Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Ecommerce Scaling Secrets. Is it legit? Find out in this Ecommerce Scaling Secrets review.

The eCommerce Scaling Secrets course offered by Alex Fedotoff is meant to teach you how to rapidly increase the revenue generated by your online store by utilizing sales funnels.

What I really want to find out is whether or not this is any good, whether or not the course is worth the money, and whether or not it will assist you in establishing an effective and profitable internet business.

This review is written with the intention of answering that question.

Alex is of the opinion that the lack of an effective sales funnel is the key reason why the vast majority of dropshippers are unable to sustain their businesses for more than two years and eventually go out of business.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Ecommerce Scaling Secrets review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ecommerce Scaling Secrets in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ecommerce Scaling Secrets
  • Owner: Alex Fedotoff
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommended?: eCommerce is something that can be profitable, but it is not really a passive way of earning money. It requires not only capital, but also a lot of time.

What is Ecommerce Scaling Secrets?

Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review - Logo

The first premise of the course is that a sales funnel, as opposed to having a storefront, is what is required for commercial success.

This idea will be developed further throughout the course. Alex is sure that the inability to achieve this is the primary factor in the failure of the vast majority of dropshipping firms in less than two years.

A funny thing about the way he promotes his course is that he offers a free case study, and if you sign up for it, you are taken to the page where he sells the course.

If you provide Alex your email address, he will send you promotional emails about his course and the steps you need to take to enroll in it on a regular basis.

Signing up for this course is essentially a form of participation in a sales funnel, just as the strategies that it instructs. All of his videos that are hosted on YouTube have inbound links to his website.

These links take viewers to a “squeeze page,” where they are given the option to provide their email address.

You may learn more about how Alex comes up with his varied forecasts by watching the video that is available on this page. Some of these include the notion that dropshipping is headed to extinction, particularly when combined with Amazon’s FBA, and the opinion that the only way to survive it is through innovative advertising methods such as sales funnels.

Alex is of the opinion that pre-selling is an essential component in order to turn site visitors into customers.

Unbelievably, he refers to this as a “innovation,” despite the fact that sales funnels have been around for years and are a tried-and-true way of advertising. In other words, he is trying to reinvent the wheel here.

In point of fact, they extend back several decades further than the advent of the internet; the name “sales funnel” is just a more up-to-current way of referring to them.

Moreover, watching the video does not provide much of an advantage in most cases. It’s possible to look at it as a diversion designed to pique your interest in sales funnels. This is really a warm-up for the actual course, which will begin in a few moments.

In this “case study,” which includes discusses his Facebook advertising service, the author provides specifics regarding the manner in which he regularly crafts advertisements for his various customers.

Because the primary objective of his service is to demonstrate to you that he makes a profit, he does not provide specific information regarding the functioning of his business.

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Who is Alex Fedotoff?

Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review - Alex Fedotoff

Alex shares what he has learned as a successful entrepreneur and YouTube artist, and he expands on those experiences in the process of teaching. Advertising on social media is an area that really piques his interest, and he places a strong emphasis on Facebook Ads in particular.

On the basis of this information, he founded his own AF Agency with the intention of packaging and distributing his training and content under a single brand name.

You have the option of going to his website as well. There, he outlines not only the extensive list of services that he provides, but also the various skills that he possesses, such as his ability to convert random people walking by into devoted customers.

In light of the fact that cold traffic almost always indicates that you are targeting the wrong people and that you have to adjust your strategy rather than attempting to “convert” them by coercion, this is a very bold assumption to make.

Alex maintains a presence on YouTube, where he releases videos regarding online commerce and dropshipping on an irregular basis.

Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Overview

If you enroll in this class, you will get access to all five of the distinct units that are included in it. These will train you on how to put the approach into practice, and there will be a bonus sixth lesson that will provide more teaching and suggestions.

The fundamental capabilities are intuitive to utilize. You start by getting a grasp of the bigger picture, which includes the strategy, the goals of the strategy, and some helpful mental techniques.

Following that, an explanation is given of the processes and procedures that can be used to launch an online business and sales funnel. You will be led through the process of locating possible vendors and conducting research on the products and services they provide in Module 3.

The marketing section of Module 4 discusses Facebook Ads, and the following module, Section 5, discusses the usage of Dropified to fulfill customers’ orders.

As a result, this will constitute the bulk of our discussion in the classroom. Your Facebook advertising will receive further attention in the sixth section, which is referred to as “extra training.”

You will “master” the platform after finishing this, and you will be able to scale your advertisements to the point where you can earn seven figures from them. Facebook and sales funnels both have some recommendations and guidance to provide.

This course will teach you all you need to know about marketing, with a particular focus on how to use Facebook Ads to set up sales funnels. You won’t be able to call yourself an expert after completing it, but it will be enough for you to get by.

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Is it worth it?

This course is for you if you want to learn how to utilize sales funnels for your website and it’s a good bet that you do. This is more or less a tutorial on a specific kind of advertising, so keep that in mind.

In addition, the program is designed for people who already have a substantial amount of money to invest in their business. The price of the course is typically lower than that of comparable options, though this might change based on the deal that is currently being offered.

The challenge lies not in making the investment; rather, it is in developing sales channels that take into account the supplementary expenses associated with marketing and subscriptions.

It will cost you a lot of money, regardless of how many people you are attempting to contact or what platforms you want to use, and it is not a cheap option.

The program is pretty similar to Ecommerce Masters, eCommerce Millionaire Mastery, and 100k Blueprint.

Final Verdict – Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Review

To put it another way, I do not recommend participating in this educational program. If you find a decent offer, it might turn out to be a wonderful investment, but spending more than a few hundred dollars on it would be considered extravagant.

Not only is there the cost of the actual training itself, but there is also the cost of ongoing memberships and advertising, not to mention the cost of maintaining a storefront and creating new software.

To tell you the truth, I have gone through a few of these dropshipping expert courses, and I have discovered that many of them are expensive, but they offer very little in the way of actual value.

They are always trying to sell you a fantasy or a way of life, but they don’t provide any facts that could be useful. Even though many people who brand themselves “dropshipping gurus” present it as such, dropshipping is not a fast way to gain a lot of money. Because of this, the cost of their classes is extremely high.

In light of this, I can appreciate why you might be wary about the accuracy of these instructions.

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