Ecommerce Empire Builders Review – Peter Pru’s Course Scam?

Today I am going to review ecommerce empire builders.It is an ecom course by peter pru.

You maybe coming from his youtube videos to see whether it is legit course or not.Well, peter pru is regularly pumping content on youtube,on daily basis!

I have seen his lots of videos on youtube .The course is also known as six figure funnels.

We are going to talk about everything about this course.Should you invest your money in it or not?

I will talk about the cons and pros of ecommerce empire builders.You did a great job to read this course before buying it.

A lot of people lost their hard earned money in my ecom club,ecom masters and ecom profit masterlclass.

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Ecommerce Empire Builders

The price of ecommerce empire builders is $997.I am going to talk further about that whether this price worth it or not.

There is also an option of two time payments of $597.If you are selecting two time payments,it means you are losing $200.

I would advice to rather pay one time for this course.This course seems to be overpriced.Or I would say expensive,Ecom elites sells same thing for $97!

Peter Pru‘s ecommerce empire builders

Peter Pru is a 28 years old entrepreneur.He has a very solid youtube presentation.ecommerce-empire-builders

More than twenty thousand followers on youtube.Peter Pru ,the owner of ecommerce empire builders is also a two comma award winner.It means that he is affiliate marketer too.

Let me tell you the whole thing.Clickfunnels is a software and sales funnel.

People use it for selling their course.Now if you signup someone under your link,it means you are going to get a commission.

They have 40% commissions for affiliates.If you signup more than hundred people under you,this means you are going to get a car on lease from clickfunnels,they pay the lease for your car every month.

It is $1000.

But let me tell you one thing.By any means I am not affiliated with Peter pry or his course,means this Review is coming from a third party.

Now coming back to ecommerce empire builders.On youtube channel, Peter Pru focuses on teaching fb ads,email marketing and ecommerce.

Inside Ecommerce Empire Builders

Now I am going to talk about the things you are going to get inside the system.

But first check out a post I wrote on is dropshipping worth it.You will love it.

There are a lot of success stories of students on his youtube channel.

First Module

In the first module,he talks about the mindset.This is the most important factor of any business.

Mindset is the key to any business no matter if it is online or offline.

Second Module

In this module he teaches you how to build a sales funnel using clickfunnels.If you do not know sales funnel.

He will teach you how to set it up.Sales funnel is very important.

The idea is to give value to someone upfront.

For example if they buy USB on the op-tin page.

They will directly taken to another page by clickfunnels where you can sell them Iphone.

It is a saying that money is in the backend.

You do not expect from a cold traffic to buy your thousand dollars product.

You have to get people into your funnel by providing them value upfront.This is the idea of sales funnel and clickfunnels.

Third Module

In the third module,he will teach you email marketing.There is a saying that money is in the list.

No business can ignore the power of email marketing.Email marketing is the pilar of online business.

In this module he will teach you on how to set up email marketing campaigns using sandlane.

Fourth module

This module consist of marketing.In this module, ecommerce peter pru will give you guidance on instagram and youtube.

This is like a brand awareness class for you.

Fifth Module

In this module you are going to learn about facebook advertisement.

Scale to 7 figures

In this module peter pru will tell you the steps he used to make a seven figure income online.

Funnel Hacks

There will be classes where he will interview the funnel hackers who scaled their business to 8 figures online like tai lopez.

In this ,very big beast of the online industry will be with him.

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Is Ecommerce Empire Builders Legit?

Yes, it is legit.But there are a lot of questions about the price of the course.

The course is very much overpriced.

There are a lot of courses out there which costs ten times less than this course.For example,ecom elites.

It is a course by franklin hatchett and costs $97 bucks.

The knowledge which is in ecommerce empire builder,you can get it for $7.Yes you know what the guru who is teaching you peter pru is also doing affiliate marketing.

I also referred you to franklin hatchett and he is also in the affiliate marketing.

Because affiliate marketing is the best business to start online.

Number one thing that i like about it is that It gives you passive income.

I have tried every single business online.but they are not passive.

I think ecom,dropshipping smma and amazon fba are the terrible business model to start online.

The industry is growing day by day.

The gurus teaching you ecom dropshipping etc are also doing affiliate marketing but did not recommending you.

I do not know the reason behind this.

The thing I am recommending you, will teach almost everything you will get in ecommerce empire builders.

This is the best training and investment I made after wasting a lot of money in worthless courses.

It includes almost everything which is in ecommerce empire building but it focuses on lead generation and affiliate marketing.

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See you in the other side!

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