are we to stop them? Gatekeeping never really helps anyone except the people who gatekeep.

Most of the time, the people who brag about their earnings from e-commerce often have a training program that they sell. It just seems like a thing that happens for a lot of influencers. Once you have built up a big enough following in a certain niche, you can start to sell products or services to them.

With so many other training programs out there that’s about e-commerce, what makes Ecomm Sharks different? I have reviewed a lot of other training programs related to e-commerce. And a lot of them aren’t really worth the money. But maybe there’s something to Ecomm Sharks that’s not in those other training program.

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Ecomm Sharks Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ecomm Sharks
  • Founder: Ramin Popal
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: There are a lot of other resources where you can learn more about dropshipping. Nothing about this particular training program is compelling for anybody just starting out in e-commerce.

Who is Ramin Popal?

A screenshot featuring Ecomm Sharks founder Ramin Popal

It really seems that Ramin Popal just popped up out of nowhere. But somehow, he has been in the e-commerce niche for a few years now. With a lot of these influencer/guru types, it feels that a bunch of them become well-known within that niche overnight.

Some of them would have some kind of presence on YouTube. That’s where people usually search for videos. Even though Ramin Popal started his YouTube channel in 2019, he only started posting videos almost a year ago. Though, it does seem like he has a larger following on Instagram.

Whenever I search for people who are in the world of e-commerce, there’s often a good chance that you’d find an article about on them some website. It’s surprisingly common among those who offer a training program. For the most part, those articles are published through a press release distribution service. And they often get picked up by a bunch of legitimate websites. That’s why a lot of these gurus and influencers are able to say that their name and/or company has been mentioned on an article.

But, based on those press releases, it seems that Ramin Popal had a developed an interest in being an entrepreneur very earlier on. One thing that gets mentioned a number of times is that he bought a bunch of items from eBay for cheap. Then he would sell them with a markup that’s twice as much as the cost that he paid to buy that. I guess that’s where he saw the potential when it came to e-commerce.

Ramin took a bit of a detour. He decided to establish the @MillionaireDosage account on Instagram. It seems that, at the time of writing, the account is at 314 thousand followers. Thought it seems to have dropped from the 330 thousand followers he had before.

It took a few years before Ramin started to put his focus again on e-commerce. He was still running the Millionaire Dosage account while he was building the foundation to what will eventually become Ecomm Sharks.

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What Is Ecomm Sharks?

Ecomm Sharks is the training program that Ramin Popal created in October 2020. It was surprising to find out that Ramin started his company fairly recently. Especially during the time when people couldn’t really go out as much to buy products in stores. But he used that to his benefit.

There was another e-commerce company that was also called Ecomm Sharks. The URL is what made it different from the Ecomm Sharks that Ramin created. Also, the other Ecomm Sharks was more focused in consultations for people who wanted to start their own e-commerce business.

Ecomm Sharks is basically a training program where you will learn how to start a business using a method known as dropshipping. A lot of other e-commerce training program that existed before Ecomm Sharks have focused on dropshipping. We will talk more about dropshipping in a later part of this review.

But it is worth pointing out that a lot of other e-commerce training programs have focused on dropshipping before. It’s not really a thing that’s particularly new to the world of e-commerce. Though a lot of people act like it’s new.

Dropshipping has existed for a while now. That’s why a lot of other services focus heavily on dropshipping. There’s already an audience for this kind of method. So they’re mostly targeting people who already know what dropshipping is. But a lot of them are also fairly easy to navigate for people who are just beginning their journey in e-commerce.

There is no mention of how much the Ecomm Sharks program costs. You have to schedule a call with Ramin Popal and his team through their sales funnel. And they will talk to you about pricing. Most of the training programs I’ve reviewed often cost a few hundred dollars. And Ecomm Sharks is probably no different from it.

What Is Dropshipping?

A screenshot featuring Ecomm Sharks founder Ramin Popal

Now, let’s talk about dropshipping. It’s pretty much a method where you get a third-party supplier to package and deliver your products. These suppliers often have these products already on-hand at their warehouse. So you’re basically not doing a lot when it comes to managing your e-commerce. You’re basically just looking for products on that supplier’s platform and adding a listing of that product to your store.

A lot of the e-commerce stores who use dropshipping often use AliExpress. The main reason why that is is because there’s a lot of products that are available on AliExpress. You name it, they got it… mostly. Another reason is that a lot of the products being sold on AliExpress are relatively cheap. So you have a higher chance of selling them for more than its price on AliExpress. That’s why a lot of these training programs often boast that they earn thousands of dollars.

And because the supplier is the one who is handling the inventory, packaging and delivery, you don’t have to worry all that much when it comes to keeping up with the demand. This is why a lot of these training programs focus on dropshipping than other methods when it comes to e-commerce. It supposedly brings in easy money.

The main problem with dropshipping is finding a product that other people aren’t already selling. Everybody’s getting those products from the same place. And the thing that you’re going to put a lot of effort into is marketing the heck out of that product. That’s why a lot of these training programs also talk about using Facebook and YouTube’s respective advertising platform.

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Final Verdict – Ecomm Sharks Review

I don’t really recommend anyone to join Ecomm Shark’s mentoring program. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the program itself. But you’re probably better off using the money for something else. It’s fairly easy to search for tips and tricks when it comes to starting an e-commerce business. E-commerce platforms like Shopify offer guides on what you need to do. And the information that they provide is free.

Like I mentioned in the previous section, a lot of e-commerce stores often use the dropshipping method for their stores. And most of the time, the products they sell are the same as the other stores. A bunch of the e-commerce training programs often have a section about finding the products that could be in demand. So that’s why there are people trying to sell the same products to the same people.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with using dropshipping for your business. But just know that you’re competing with other stores when you sell the same products. You need to be competitive when it comes to pricing the products. If you’re selling it cheaper than other stores, you’re likely to get a lot more purchases. But it’s not always going to be the case.

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