Entre Institute Review[JEFF LERNER] – Scam,100% Waste Of Money?

entre institue

Hello and welcome to my entre institute review.

In this review I am going to make it clear for you whether you should join the entre institute or not.But before talking and going into it,I want to clear one thing.

By any means I am not associated with entre institute and it’s owner.

This means that this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

Now,before talking about this program I want to take one second.

I have been an affiliate marketer for more than 3 years and worked on each and every marketing channel.

This is why I think I am the most credible person to review entre institute.

Other than this,you may have read other reviews of entre institute on google and they all are biased.

Why?Because they all are associated with entre institute and promoting it.

They are entre institute affiliate and going to make money IF you go and buy through their link.

But this review is going to be completely unbiased,As I already said that I am not going to pitch this course to you.

And for this,this post is 100% unbiased.

Let’s dive into it.

Before talking about it,check out my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300+ make money online schemes.

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Entre Institute Review

entre institute review

Entre institute is a course/training program by Jeff Leaner.

This program is basically going to teach you how to be successful in an online business and make a living from home.

I love this idea,Work From Home.

Who in the world do not want to make $10k/month and that too from home?Makes no sense to say NO to this offer.But stick with me till the last line of this review.

You will not regret it.

There are three kinds of products in entre institute’

  • Books,online education and training
  • Live events,seminars and masterminds..(PAID)
  • Private group coaching

ThE company’s goal is simple and pretty clear..”Come here to learn and create an awesome life.”

Can you create an awesome life or not?That’s A BIG question.

Jeff Lerner

jeff learner review

Jeff Lerner is the owner of this company and he is entrepreneur,speaker and author.

He is also known as Jeffry and got reputation in the online space.

He started online career back in 2008 and as today has made over $50 millions in sales.

So,this means that he got some good knowledge in this online field.

You can find more about him on his facebook,youtube and instagram page.

Entre Blueprint

entre institue scam

Entre institute is a video series which will teach you how to build an online business and make 6 figures.

Yes,they are going to teach you affiliate marketing,ecommerce and different online business models.

Which seems to be a very good idea by the owner of this company.

I am saying this because I have reviewed almost 300+ online courses and make money online scheme,and there is one thing which was common among them all.

They all are focusing on one online business model,either affiliate marketing,dropshipping,ecommerce or digital marketing.

Not with entre institute,instead of teaching one business model,they are mixing all of them.

Which can be a good thing and a bad thing too at the same time.But their main focus is to teach you affiliate marketing and to help you make a living from home.

I have been making money from affiliate marketing for the last three years and I think I know one or two things about this business model(;

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Inside Entre Blueprint

Inside entre blueprint you are going to learn many things.

Actually it is their upsell product in which they are going to filter you.Before going into details of entre blueprint,I want to take your one second.

I have reviewed many affiliate courses before entre which were pretty similar to entre institute.

They were super affiliate network and super affiliate system.

I do not know who copied who but they are very similar to entre institute in many aspects.So,why they force you to start with entre blueprint?

This is because entre blueprint is their upsell product.If you are here and reading this review then I am 99% sure that you are a newbie in the online space.

Upsell product means that if you buy entre blueprint and do not buy their other products,which of course going to cost you more $$$,then all in vain.

This is how marketing works.

First filter someone into your sales funnel by giving them something cheap and after that sell them your high ticket products(;

Nothing wrong,if the high ticket products they are selling provide real value to people.But the question is whether entre blueprint is worth your money or not?

Here are the things that you are going to get inside the system.

In this 6 step video training you are going to learn?

Step 1 = 3 P’s of an awesome life – In this you will learn four pillars to build an awesome life.Which will give you financial freedom and a stress free life.Th 3 p’s according to them are..

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Physical


Step 2 = 3 legs of successful Action – In this they will tell you 3 legs of a successful action,which means that what you have to do if you want to achieve success in any field.

In this society,knowledge and belief matters.

Step 3 = 3 Phases for building your legacy – I do not know whether they are teaching you online marketing or turning you into next Obama?lol

But in this he will explain how to leverage wealth and growth.

Step 4 = Lazy’s person business model AKA affiliate marketing = He will explain affiliate marketing to you.Why it’s number one business model in the world.

It’s cons and pros and why you need to start it as soon as today.

Step 5 = Ecommerce Vs Brick And Mortar Business – In this step jeff lerner is going to compare two business models.

E Commerce and brick and mortar,one is online business and one is offline business,I think it is not fair to compare them.

Anyhow in this Jeff is going to tell you why ecommerce is a better option then brick and mortar business,with less headache.

Step 6 = In the sixth module you are going to learn how to build an online business.

Other then this,you are going to get one on one coaching from the consultant provided to you by the company itself.

These are the things that you are going to get inside this step..


  • First thing first,you are going to get a business adviser.Which will give you as much time you want to understand things in a much better way.Your business advisor will ask you your current situation,your goals,your investing budget,where you want to go,what is your income goal,each and every thing related to you and your business.Also they will try to upsell you high ticket products,which of course you have to buy it.One thing I like about entre is that it is very unique as compare to other online courses,let me explain it.Other courses have just a main upsell which can be $1000-$2500 product.If you ain’t got that money,you lost money that you spent on upsellS.And on the other hand company loses a potential customer because they have not a large variety of products.In entre institute they makes sure to pocket money from each and every person that enrolls in entre blueprint by making different packages.We will go into that.
  • Awesome Life Changes – In this jeff lerner again will give you tips on how to build a better physical,professional and financial life.Again?
  • Private Facebook Group – Yes,like any other course,a private facebook group for you.


This is for $38.Really?What are you going to get in this investment?Nothing practical..some tips and motivation.F*** I am done with these motivational upsells.


What After Investing $38 in Entre Institute?

After you complete all these 6 steps,you have to talk to your business advisor and buy their upsell products.Unfortunately you have not left with any other options.


Entre institute Pricing Information

There are various products and you can choose according to your pocket.

Entre Blueprint

This is their front end product which you are going to get for $38.

This price seems to be expensive in my opinion.Because all other training programs like entre institute have an upsell price of $7.

In this you will get some tips and motivation,oh and upsells too.

The Entre NATION Elite

entre institute legit or scam

This is for $49/month or $348/year/.But for a limited time you can get it for $29/month or $175/year,I do not know how much time this offer is for.

In this price you are going to access a private video live chat mentorship program by jeff lerner.

Every monday Jeff and his other members will do a live facebook live in which they all are going to talk about online business and other aspects related to affiliate marketing.

Entre Digital

jeff learner scam


This is their flagship product.

If you bought their upsell product($38) and did not end up buying entre digital then you wasted $38..

In this they’re going to teach you affiliate marketing.

Most of the stuff in this can be easily found on youtube.

And to be honest there are hundreds of affiliate marketing courses which provide 3x value than this one and have 3x less proxy.

I have a question for you,why go for entre institute when there are more cheap options out there??

In this they are going to teach you affiliate marketing,agency building secrets and ecom business.

I am having trouble in gathering the data that what the **** they are teaching you inside.

Because based on it I can give you more in depth review.

Whether they are going to teach you affiliate marketing with paid ads or free traffic source?

If paid ads then you will require at least $1000 to spend on ads.

So,I really don’t know how they are going to teach affiliate marketing because there are 100s of ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

Entre Results

This is for $15000.WOW.

In this you will get one on one coaching with entre institute coaches.

I am wondering why you are getting this mentorship when you can learn all things to make 6 figures in $1997 entre digital.

Must be something wrong with that one or maybe after purchasing it people still feel lost.

That is why here it is for you.$15000 package,BOOM..!

Entre Inner Circle

entre institue products

This is a mastermind coaching program in which you are going to learn four M’s…Missions,money,mindset,marketing and time management.

entre institute course

This is for $29,997/year.

I mean seriously..?

Reasons to Avoid Entre Institute?

Now,we are going to talk about it in more detail.As for now,let’s talk about reasons for which you should avoid it.

Additional Costs

As entre institute is not based on organic traffic,so it is more than obvious that you have to invest money in ads.

This is because entre institute is based on affiliate marketing with paid ads.”I think”

And for running ads to your affiliate products you have to invest money in some tools which are necessary.

So,let’s do the math after purchasing these tools..

Clickfunnels = $97

Clickmagic = $27

Getresponse = $15

Other than this their upsell product in which they will sell you their backend products is for $38.


Upsell product

I have reviewed many companies and they have also their upsell product like entre institute.And that too only $7.

I do not know why they priced their upsell product at $38.And as I said in this upsell they will try to sell you their products.

Free Content

Most of the content included in entre institute upsell product is available for free on YouTube and google.

For getting this free content which you will be getting inside entre institute,just type affiliate marketing for beginners on YouTube and google.

Pyramid scheme in Disguise?

Entre institute is a course,that’s why it can not be considered as a pyramid scheme.But there is a catch in this.

I have reviewed another make money online course like entre institute which was prosperity of life.

They both can be considered as pyramid scheme in disguise.What’s pyramid scheme in disguise?That’s the question.

OK here is an idea of it for you?

So you bought entre institute.But instead of teaching you affiliate marketing in general,they will be teaching you how to promote their own products(entre institute).

So,after investing your money in entre institute,the only way for you to make money is to promote their products.

In other words,you are their partners and will help them in increasing their business.

Now you might be saying what’s wrong with it?At the end I am making money.Right?

But wait,understand this point.This is not how affiliate marketing works.

It is a skill in which you can pick any affiliate product in the world and can start making money from it straight away.

Commissions from others Efforts?

Yes,you heard me right.It is very unethical to me.I have reviewed another course,commission hero which was also doing the same.

Basically they will make commission out of your efforts.How?

For example after buying this course,you want to promote it and make money out of it,you will not get commissions on the software your referral will buy inside.

In legendary marketer,another course I reviewed,they were giving these commissions to their affiliates.

For example you refer someone to entre institute and they buy click funnel software,you will get nothing.

On other hand if you refer them to other courses,you will make $38 lifetime.

Sounds good?

Startup Cost?

As I talked about additional costs,just to make it even easier for you,here is more explanation for you.

There are two ways to make money online.First one is affiliate marketing with free traffic.

Free traffic from Seo.It can be from any marketing channel,YouTube,Google,quota,Instagram,Facebook or any other channel out there.

Making money with affiliate marketing using free traffic takes time.Because Seo takes time.In my case it took 6 months.In other cases it can take maybe less or more.

This takes time because you have to build your audience from scratch.

Now the second way to make money online is by affiliate marketing using paid traffic.

Which you are going to learn in entre institute.

This is the fastest way to make money online but it also includes risks.

In this you do not have to waste your time building your audience.

Just pay channels to hit your audience with your products.

Now free/organic traffic do not need any money but paid traffic requires investment.How much?

In my opinion $1 – 2k will be a really good point to start with.

My recommendation is to start with $5/day ads and then scale from there.

The main point of all this conversation is that,let’s say you invested in entre institute which is $1997 after upsell product.

Now you have to run ads and spent $1k on ads.

Total investment = $3000

People Complaining Online

Before writing this review I have spent almost 8 hours reading other people reviews online.

Most of the reviews I read is on google and watched some on YouTube.

People who invested their savings on entre institute seems to be very disappointed about this online course and saying it a scam.

But in my opinion,saying something a scam just because you did not made money after purchasing it isn’t ethical.

You can say that it is overpriced or you had not have a good luck with it.

But most of the reviews were good too and on point.

Marketing Tactics

I viewed testimonials where everybody showing their stats and saying that they are making $$$ but the truth is opposite to this.

They are showing their revenue not profit.

This means that the states they are showing is just sales not their profit.I wonder how much they earn after spending money on fb Ads?

Money Back Guarantee

Like any other course out there,their money back guarantee is a joke.

Most people said that after buying and applying for a money back guarantee,they never heard back from entre institute staff.


Now,enough what I read or found online.Here is my personal experience.

I emailed them 3,4 days back and am still waiting for their response.

I hate it when my emails don’t get replies.So,another demerit is that their support is not supportive.

Just Focusing on paid traffic

It’s just focusing on paid traffic.


Click bank is the marketplace which Jeff lerner will recommend you inside the course.But,in my opinion this marketplace is getting scammy day by day.

Why you Should Buy It

If you have extra money.Because it is very expensive as compared to the other ones in the market.

Which also teaches you the same skills.Also they do not have upsells.

Just one time fees.And that one time fees is 2x less as compare to entre institute.

Is Entre Institute A Scam?

No,entre institute is not a scam.

I made a tagline scam,100% exposed because I know you will click through out of curiosity.

Because I want you to read this review and want you to save your time or maybe money?

Entre institute is not a scam,but there are lots of questions about their price tags.

I think they are more expensive,and their upsell product is a crap to be really honest with you.

There are many cheap options as compared to entre institute which also offers 3x value to you and your online business.

I do not want to recommend it to you because I know that you can get the same or more valuable training for half price then entre institute.

Desicion is yours.

That’s it for today’s review.

Before leaving check out my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300+ online courses and making money online schemes.

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82 Replies to “Entre Institute Review[JEFF LERNER] – Scam,100% Waste Of Money?

  1. Entre institute

    With a recession from Covid-19 and unemployment backed up for months, I just paid $47 only to require another $97 after signing up. Got past that part only to listen to 6 videos that could be fast forwarded to get to the business plan video of a 170 minute presentation that can’t be fast forwarded while listening how to get leads, only to the end asking for just over $3,000 to move forward.

    1. Thanks for telling us so we don’t have to suffer through it too. 🙁 So sorry it happened though!

  2. Ironically it seems you are trying to make money on this review through a different affiliate program. Nice angle though! I mean if you are an affiliate marketer then you are likely affiliated with the link you provided and get a piece when people sign up, no?
    Not bashing you by any means either. It’s how it all works.
    Curious though, what do you think your plan does better than Entre?

    1. Thanks for the reply Bryan – Now here is the answer why I recommended people my #1 over EI…

      1 = No upsells
      2 = 3x cheap as compared to entre institue
      3 = Owner is more credible person as compare to Jeff,in my opinion.Because I believe that if you want to learn,learn from the best!
      4 = Paid ads marketing = Yes,it has risks but my #1 recommendation teaches people the fastest way to make money online.In fact the mentor himself made millions from clickbank with paid fb ads strategies.
      5 = Will not teach you how to promote this product,The training consists of how to pick any product in the market and make money out of it..!

      I think that’s enough?

  3. I have been trying to make money online for the past few years. 4 years to be exact. I have only been in courses that promote themselves, Pyramid scheme sort of things. So I never made any money. I joined Entre 6 months ago. After a close friend recommended it. In the 2nd month I made my return on investment. And have managed to earn far more thereafter. I was taught how to represent other companies as an affiliate. Entre helped me with multiple streams of income, and were not concerned if I represented them. From my limited knowledge of the industry. What I have discovered is how people who have never done the training feel so obligated to tell people how the courses are not worth it. But have an alternative and better offer. I don’t know how you sleep at night, as you are more crooked than the eliged companies you review. Can tell that the first guy to review didn’t go through the training either. So his testimony is equally unrelevant. I wish you all the best with your endeavors. But stop trying to promote yourself by trying to diminish other companies reputations. Seeing that I have managed to find success.

    1. Ok,so you make money online and succeeded with entre?Or maybe you are part of the company?You said I am trying to make money?Ok,there are many online reviews about entre online throught which they are trying to make money.This is how marketing works.But you do not seems to have problems with them?Oh,maybe they are saying all good things about entre and helping you guys with sales?Sorry,not me..The reasons of my website is to provide people with my honest opinion.And yes by providing value I earn money.This is how affiliate marketing works?Isn’t it?

      No offense,but I hope you will eventually make money online..!

      1. The strongest statement you made in that sentence was “in your opinion”. As someone who hasn’t made a single dollar working with Entre, but has invested their personal time and resources into my own personal growth, I can assure anyone who happens to come across this post that this gentlemen simply wants you to buy his product instead. In the real world you cannot make it without spending money and most affiliate programs cost roughly the same, not to mention the majority of the YouTube vids you do find will do the same as everyone else, they will give you a limited amount of information than extend an offer for you to pay for extra services. As someone who has extensively researched multiple programs for my own personal growth I can Assure you Entre is the cheaper more flexible course. I respect the efforts but not how you are attempting to go at it. You give misleading information at times, you are heavily influenced by opinions and no tangible facts, and you claim to be a more adept Affiliate marketer than someone who has raised millions through Affiliate programs (not only his own but as an actual affiliate marketer slaying the game) in an amount of time that spans plenty longer than three measly years. To a beginner three years seems insane but once you realize there are others who have been making this 6+ figure income for again plenty more than three years, you begin to understand the underlying objectives of individuals such as this gentleman. As a hint of advice and as someone else above me already stated, if you truly have to bash someone else to say you are better, that just shows how higher up you feel they are. IF you were really on equal fields you would never feel the need to hurt his business to get any type of gain on yours. You do not provide any information that is of assistance, as far as I’m concerned this entire webpage was a bash fest (besides the moments you contradicted yourself and praised Jeff Lerner, only to immediately find some manner of degradation towards him) that literally led into you selling the masses your “#1 Product”. Please re-evaluate your post and if you are serious about helping others and not only growing your own capitol, than I would recommend providing some free links to the best videos on YouTube to watch instead of funneling more individuals to your own products. Thank you for reading, have a blessed day. As always, Just keep pushing!

        1. I respect your opinion.Not bashing Jeff in any way!Just giving people my opinion and what I think is better option for them.I am 100% convinced that my #1 recommendation is best way to build an online business.And if you know affiliate marketing there are chances that you know this deep inside too.I am 100% satisfied that I am doing what is best for people and not hurting any gentlemen’s business for this.Yes,you have to invest money to learn something but there are better options to invest money and I think that after spending 4 years on this online marketing there is no way that anything can be better then my #1 is in market at the moment.Not just bashing entre,as you are saying,I have reviewed 300+ online courses and still did not find better option for others than the one I am recommending.If I found something appealing and worth recommending,I will not hurt someone’s business.According to me,it’s about others life more then our businesses!

    2. Hey Michael,
      I just got into the Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator. I’m confused and need help making a return on what I spent. What should I do to earn while I learn?

  4. Hey beastpreneur,

    I not being mean or facetious in this comment.

    I have a really good tip for you to be more successful:

    Hire a proofreader for your content. Hire someone that is very proficient in the English language to help you with your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. In doing so, you will come across more professional, thus having a higher conversion rate with your affiliate link(s).

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but I am Ok with the amount of success I am having.We all make mistakes…Isn’t?

      And I have hired writters but they seems to have less knowledge about this field.So,why not I help people with my broken english..Hahaha


      1. Love your review, very helpful.
        I have come across lots of programs that you start with a small investment then try to up-sell you. That is how they make their money and you are correct, you can find all the information needed on YouTube.
        You are being criticized about your grammar and such most likely by someone who only speaks one language and is not doing anything to to help others with helpful information.
        Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

        1. Spot on. I invested in Entre Blueprint just going through the first two training videos were boring. It all boils down to having a business plan to start and have goals that you want to achieve in a certain time frame.

          I really enjoyed your review, you said what I was thinking just after the videos I watched. Enough of Entre Blueprint for me.

  5. You are all full is shit – all up selling from the 1st spoken or written word just like the pyramid schemes of old same bull shit.

  6. Hi, I agree that a proofreader would be really beneficial. They’re not expensive, and good ones are fairly easy to find. Geez, DM me, an English teacher, and I can fix this! (Not self-promotion, just saying they’re easy to come by.)

    I also find it incredibly suspicious that when I signed up for the free training, it started in only 2 minutes from when I signed up. Coincidence? Probably not.

    1. @ Shelly Trembly,

      You should be evaluating his opinion and his suggestions, instead of poking fun at his grammar in the comment section. For all you know this is not even his first language and this isn’t an English class it’s a sight about making money. Sounds like you came here to make yourself feel more important by correcting others publicly. That just makes you sound like a bully, but the white privilege fixes that I am sure.

      Smart leaving your full name in the comments, lol. Now everyone can see what a white privilege internet bully looks like.

      1. You’re very special. Shelby is correct about the grammatical errors. I did not read through the whole site because of the amounts of grammatical errors. He can continue as he pleases but, it would be valuable to have someone look over what he writes to better present his topics. It is just a beneficial suggestion. Which I am cuban and I know 3 language. So do not come at me with that bs about white privilege. She studied long and hard to be an English teacher with proper grammar.

        1. Wow, This obsession with proper and perfect English is bullshit!! I am a native English (American) speaker with a BA degree from what some people consider a good University 😅 and I can speak, read and write 2 other languages through thorough studies and Fu.. you 2 prima Donna’s.
          You superciliousness is annoying, his review and information was valuable to me in deciding.
          I currently make a profit of approximately $10K a month utilizing PPC ads with a call center and I’d like to diversify and increase my passive income. The only valid comment you added was he is diverting people to his affiliate program ( which he should have admitted, or included a disclaimer) . I love the comments sections except for the Karens.

      2. White privilege? Can somebody please explain to me what the hell is white privilege I make fantastic money and I don’t even do this kind of work. And I choose not to use proper grammar if I don’t want to but for you to say that someone has white privilege now who’s the racist

      3. Racist! Just because someone has pointed out some grammatical errors and offered to help does not mean that person is “white privileged”! Even if that person IS white does not mean “privileged”. It was just a concern about the English language and syntax. Even if it is a person who’s second language is English, she was just offering her help. She was not poking fun; offering to help sound more professional. If that is racist, then you have no freakin’ idea what racism really means! You’re probably not “handsome” either, since that is objective, so it that libel?

  7. Total waste of time and money….up-sell, up-sell, up-sell…first it is $39, then another $197, then Another $297….but even if you go all the way in….$4,000 for bullshit, feel good slide shows, then $30,000 to $60,000 if you actually want real help! Do not waste your time or money!

    1. I assume you meant Entre? Did you purchase the $4,000 plan and go through the training? What makes it a waste of money, is it not working for you? I’m not affiliated with Entre, just trying to decide between 3 different coaching platforms.

    2. Hi Peggy, Mick here. I have been considering working with Entre. Is your comment in reference to Entre? Do the folks at Entre expect a payment of $30,000 to $60,000 for additional assistance? Thank you for the comment. Have a good day.

  8. Thank you all for the helpful information! It’s good to have different but decent opinions! You can save a lot of heartaches in this awful time! A lot of people are hurting, if you know something legit that would help people, pay it forward!

  9. All that glitters is not gold.
    I am naive about digital marketing but whenever a thing sounds so good and pleasant, I tend to be very wary and look very well before I leap!!!!

    With Grammarly app/add-on, you may not need a proof-reader!!!

    I cherish your courage to initiate this discussion @beastpreneur.
    One way to support any wrong is to keep quiet/mute.

  10. Thanks for this review. This ****ole took money from a lots of people back in 2008 with no real steps to follow, just fluff. I saw one of his testimonial *B. M. which dissapeared into the sunset after take some of my hard earned cash. Stay away from these guys, no value added, just go to youtube, its free and it takes the same amount of time to learn.

  11. Thanks for reviewing it for us. Most people don’t have $4000 buck to throw around, let alone a few hundred. If all they give is basic knowledge “bread crumbs” (bait) for 40 or 100 then what value is that if it only gets you to buy more products or coaching? People are looking for something realistic in getting help out of a bad situation on a budget. Or breaking the 9 to 5 cycle right now…on a budget. Yes it takes personal effort, but I don’t need to be another person’s personal wallet. I rather they say hey it cost $30,000 to learn what I know, not up-sale BS string alongs. I guess thats how they really make thier money – give me your money to tell you to do the same to others.

  12. I want to tank all for your comments here, whether you were here to influence, make money, or just help others, because with all allowed comments comes a certain clairity of knowledge and what I feel I was looking for and was able to get what I needed. But be clear it was because of all and every ones comments and especially to the author Beastpreneur for allowing an open and responsive forum.For this I thank you all, Tyler Davis

  13. Wow, interesting what everyone has to say. This guy get’s the pass in my eyes for challenging another language and helping even more people. More than I can say for myself, as I only know one language and of-course not perfect with it, lol. As far as the upsells go, I don’t like those but do feel when doing reviews, it’s better to just share the truth and information without slamming the next. If one slams to hard, it makes them looks even shadier. Yes, most think their offers are a better choice, But, I say let the viewing audience who wisely read those reviews decide for themselves; Don’t oversell your own offers but use proper discretion. Thank goodness, for consumer reviews. I love them the most. “Keep Moving Forward” Beastpreneur 🙂

  14. Thank you Beastpreneur for your knowledge based on experience and business owner in the affiliate world, but most of all for being HONEST.You are right about how these businesses work. they make you buy a few crumbs of a pie, and then more money for a thin sliver of knowledge and then for a bigger piece, its more money. They starve you because you are so hungry for knowledge and keep stringing you along and killing you one piece at a time and your pocket book.I have yet to find a business online that wasn’t like that and that isn’t a scam as we are all trying to adjust to the new way of the world now because of Covid.I’m far from perfect, but I don’t hurt people or animals and as I look around,Humanity hasn’t changed much in the thousands of years of existence as we focus only on ourselves and how can we take advantage and hurt one another.HOW SAD! Think about it, no kindness and willingness to share and so many bad things going on. It really saddens me because those are the truly lost souls.Where will we go on our Demise???

  15. Can you please recommend the specific Youtube videos that are simple, going through steps? There are thousands out there and I really dont want to be sucked in to only a different upsell person or company. Thanks.

    1. Im with monica on this one if your really looking out for the little guy how bout you list about ten youtube channels that arent all fluff and lollipops to get started in affiliate marketing Beast. That to me would show the credence and trustworthiness to prove to all who have commented so far that you are a man who is truly concerned with their welfare. Every time i watch one of these videos i start to get sucked in and then realize what anthony morrisson did and jammed my email up every day trying to sell me more crap that costs way too much that doesnt produce anything because my money all would have gone to him. I have come to find that the only real way to get ahead in life is to roll up your sleeves, dig into a client base and find clients that create repeat business. I then provide the best services that i can and establish a solid base to create revenue through. All this online crap is for the birds always promising a luxurious life full of unkept promises. Thanks for the recomendations of the youtube channels to go to so i can learrn how to do all of the stuff without shelling out the cash your a true cavalier by going out of your way to help out all of us newbs to the affiliate marketing trade. Lol!

  16. I joined the ENTRE program after I got passed the lecture on the 3 P’s, cause I was really trying to figure this out because I heard about three Affiliates Marketing programs. I’m a senior and I decided to read the reviews after I paid the 30 day trail of $38 and I already knew it would be another price to join and I was kool with that. After making the “ the finale of $1,997 which is discounted by $500 making a amount of $1,497“ payment I thought. To be directed to the final page of ENTRE Universality which at the end of that lesson was another pitch for single or group coaching for 3 mos $10k, 6 mos $20k or 12 mos $40k (but if you took the $40k) he would knock off $10k making it $30k and you have 14 days to decide. So I’m not thinking that applies to me cause I just paid you $1498.
    Until I read these reviews, but wait my first coach that was assigned to me after taking my payment is no longer my coach, I’m now upgrading to another personal coach who is asking me which coaching I want? The one on one or group?
    First of all I thought you were it he said no that I get a Bonus Jeff directed him to coach me for FREE!!!…. Ok?
    But the 10k,$20k and the discount of 30k for you to pick now is for your training coach. I now realize that my one on one coach is to make sure that I committed to the ups sale portion , and that’s why we’re having these one one calls so no one else hear your conversation if it goes left.
    Because all our other calls are groups calls and you can hear everybody conversations and it seems like nobody has hit the jackpot yet , although I heard him say some of them are Approaching a year and the rest of the callers sounds in the middle or brand new like me.
    One of the group callers mentioned that he was going to promote Jeff’s stuff after listening to more of the lessons he said Jeff was driving that home.
    Now that I’ve read the reviews it make me think 🤔 about the Bible it says the Love of Money is evil, which means the Root of it (The Motives)
    Oh yeah and how you’re going to pay for the class they don’t ask you that, they going they have a partner that can boost your credit score if it need boosting and get you an untraditional loan without the bank’s having any knowledge of and if you use the money you would pay them 1% of what ever amount they can get you and pay back whatever you use from the loan money for with a 12,18,24 mos internet free but they don’t know which one you would qualify for yet.
    Thanks everybody I’ll make my exit now
    If through my experience, if I can help anybody.
    P.S. we all need to share our stories

    1. Thank you Jackie for sharing and thank you Beastpreneur for your insight. I was considering signing up with the ENPTRE program but for different reasons. I see now it is not a fit so I am asking yourself Beastpreneur for your suggestion.

      I want to build a business that solves an ever increasing challenge for small to midsized companies while everyone else in my industry builds for the banks and government level enterprise. In your opinion, what program out there would help me learn the current methodologies for doing so to create a good fit online revenue model?

      It is not a business where affiliate revenue is at the core, however it may end up using an affiliate marketing strategy.
      Please advise and Thank you kindly

      1. Hi Caroline,if you want to make money online I highly recommend to start a lead generation business where you have to provide leads to business owners and in my opinion it is passive.While affiliate marketing is not passive.

    2. Thank you Jackie for sharing!! Your post was extremely helpful for me! And Also Beastpreneur for creating the review. Whew! Just dodged a bullet.

    3. Wow, This obsession with proper and perfect English is bullshit!! I am a native English (American) speaker with a BA degree from what some people consider a good University 😅 and I can speak, read and write 2 other languages through thorough studies and Fu.. you 2 prima Donna’s.
      You superciliousness is annoying, his review and information was valuable to me in deciding.
      I currently make a profit of approximately $10K a month utilizing PPC ads with a call center and I’d like to diversify and increase my passive income. The only valid comment you added was he is diverting people to his affiliate program ( which he should have admitted, or included a disclaimer) . I love the comments sections except for the Karens.

      1. Thanks for the comment bro.If you have read the comment section,I already admitted it and this is how websites works.It is not always necessary to give a disclaimer I think!
        But I appreciate your opinion!

      1. Yup there are upsells upto $30k.

        If I have to invest in something to secure my future,entre will be the last option!!!

  17. I have been on the internet since 2000. You don’t need coaching, What you need a desire to learn. Read everything about the internet. Everything about selling on the internet. Every way to make money on the internet. Watch as much as you can on youtube. Take your time. Just because you want to do it now is not a reason to fall for all the crook that steal your money. There is no rush. It may take you two years or more. What’s the rush? If you are starting now, you wasted a lot of time. You can not make up that time lost. I’ve seen hundreds of cooks writing what you read here, and the other crook who sent you here. Everything you want to know is on the internet with videos on youtube. Whatever you do, do it slowly. Think as if your back in school with this as your project. You will learn faster and it will not cost you any money. If you don’t want to learn or can’t on your own don’t bother. You will not make it. I’m retired. I just wanted to see what was going on now. The same old crap.

    1. Open source information. The truth is out there…lol put more time( not money) into some personal research like you did reading this blog and you will learn.

  18. The sales pitch said this would be the last program I would ever need for success. Starting with lesson 4 of the Entre blueprint I new an upsell was in the horizon, and was a bit disheartened realizing it wasn’t the last program, but I was willing to set a budget for an upsell. In my mind I had a price I was willing to pay, but as the final lesson concluded the upsell came with a 48 hour countdown to commit. And even at a so called “90% discount” the price tag is over 20x my budget. The pressure to spend $1000s is quite stressful, but now reading reviews (other sites as well), my spirit has settled, and I’m following my intuition, I’ll pass on the upsell. But, I’ll also dig into the 1st 3 Lessons and get as much value from them that I can, which actually motivates me to resume my online business efforts. So the course is not a complete waste, and I imagine accepting and implementing the upsells could pay off, but it’s too rich for my blood and the risk is too high for my tolerance. Thanks for the review.
    PS, I adore your grammatical style, it makes you athletic in my opinion.

  19. Really believe you rate review things as a pyramid scheme so you can recommend and sell your own courses. Things work if you make them work. Some as worth it, some are not. Good job getting backlinks via blogs and ranking in google. Hopefully it helps your business. P.S. there’s absolutely no way you’ve tried all the things you’ve wrote about. Just like the people who pay for programs/businesses and fail because they give up or it didn’t work out because they only talked to three people you’ve enabled these excuse makers to have more of a voice online. Good luck utilizing negative reviews of other programs to sell your own.

    1. Firstly,read other reviews too lol.If some company is not a pyramid scheme why would I claim them a pyramid scheme?I did not said that your course.is a scam,but why people spent 1000s when they can easily buy same from udemy just from a few bucks?

  20. A little Con in everybody. Goes to the root of all evil…. guess I’ll stick to the old fashioned way. Full on honesty, hard work, and sweat; I will sleep good anyway. May not get rich, but it would be a guiltless trip.

  21. I have always been astonished at the large amount of $39 and $49 per year subscriptions that promise thousands and millions of new wealth. All of these subscribers say they are worth millions. My question is why do you need other people money when it is so easy to become wealthy. There are lots of old and obsolete thinking available. Isn’t that the service being sold?

      1. Beast….

        Thanks for the education and entertainment experienced here on your blog. I will actualy move forward in a verity of directions for my pursuits. Thank you. …smile..

  22. I signed up for Entre and quickly realized it was a mistake. I contacted their support team and my money was refunded. However, the credit card number I used was mysteriously used for a transaction in a location where I don’t live – fortunately caught by my credit card company as possible fraud. In addition, Entre sales people continue to call me every day – I’ve had to block al of their numbers. That is harassment. Also, I believe Entre or one of their representatives sold my phone number to organizations that send spam text messages – a problem I rarely had in the past.

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