Elite Affiliate Pro Review – Igor Kheifets Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Igor Kheifets’ program known as Elite Affiliate Pro. Is Elite Affiliate Pro legit? Find out in this Elite Affiliate Pro review.

You probably came across one of his YouTube videos promoting his free workshop, which is how you discovered this course.

If you are someone who looks for ways to make money online, you probably spend a lot of time looking at resources where you can learn from. Because of this, you managed to find this program.

This program resembles other affiliate marketing programs, like Kallzu and Legendary Marketer.

My evaluation of Ignor Kheifets is authentic and unbiased because I am not involved with the company in any way. Aside from Elite Affiliate Pro’s exorbitant price tag, I also don’t think that affiliate marketing is a good business strategy for novices. You can find out why as you continue reading the review.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Elite Affiliate Pro review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Igor Kheifets’ in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Elite Affiliate Pro: Quick Details

  • Name: Elite Affiliate Pro
  • Owner: Igor Kheifets
  • Website: https://igor.ac/
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommended?: Affiliate marketing can be profitable, but it wouldn’t work for everyone. You can find a better opportunity without having to worry about any big risks.

Who is Igor Kheifets?

Elite Affiliate Pro Review - Igor Kheifets

Former Warrior Forum member Igor Kheifets used to sell solo advertising to other users of the community.

Solo advertising are email marketing campaigns in which owners of email lists are compensated for driving visitors to a sales funnel, often $0.30 – $1 per click.

Many customers have complained about Igor’s pushy sales methods when using his solo advertising business. After canceling his service, for example, you would be re-subscribed to a new list.

In spite of this, Igor claims in his Youtube videos to have made $21,779.45 in a single day with only 481 clickthroughs.

Now he’s eager to sell you his course for $997 and reveal his exclusive tips. Yeah, I am starting to see why people think he is a scammer already.

There is no mention of SEO traffic in Igor’s claims that he employs bought traffic to promote his services, though. As a result, he’s only focused on paid traffic methods at this time.

Elite Affiliate Pro Overview

Elite Affiliate Pro Review - Course

The course consists of a series of instructional films.

In this course, Igor shows you how to engage with your target market, how to discover high converting CPA offers, how to find ClickBank and Webinar offers, how to construct pre-sell pages, how to design lucrative emails, and how to successfully utilize scarcity. Everything is broken down into six distinct sections.

In addition to the main course, there is also a bonus training module. Each phase of the bonus training is divided down into sections. Bonuses for the course are also included in the purchase price.

With this guide, you’ll find out how to establish an email list, as well as discover a variety of affiliate programs and themes. A list of high-paying affiliate items and an affiliate link to the marketing course are also included.

A money-back guarantee is also included with this internet marketing training.

The Six Steps Super Affiliate Checklist must be completed in order to receive a refund. As long as the course isn’t a complete waste of time, you may be able to get your money back in some way. Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing and will help you to get your money back in some way.

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Bonus Trainings

Phase 1 – Six-Step Super Affiliate Checklist

In this chapter, you’ll learn how Igor manages and plans his affiliate marketing initiatives. These are examples of effective email marketing efforts.

Phase 2 – $100,000 Campaign Case Study

How Igor made $100,000 through email marketing to his list is explained in detail by Igor himself. He was able to do so by employing the tactic of a webinar. The increase in sales of the product offer was due to the subsequent emails.

Phase 3 – Traffic Academy

An affiliate marketing effort can bring in money for Igor because he’s good at traffic generation, according to him.

SEO traffic, which is superior because it is free and converts better, is not mentioned because he uses sponsored traffic for his goods. This course can be useful if you’re just interested in paid traffic methods.

More Bonuses

Igor’s most effective affiliate campaigns and email swipes, as well as additional goodies on how to revive your email list, can all be found right here.

This includes a library of templates, affiliate promos and the best CPA networks on the market today.

Coaching Calls

This page allows you to ask Igor questions live during his webcasts. Here, you may ask any questions you may have concerning the course. You have to make sure you are available for the planned call, which might be difficult given everyone’s hectic schedule.

Refund Policy

There doesn’t appear to be any catch to the course refund policy. For a full refund, however, you must demonstrate that you completed the six-step super affiliate checklist and that it didn’t work for you. This is good for only 30 days though.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

By suggesting another store or advertiser’s goods or service, you may make money through affiliate marketing. When a retailer or advertiser is satisfied with the results that an affiliate partner, in this example you, provides, you are reimbursed for your efforts.

Sales are the most common consequence. It is possible to earn money via affiliate networks that pay you for leads or free trial users.

If done correctly, this performance-based opportunity has the potential to transform from a side hustle to a successful online business model.

In return for a fee, an affiliate marketer promotes the goods and services of other firms. Affiliate marketing is open to everyone.

A simple search for a suitable affiliate program would suffice. Referral commissions are provided to affiliate marketers when their referrals make a sale.

Is Elite Affiliate Pro a Scam?

It doesn’t seem like this course is a scam.

However, Elite Affiliate Pro is nothing more than a primer on affiliate marketing. It does not claim to be anything more. It does not contain any hidden tricks or exploits that might help you get wealthy very rapidly.

The program even requires you to construct a mailing list and make use of sponsored advertisements, both of which are labor-intensive and financially out of reach for the majority of newcomers.

Even worse, Igor does not inform you that the majority of autoresponders, do not let you to send an email whose primary objective is to promote a product. This is something that Igor does not disclose to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to utilize autoresponders that have more lax policies, the vast majority of your emails will be relegated to the trash folder.

To make matters even worse, a significant number of ClickBank items are renowned, particularly those in the sector of making money online. They will, almost always, be delivered to the spam folder upon receipt.

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Final Verdict – Elite Affiliate Pro

Before I end this Elite Affiliate Pro review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Igor Kheifets is, all things considered, a pretty talented marketer who has accomplished some remarkable things in the digital space. It is clear that he is well-versed in the subject matter, and he maintains a trustworthy reputation.

Igor has established a strong track record of success in affiliate marketing and has climbed to the top of a number of different leaderboards.

However, when it comes to establishing a business, you have a wide variety of choices available to you.

You have a lot of other choices outside Elite Affiliate Pro to consider besides being an affiliate marketer, even if you are dead bent on doing so.

Bear in mind that we do not receive any compensation for the promotion of any of the programs that we evaluate. It is our opinion that an affiliate program is an excellent choice for a business strategy; but, you run the risk of leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

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