Elite Resource Team Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Elite Resource Team. Is it legit? Find out in this Elite Resource Team review.

Prepare to fasten your seatbelt, because Anton Anderson has a game plan that just could send your professional life flying through a series of loops and twists.

Elite Resource Team has big plans to change the way that financial advisers do business, and they make claims that are as lofty as a giraffe walking in high heels. Is it going to turn you into a celebrity, or is it simply going to be another fraudulent program?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Elite Resource Team review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Elite Resource Team in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Elite Resource Team Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Elite Resource Team
  • Founder: Anton Anderson
  • Website: https://elitert.com/
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Financial advising
  • Recommendation: If you are not a financial adviser, then this program is not for you.

What is Elite Resource Team?

Elite Resource Team Review - Logo

Elite Resource Team, Anton Anderson’s invention, seeks to shake up the industry of financial advisers. Basically, you will be taught some things about how to be a good financial adviser, but compared to other programs, this one claims to be much more efficient.

As a financial adviser, you definitely want wealthy people to be chasing you down to utilize your services, right? They will be begging for your time after hearing from Elite Resource Team.

Elite Resource Team claims that you stick to their plan and expect to see results in 90 days.

Anton, the mastermind of Elite Resource Team, is not your typical advertising whiz. He’s simply another so-called “elite guru” like the other one hundred who all offer the same thing.

Yes, creativity is probably not their strong suit, but who needs fresh terminology when the tried and true has served us so well all along?

However, Anton is certain about his programs specialty. He has sold a firm for more than $45 million and claims that Elite Resource Team is the only organization in the world that can make you a financial genius.

Elite Resource Team has received nothing but rave accolades from industry heavyweights. They have helped people develop their practices to the six and seven figure range. Perhaps it’s Anton is good at what he is doing, after all.

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Elite Resource Team Overview

Tired of the same old methods like purchasing leads or resorting to desperate pleas for referrals? Well, Elite Resource Team has introduced an innovative approach.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Collaborate with a skilled accountant.
  2. Establish a proactive planning team.
  3. Enhance your capabilities with a virtual family office.

It’s straightforward, refreshing, and a surefire way to break free from the monotony of marketing. Anton’s strategies have enabled individuals to rake in substantial profits and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

So, is Elite Resource Team a scam? That is highly unlikely, unless you consider earning money to be deceptive.


Elite Resource Team Review - Anton Anderson

Their coaching and community programs have been meticulously crafted to empower individuals in maximizing their business potential and becoming the most relevant advisors to their clients.

Achieving one’s goals is best accomplished by drawing wisdom from those who have already successfully traversed the path.

At Elite, they offer an array of video learning modules, allowing participants the flexibility to move at their own pace. These modules are complemented by:

  • Access to seasoned virtual coaches and consultants, readily available to provide timely assistance in fueling the growth of businesses.
  • Personal growth is further fostered within Elite’s Skool Communities, tailored to participants’ roles as either Financial Advisors or Accountants. Here, they can engage with like-minded Elite Members, sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Changing businesses can be challenging when surrounded by the same circle. However, Elite’s virtual communities, coupled with in-person meetings, conferences, and events, immerse participants in a network of successful members who are all on a similar journey. They serve as a valuable resource and offer mutual support.

Within the Elite Skool Community, participants gain access to:

  • Formal education & learning presented in bite-sized modules and chapters.
  • An online readiness assessment, ensuring accountability and progress.
  • Monthly group learning webinars tailored for Elite members.
  • Monthly VFO (Virtual Family Office) expert technical webinars, enriching their understanding of planning possibilities.
  • Regular Elite events designed to nurture the learning environment.

Tools and Technology

At Elite, they promise an impressive array of tools and technology. They take immense pride in these resources and are eager to provide you with a demonstration.

Their suite of tools and technology is meticulously designed to facilitate the simple and effective scaling of your business, with a focus on two significant areas:

  1. Growing Existing Clients (referred to as the “Proactive Client Pull” Process), driven by:
    • Proactive Planning Platform
    • Business Branded or Team-Based Model Branding (depending on the service level you choose)
    • Online Diagnostic Tools (both personal and business diagnostics)
    • MAP Tools (integrated proactive planning process)
    • Virtual Family Office Tools (featuring the VFO Showroom for browsing solutions)

    All of this results in cultivating deeper and more enduring client relationships while concurrently generating new revenue streams.

  2. Winning New Clients through their “Proactive Marketing Push” approach, helping you stand out and distinguish your services. This is driven by:
    • Elite Marketing Platform
    • Pre-Packaged Content produced by VFO Experts
    • Leveraging Social Media Tools to showcase a broader range of proactive services
    • Dynamic Template Websites that reinforce your unique image
    • Empowering you to “Control the Narrative” with your clients

Additionally, they can facilitate Virtual Outsourced Marketing Manager support to further enhance your marketing efforts.


It’s mysterious, puzzling, and intriguing all at once. When asked about the price, Anton seems to want to keep his secrets to himself. You’ll need to schedule a sales call with the Elite Resource Team to get their comprehensive evaluation, and maybe a sales pitch on the side.

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Final Verdict – Elite Resource Team Review

At first glance, Elite Resource Team could seem to be a fruitful possibility; nevertheless, with further inspection, numerous warning signs become apparent.

The claims that Anton Anderson would make you into a financial genius and the assurances that customers will clamor for your services are as just very unrealistic.

Even though Elite Resource Team has been lauded by certain respected members of the business, it is vital to proceed with extreme care and suspicion. Despite the fact that Anton may have a great track record, there is no lack of self-proclaimed “elite gurus” on the market that provide programs that are quite identical to his.

Concerns also arise from the fact that the program does not disclose its price information. When prospective consumers are required to arrange a sales call in order to get a full description of what the service offers, there is space for ambiguity as well as the possibility of upselling strategies.

It is in your best interest to exhaust all other possibilities and investigate the legitimacy of the program in great detail before signing up for Elite Resource Team.

When your professional and financial future is on the line, it is extremely important to make a choice after gathering as much information as possible.

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