Email Income Expert Review – Jason Capital is Scam?

Email income expert is a course by Jason Capital.The course is getting so much hype in the market.This is why I think to write a review on it.

Jason capital is an online businessman who is getting so much hype in the online market now a days.

We will be covering every aspect of the course and the owner in this post.

This post is going to be very interesting.

Before starting review I want to clear one thing.

By any means I am not associated with this company and will not try to sell you this course.This is going to be completely unbiased review.

You did a fantastic job to read this review before joining the email income expert.
Let?s dive into today?s review of this Jason Capital course.

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Email Income Expert Review

Email income expert is based on email marketing.

Jason capital says that you have to work for business owners to run their email campaigns.

He says that it is so hard for business owner to run their own campaigns.

This is kind of a lead generation for the business owners through email marketing.

It is like making others rich but it is not your concern as far as you are making money.

As I was in the lead generation business for more than a year know I know how this works.

In lead generation business you have to be good at sales.

Jason capital says that he will teach you everything you need to make money in this business.

He says to his students to charge minimum of thousand dollar.

Honestly I am not a big fan of lead generation till today.

I as a business owner know how it feels to run after the business owners.

The other problem is that the business owners seems to be pissed so much all the time with marketers.

I want to review jason capital too.

Jason Capital Review

Jason capital is the owner of the course email income expert.He claims to make millionaire students through this business.

The owner is very new and raising in the online industry day by day.

He claims that if you join this course you will end up making more than $10k a month.Is it true?Can you really make this much money just by email marketing.

I am not saying that jason capital is scam.

I think that he is legit and you maybe made some money with it.

But first of all I want to read some other aspects of this business model.

I reviewed courses which was five times priced than this.

It includes courses which costs upto 7 grands and they are lead generation courses too.

They were local marketing vault and profit league.

He is claiming that he made millionaires with his online course.

There is not any proof of that.I have a lot of questions in my mind.I will tell you and you will also agree with me.

How much the email income expert costs?

The price of this course is $1990.Or you can make three payments of $668.I think the price of the course is very overpriced.

You can find a lot of courses with ten times less price than this on udemy.

I am saying email marketing is not that hard.

It is very simple and straight forward.First of all I want you to pay attention to onething.

This is that why business owner will pay you that much money for email marketing?

This is total shiny object syndrome.

There are so much email marketing software that they can easily run campaigns with one click.

This is sos os much overpriced course.

You can learn a lot of stuff for free on youtube rather paying two grands.

Other fact is that the industry is super saturated guys.

I have been in the industry too.It is very hard to get a single client.You have to run behind the business owners.

Sometimes they seem to be pissed off.I talked about it in my previous reviews and now again.

I hate this business model.

This is a terrible business model.You are outreaching thousands of business owners before getting one client.

It?s so hard.This is the reason why there is no money back guarantee in it.

Jason capital says that it is impossible for you fail in this business.

And if you say As I tell you there is no way.

Yes guys he is right if you outreach thousands of business owners in a single month you probably will get a client.

Let?s talk about the things that I liked in this course and which did not.

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Things that I liked

Yes there are a lot of questions that still want to asked.First thing 

I noticed there is that jason capital saying that you don?t need any sales experience.

This is a straight lie.

But let?s talk about good things?


There will be live coaching from jason capital where he will be guiding you whatever you want to get success in it.


I like the structure of the course very much.In this you will have a class each week.

In this you can ask any question you want to answer from jason capital.

There are a lot of value videos in the course that will let you understand the business.

Things I disliked

There is so much that  I disliked in the course.let?s talk about the main points.


The course is so much overpriced.You can get 70% of the value from the free stuff that has been already on youtube.

But there is a misconception of people that expensive things always give value.

No,I was also a lead generation guy.

I generated leads for real estates and I think I wasted my time empowering them.

Just do not worth the time and investment.

I do not know what type of marketing they are going to teach you for $2000.

It is just mind blowing for me.Still people fall for this?

Shiny object syndrome

The other thing is that it’s more than shiny object syndrome.

I hit by shiny object many many times in my career.

It lost me thousand of dollars that never fall for shiny object syndrome.

Get rich quick scheme do not work in online industry.

Email income expert whole business model is based on get rich quick.

Email Script

I think that course is very incomplete.In my opinion jason capital is not qualified enough to launch email income experts.

In email marketing scripts are so much important .

I suck in writing emails that us why I hired a guy to write email scripts for me.

But in the email income expert there is not a single guide about it.

The course do not worth the price and it is a terrible business model for 2020 and forward.
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Is email income expert legit?

No it is not a lot of people fell for it.I received a lot of complains about it.

If you can test your luck you can go and enroll with them.

The course was first at $2500.

After a lot of complaints price of email income expert decrease to $2000.I think the price of the course would be 200 bucks.

A lot of people end up losing their money in this shiny object syndrome.

If it was that easy to make money by joining email income experts everybody would be doing it.

They are not rich and you know the reason why.

Today everybody wants to get rich.I think online industry have the potential to make everybody six or seven figure businessman.

It is where the choices came to part.

Sometimes choosing the best way to start is hard.

That is why I am here for you.

I only recommend those things to my readers that I believe from my heart gives massive value to them..


I believe from my heart that affiliate marketing is the best business model to start today.

This industry is growing fast and day by day.Affiliate marketing industry is 1.2 billion industry.

Email marketing business is a terrible MODEL to start in 2020.

I hate three online business because they are not passive.

If you stop working the money.

Dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA(lead generation email marketing etc) are the worst and terrible business models.

Your ideal business will be passive income.It means if you stop working THIS still brings BIG DOLLARS dollars.

That is the reason I love affiliate marketing.

I would like you to give it a shot.

It is providing same value for just seven dollars which thousand dollars courses are not.

Best of luck!!!CHEERS

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