Emris International Review – Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?

Hello and welcome to my Emris International review.

If you came here chances are that you live in these states.Nebraska,Missouri,Michigan,Minnesota or Wisconsin.

This is because emris international is getting famous and expanding day by day from these states,especially Nebraska.

I want to congratulate you for coming here and reading this review.

There can be two reasons why you are here.

First one is that someone is selling this company’s product to you and you want to know whether they are worth it or not?

Second reason is that you want to know whether you can make money in emris international or not?

Do not worry I got you.

First thing first,I am not associated with Emris international by any means and will not try to pitch you in this review.

In fact this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

Let’s talk about emris international.

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Emris International Review

Emris international is a multi level marketing company which focuses on selling CBD oil or essential oils.

This company is pretty new as compared to other CBD selling mlms I reviewed like Kannaway.

It was launched in 2019 and it seems that it has potential to overtake mlm giants.

This company is very famous in four,five states of America and I do not have any doubt that it will get more attention in near future.

It is founded by three people Aspen Emery,iLean Harris and Mathew Harris.

They claim that they have very good experience in marketing and sales.

According to company’s official website,they have headquarters in Florida,South Africa and Ireland.

I have reviewed other mlm companies similar to emris international which are navan global,hmepworx,bioreigns,young living, Kannaway,CTFO,Zilis,Hempsmart and Primed my body.

Is Emris International A Pyramid Scheme?

No,emris international is not a pyramid scheme because they are selling physical products which provide value too.

I recently reviewed a pyramid scheme called fx trading which has been shut down by FTC,but emris international is not going to be banned.

Because it is a new and fast growing mlm company in the USA.

But it is an outright pyramid scheme,what this means is that people can also make money by recruiting others in emris international.

This is the reason why most of the people around the globe saying emris international a pyramid scheme.

Here is the difference between pyramid schemes and multi level marketing companies.

In pyramid schemes the only way that you are going to make money is by recruiting others into the system,they are not selling any physical products.

On the other hand in mlms you have an option to sell their products to people and make money on that too.

So,the main difference is that in pyramid scheme you have to only recruit others,while in mlms you can make money by selling or recruiting,both.

Why it is very important to know whether emris international is a pyramid scheme or not?

Because pyramid schemes are scams and most of the time headed by scammers.No one want to be a part of scam.

Yesterday,a ponzi/pyramid scheme got exposed in Chine,onebitcoin.

This company made $2 billion in record time..Success!

Both of the owner of the company are headed to the prison..Failure!

So,here are the two question you can ask the person who is trying to recruit you to have a better idea on emris international,whether it is a pyramid scheme or not.

First question you can ask is that how much money they are making from retail sales.If they are making less then 50% from retail sales the emris international can be a scam.

Second question to ask is that how big is their downline,or how many people they have recruited under them.

If they have more then 5 people in their downline,it can be a pyramid scheme.Because FTC allows mlm distributors to recruit upto 5 people under them.

Success Rate In Emris International

You know that studies showed that 73 to 99% people who join MLM end up losing their hard earned money.

Emris international is not different as compared to these mlms.

Most people that join emris international for making money end up losing their hard earned money.

That is the reason why after reviewing 300+ multi level marketing companies,I no more recommend it to my audience.

Because chances of you losing hard earned money is 99%.You may be thinking why failure ratio in mlms are too high?

The reason is very straight forward.

People including you that join mlms are complete newbies in marketing and sales.They do not know how to pitch and sell their products.

At the end =,they end up reaching out to their friends and family members.Best and funny part is that their relatives say ‘YES’ to their offer just to get them off their back.

They finish after getting into ‘NFZ’ stands for no friend zone.To be very honest with you,I like my relatives and do not want to sell them anything.

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Emris International Compensation Plan

Emris international compensation plan is very straightforward and simple.

Unlike other mlms where they make it so hard for people to understand their compensation plan for people.

Most of the time people make commissions without even knowing where it came from.

If you want to read emris international compensation plan then go here.

I am summing it here for you.

How To Make Money With Emris International

Like any other traditional multi level marketing companies there are two ways for you to make money with Emris international.

1 – Retail Commission – You are going to sell emris international products to people directly and will make retail commission on each product.

The commission that you are going to be paid completely depends on the company itself,how much they are willing to pay you.

But every product has it’sfixed price and commission in emris international.

2 – Residual Commission – In this you are going to recruit people under you and going to make residual commissions on it.

Recruiting people under you is the pillar of any mlm company.

But in Emris international people are going to make most of their money by selling its membership to others.

For making money people like you focus on recruiting people instead of selling their products and companies like emris keep growing.

This gives them benefit too.I know how expensive internet marketing can be.Gone are the days when facebook ads were dirt cheap.

So,by giving people opportunity to sell their products and make retail commission on it,they are actually saving their huge amount of money on advertising emris international.

Other than these two ways,there are two additional ways in emris international for making money.

Affiliate ranks and bonuses that they are gifting their distributors.

Retail Commissions

In Emris International retail commission rates are very good.You are going to get paid upto 20% when you make sales inside the system.

So,like all other multi level marketing companies out there,people want to get some reward on getting retail sales.

Emris international seems to be doing the exact same thing.They give awards every month to the person who brings most of the sales in the entire USA.

Seems like a tough ask.

There are two ways for you to make money when it comes to selling emris international.

First one is that you can sell them by going door to door/physically to your relatives.Or you can sell them online by making a special website for emris international and will be given an affiliate link.

Forget about the second one,I have been doing affiliate marketing for more then three years and I know that making money by websites like Beastpreneur was the toughest challenge for me.

I remember that it took me 8 months to get me my first sale.

Also I know that the thing I am promoting stands out from the entire market but did not catch up with the traffic.

Residual Commissions

Not a big deal,just go person to person and beg everyone to be in your downline.In mlms,it’s bad but that’s how it is..


You are going to get tasty bonuses on tasks,sales and rank you achieve inside the system.

Affiliate Ranks

You are going to make more money on the ranks you achieve.It’s very complicated,I do not want to talk about it because stats show that only .3% achieve second rank.

Oh I forgot to tell you that they have 8 ranks.Reason for me not talking about the ranks is that 99.9% chances are that you are not going to achieve second one.

Emris Products

Here are three of their products and some information about them.

  • Synergy
  • Vida
  • Vitality Plus

So,the question is whether these products are worth the money and time or not?

Before reviewing any multi level marketing company I read it’s reviews on different platforms and then give my final verdict about them.

I read many reviews about Emris international on BBB,consumer affairs and sitejabber but did not reached my final verdict.

Why?Because there were many mixed reviews out there.Some are saying that this essential oil company has the worst products and they just wasted their money.

Others are saying that their products are outstanding and look no further,just buy them.

Or they can be emris distributors who want to make money just by selling them to others.So,this is obvious that their reviews are also biased.Best way to find out whether their essential oils are good or not is to buy them yourself(;

Now let’s talk about the things which I liked in Emris international and things which I did not..

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Things I Disliked In Emris International

Let’s talk about things which I disliked in Emris international..

Here are the things which I disliked in Emris international?

Low Success rate

Most of the people that join emris international end up losing their money.

I have reviewed 300+ mlms and this is almost with every second mlm company.Multi level marketing companies are destined f0r failures.

If you are beginner and do not got anyone to guide you along the way,I recommend you to leave it.

Complex Compensation Plan

Like any other multi level marketing company they have a complex compensation plan.

Especially the rank part which I left in the middle.

Crowded Market

Who wants to dive into a pool full of people?That is exactly the case with emris international.CBD oil is a competitive market and it is getting saturated day by day.

Low income Potential

If you succeed with emris international,it will be impossible for you to make more then $500/monthly.

Because they have products ranging from $50 to $70.Let’s say you are making sales everyday of the month which is not going to happen.

You are making 20% on it which is $10/day and $300/month.

If you want to start a business and $300/month is your target then I want to say you look no further.

Things I Like In Emris International

To be very honest there is not much to like in Emris international.But still here are two things.

Good retail commissions

Instead of low product prices they are offering us 20% commission which is very good.

Good Leadership

It’s owners have marketing experience and can help you in it.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

  • Almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money,According to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business¬† than joining these mlms.
  • Success Rate of online business,which will give you financial and time freedom,is 20% more than joining mlms for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from mlms.
  • According to the AARP foundation,47% distributors of all mlms lose their money,apart from this 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Remaining 26% that actually make money,53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% among those 53%,who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with mlm,because 50% of all mlms participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that join mlms say that they will never ever join any kind of mlm.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 mlms distributors and it was found that most of them makes 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale.60% of them makes less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their mlms involvements.


Is Emris International A Scam?

No,it is a completely legit mlm company which is selling cbd oil as their flagship product.

The question now is that whether you should join this mlm company or not?

I have a question for you,why join mlm companies when there are scalable,sustainable and long term business models out there?

With multi level marketing business you are going nowhere.They are destined for failures.

Mlms means waste of money and time.You know the only person who makes money in mlm is it’s owner.You are company’s best customer.

So,whenever you lose money,owner makes money.

To be really honest with you,not fond of mlms anymore,been there done that!

I hate selling something to my relatives,because they are the least people in the world that are going to believe in you.

Here is a better business model.

Lead generation,in this business you have to generate leads for business owners.

And when they make money,you will make money.

Let’s say that you generated lead to a lawyer and he closed that customer and made $1000.He will be more then happy to pay you $100 on that single lead.

Now,imagine if you can generate 100 leads for that lawyer per day?That’s $30k/month.

Yes,our students are making $100k/month and hundreds and thousands among them are making $10k/month.

Simple,proven,legit,long term,repeatable business model.

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That’s it for today’s review.

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