eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review – Scam or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as eCommerce Millionaire Mastery. Is it legit? Find out in this eCommerce Millionaire Mastery review.

If you are thinking about starting an online company, it is in your best interest to have a look at the advertisements that Kevin Zhang has posted on websites such as Facebook and YouTube. In addition to this, you could be asking yourself, “Is Kevin Zhang a fraud?”

He went on and on about how he started a dropshipping business when he was just 23 years old and how he went from owing $3,000 on credit cards to making $20,000,000 in his first year of operation. He told you this story over and over again.

Kevin guaranteed that if you enrolled in his eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course, he would disclose the secret to building a six-figure drop-shipping empire with only one hour of work every day provided that you followed his instructions. Can you tell me how much it will cost? $1997.

To what extent, though, does the training truly live up to expectations when put to the test? Is there any truth to the claims that Kevin Zhang has made, or is he just a con artist?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this eCommerce Millionaire Mastery review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with eCommerce Millionaire Mastery in any shape or form whatsoever.

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eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review: Quick Details

  • Name: eCommerce Millionaire Mastery
  • Owner: Kevin Zhang
  • Website:
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Type: Introductory program
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommended?: Dropshipping can be profitable, if you know what you are doing. Remember that it isn’t really a passive stream of income, and it requires you to invest a lot of time on researching what merchandise can be attractive to your potential customers.

What is eCommerce Millionaire Mastery?

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review - Logo

Kevin Zhang markets his course under the alias EMM on several social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. After participating in a free webinar, you will be issued an opportunity to purchase his offer, which can be purchased at a number of different price points, the most common of which being $1,997.

You also have the option of paying the payment out over 5 installments of $499 each, which is $495 more expensive than the other option. This choice is available to you.

The majority of the 20-hour program consists of more than 200 classes that are broken up into 15 different modules. The vast majority of these films run from ten to twenty minutes in length, and their primary purpose is to instruct you on how to promote on Facebook.

A private Facebook group and 52 live calls spread out throughout the course of the year are also accessible to you.

The Chinese script for bargaining with suppliers, example contracts, and his grasp of Facebook’s algorithm are all extras that come with the package.

The worth of the bundle, according to Kevin, is $37,500.

Who is Kevin Zhang?

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review - Kevin Zhang

It has been said that Kevin is a LA-based serial entrepreneur.

Kevin is the youngest member of the Forbes Councils, and his official website brags about the fact that he is the founder of a number of eCommerce enterprises. On the other hand, the Forbes Councils online database does not contain any of his information. It is possible that he was expelled from the Forbes Councils for good this time.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of a Forbes Council can do so at any time. It costs $2,500 each year.

Kevin says that his firm, Kreator eCommerce group, is in the business of selling clothing and accessories online, and that they now employ sixty people.

After doing some research regarding this, however, I discovered that the Kreator eCommerce business was actually a consultancy firm.

Kevin manages a variety of other companies in addition to overseeing eCommerce Incubator, Seer eCommerce, and Vanderbilt Consulting Academy. He also manages a number of other enterprises. However, none of these issues pertain to merchants that operate online stores.

On Instagram, he depicts himself as a rich philanthropist who has created a scholarship fund to assist Native American students in meeting the financial obligations associated with furthering their education.

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Overview

This course, taught by Kevin, provides an introduction to dropshipping as well as advertising on Facebook. If you already have experience or prior knowledge regarding dropshipping, there is a possibility that you will not find the training to be helpful.

In point of fact, I can assure that the large bulk of the content may be accessed without charge on the internet.

This program is similar to Dropshipping Titans, The Ecom Wolf, and Push AMZ.

Module 1: Introduction to Ecommerce

Those who are not familiar with online retail and the dropshipping business model will find this section to be an informative introduction.

Kevin is going to show you the ropes of business ownership and provide you the resources you need to launch an enterprise on the internet that will be profitable. There is not a single bit of information that cannot be learned from a video that has been uploaded on the internet, to be honest.

Module 2: Branded Niche Dropshipping

The beginning of Kevin’s critique of general and specialized stores comes at this point. Instead, he discusses the methods he has developed for building a drop-shipping company that is tailored to a certain niche.

It looks as though the foundation of this idea is made up of nothing but air. It is not worth the risk to engage in dropshipping given that the majority of the products that are sold via this method quickly fall out of style and any supplier has the potential to steal the name of your firm throughout the process.

To prevent others from using your “brand” without your permission, it is necessary to register it as a trademark. There is no other method to do this. But how can you register a trademark for your business if it just offers commodities that are readily available elsewhere?

In the next parts, Kevin will explain the situation of the dropshipping industry in 2020, how to set up a Shopify site, and how to combine Oberlo with AliExpress.

Kevin will show you how to import things from AliExpress and connect your AliExpress affiliate code with Admitad so that you can earn an 8% commission on all orders. If you are seeking for an alternative to AliExpress, he will also teach you how to import items from AliExpress.

The final portion of the class is devoted to a discussion on how to begin a profitable dropshipping business.

Module 3: Consumer Psychology

This session includes a total of 4 films, each of which presents an introductory-level overview of consumer psychology.

You will gain an understanding of the many types of customers as well as the ways for focusing in on a certain segment of the population to serve as the product’s target market.

Module 4: Shopify Web Design

There are 18 videos included in the module. Kevin is going to walk you through the steps of setting up a Shopify store the right way. On the other hand, you may find courses quite comparable to that on YouTube.

In the beginning, Kevin will guide you through the process of picking a domain name, registering it, and connecting it to your Shopify account. Additionally, he will show you how to construct Facebook ad creatives with Adobe Photoshop and stock image sources.

After that, he will import images from AliExpress, edit them to create appealing product pictures, and then write in-depth product descriptions.

After that, you will have the knowledge necessary to arrange the trust badges, make use of several tabs, include demonstration videos and reviews into product pages, and set up an upsell plugin that just requires one click.

In the last section, an explanation of how to implement upsells and cross sales to improve the overall value of transactions is provided.

Module 5: Shopify Web Design Mastery

As Kevin digs deeper into the process of customizing the theme and developing websites, a number of topics, including the design of banners, picture collections for categories, and homepage collections, are addressed in additional detail.

You are going to be provided with information on how to include monitoring into your website, in addition to other elements such as your contact information, privacy statement, and terms and conditions.

In this final section, we will go over various excellent practices for accelerating the loading time of websites.

You might, however, choose a theme that already incorporates all of the essential third-party plugins, which would significantly cut down the amount of time it takes for your website to load.

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Module 6: Setting up Facebook Ads

This session will focus on using Facebook to promote your business’s products or services. Kevin will walk you through the steps of establishing a Facebook page as well as a Facebook business manager account in order to host the adverts.

In addition, you will learn how to set up Facebook pixel in order to retarget previous customers, which is a very useful skill.

At long last, a video that walks through the process of utilizing Trackify for basic catalogs and backup pixels has been supplied.

The eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course places an exclusive emphasis on Facebook as a traffic source. This is despite the fact other social networks like as Instagram, Pinterest, and Google are gaining popularity.

Module 7: Engaging & Profitable Ads

Kevin will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a Facebook advertising campaign, including assessing the results, expanding the campaign to produce extra sales, and determining when it is time to stop the campaign.

In addition to demonstrating how-to films, he screened advertisements that rotated between still and animated visuals in a carousel format.

Kevin is going to wrap off this presentation by walking you through a few copywriting basics.

Module 8: Basic Facebook Ad Strategy

In this lesson, Kevin will walk you through the basics of managing advertising on Facebook and help you get started.

In addition, he will explain how to make use of Facebook’s retargeting advertisements in order to communicate with three unique groups and to generate conversions.

Also, Kevin will instruct you on data analysis, the utilization of performance indicators such as ROAS and cost per purchase, and the development of lookalike advertisements. All of these things will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign. Kevin will teach you all of these things.

On top of that, you can use Trackify to learn how to develop LAAs and Hidden LAAs by viewing the available lessons and reading the accompanying documentation.

At the end, you will get video guides that walk you through extracting consumer email addresses and developing targeted audiences.

Module 9: Advanced Facebook Ads

Budget optimization for campaigns is the topic of this module.

Audience, creative, and LCA testing are all covered in Kevin’s classes.

The article concludes with a discussion of more sophisticated retargeting techniques and Facebook ad supervisor options.

Module 10: Effective Sales Strategies

Within the framework of fundamental accounting, this section investigates the application of order metrics. Itwill discuss the advantages of the subscription-based approach as well as the situations in which it is most useful.

Additionally, Kevin offers advice on how to maximize the benefits obtained from product bundles as well as free-plus-shipping techniques.

At the very end, there is a little video that provides instruction on how and when to make discounts applicable across the whole store.

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Module 11: High ROI Email & SMS Marketing

There are videos available on this page that teach email marketing and how to reach customers and clients via email in a programmed manner.

The final section of the essay delves into the topic of text message (SMS) marketing, which may not be as successful with consumers in different nations.

Module 12: Multivariate Testing, A/B & Heat Maps

You will watch three videos in this section that will show you how to utilize A/B testing to boost the number of people who make a purchase from your website.

You will also get a grasp of multivariate testing as well as the application of heat maps in web design.

Testing, on the other hand, might be time-consuming and costly.

Module 13: Bulletproof Customer Support

The major goal of this section is to achieve more success in providing better service to customers. When it comes to making returns and exchanges, Kevin will walk you through all you need to know.

You will be provided with a script that outlines how to interact with customers.

Module 14: Keeping Business Alive

This lesson is committed to assisting you in establishing long-term success with your dropshipping business, and it will do so by providing you with the following information:

The scripts that are offered are the most useful component of the package since they instruct you on how to regain access to a Facebook advertising account that has been suspended.

You will learn how to report dropshipping copycats to Shopify and Facebook in order to get them removed from the platform in order to safeguard your own products in the process.

There are also guidelines on how to connect with the Better Business Bureau and other watchdog bodies to reduce the number of negative reviews that are posted online about your company.

At long last, Kevin will walk you through the process of resolving concerns with payment processors while adhering to FTC standards.

Module 15: Building Advanced Infrastructure

In the last lesson, you will learn how to improve the efficiency of your retail establishment by implementing automation software.

Utilizing a website like Upwork or Fiverr to search for and employ remote workers is the first thing that should be done.

After that, Kevin will hand you some scripts that, according to him, will assist you in negotiating a reduced price with the Chinese.

Final Verdict – eCommerce Millionaire Mastery

Before I conclude my review on eCommerce Millionaire Mastery, I would want to share some more advice that you might find helpful.

Due to the oversaturation of the market, dropshipping is no longer a workable business strategy because it requires a significant amount of effort to be successful.

It is mind-boggling how many various ways there are to earn money online. It is a waste of your time, energy, and money to put in the effort to work when you could be under a lot of stress and your finances might be in jeopardy.

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