Eric Roberts Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Eric Roberts and his net worth.

The entertainment industry has had a lot of actors come and go. That’s just the nature of the industry, I guess. Not everyone can have longevity in the industry like that. Perhaps if you are doing great work in it that would lead you to get more work.

It’s not surprising to say the least that there are a lot of instances wherein multiple members of a family work in the same industry. Like, a lot of actors go on to marry another actor. Sometimes it could be a director or writer. Basically, romance happens a lot in the industry.

You are working with the same people for hours on end.  There is an tendency for you to connect with the people you work with. You do have to be nice to your co-workers regardless of what they do on the set. And sometimes people just find attraction to other people if they have known each other for long enough.

It’s common for a lot of children whose parents work in the industry to have an interest of working in the industry. I guess that’s the privilege that they get. Some chose not to work in the industry and forge a career of their own elsewhere. But sometimes it’s hard to not be interested in the industry that they sort of grew up in.

I guess I understand why people dislike nepotism in the workplace. But sometimes it’s hard to avoid it in the entertainment industry. It’s hard to avoid it when your parents are well-known in the industry.

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Eric Roberts: Quick Details

  • Full Name: Eric Anthony Roberts
  • Birthdate: April 18, 1956
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Relatives: Julia Roberts (sister), Emma Roberts (daughter)
  • Estimated net worth: $7 million

The Early Life of Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts started his life in Biloxi, Mississippi. Even at an early age, he and his two other siblings were introduced to the world of acting. His parents both met during a production of the film George Washington Slept Here. Around the time before his sister Julia was born, his parents decided to establish the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop.

Despite handling the workshop and a separate acting school for kids, his parents had other jobs. His mother was secretary for their church as well as a real state agent. His father, on the other hand, was a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Unfortunately, his parents filed for divorce in 1971. Once the divorce was finalized a year later, his father took custody of him while his mother took custody of his two younger sisters. In 1977, his father died of cancer.

At that point, Eric was already in his twenties and was working in the entertainment industry as an actor. I guess being raised by former actors and/or playwrights helped. Eric was estranged from his sisters so they never really contacted each other.

I’m not really sure if his father got into a relationship after divorce. It seems that his mother got married probably a few months after the divorce was finalized. She had a daughter with him, though. But by 1983, his mother filed for divorce. Turns out the guy she married was abusive.

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His Career (Or, A List Of Stuff He Has Done)

His acting career in television started in 1974 with the television series “How to Survive a Marriage.” He did three episodes on that show. After that he didn’t really have any roles in either TV or film.

By 1977, he had gotten cast in the role of Ted Bancroft in the series “Another World.” He played that role for about three months. Around that time, he probably had gotten cast in the movie “King of the Gypsies.” That movie lead to him getting nominated for a Golden Globe award.

He jumped back and forth from television to film in the ’80s. His sister Julia was just about to start her own career in the industry. Eric was doing a lot of made-for-television films during that point. But one of the actual theatrical releases he did in that period, the 1983 film “Star 80”, also lead to him getting nominated for another Golden Globe Award.

If you look at his filmography, you can see what he has done a lot of different movies and television series. I was sort of planning to just list down every single thing that he did. But there is just so much to it that I don’t think that I will be able to do that. A lot of studios and producers were offering him projects.

Around the early ’80s, Eric Roberts started living with actress Sandy Dennis in a house she rented. In 1981, Eric got into car accident near where they lived. Apparently, he was under the influence of cocaine. He went into a coma for three days after the accident. Eric had to withdraw from a play he was doing at the time. But they didn’t push through with a wedding. They eventually broke up in 1985.

A Continuation of His Career

The early part of Eric’s career is when he started getting accolades from the press and award-giving bodies At that point, he had only won an acting award from the Boston Society of Film Critics for his work in “Star 80.” That seems to be his only acting award as far as it goes. He got nominated for both an Academy and a Golden Globe award for his work in the 1985 film “Runaway Train.”

It was still a few years before his sister Julia started her career in television and film. It wasn’t really until Julia had a role in crime procedural show in 1987 that her career took off.

It’s hard to sometimes divorce the fact that there were two estrange siblings working in the same industry at the same time. Eric was already a decade into his acting career at that point while Julia was just starting out.

Around 1988, Eric got into a relationship with Kelly Cunningham. The relationship didn’t really last that long, it seems. But it did, however, lead to them having a daughter together. And that daughter is actress Emma Roberts who was born in 1991.

I don’t really know what else to say about him. He had a pretty decent career, all things considered. He has done a lot of different projects throughout his career. It didn’t really feel like he was a struggling actor.

But his sister was the one whose star was really big. Even though Eric was the one who did a lot more compared to Julia, his sister was still the bigger star between them. It was really until 2004 that they started to mend their familial relationship.

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What Is Eric Roberts’ Net Worth?

Considering that Eric Roberts has had a very fruitful career, it sort of makes sense for him to have a decent net worth. Eric has an estimated net worth of about $7 million. It’s not bad for an actor who has spent about 40+ years in the industry.

It is amazing to see actors go on to work in the industry for decades. When you do good work, you try your hardest to keep at it until you can’t anymore. I guess that’s why a lot of actors try to make it work despite their old age. Kudos for them for doing song.

The breadth of Eric Roberts’ filmography is just amazing to see. He has managed to be part of a lot of different films and television shows. And it seems that he does a variety of projects in different genres. There are a few titles that I seem to be familiar with. But I have never seen any of them. Though he did do a voice in the Nickelodeon series “Danny Phantom.”

A lot of the television work that he did, excluding the made-for-TV films, have mostly been either guest spots or recurring characters. It’s hard to become a lead in any kind of television show. Certain actors, when they’ve reach a certain level of fame, get the privilege to be choosy about the roles they take. But not everyone has that kind of privilege.

Still, it does seem that he manages to get some work every now and then. Looking at his filmography, he has been in about 18 movies in 2022. He has a movie coming out in 2023.

On the TV front, he has done a recurring role in HBO series “The Righteous Gemstones,” and guest spots on the police drama “The Rookie: Feds” and on the sitcom “Family Reunion.”

It’s great to see actors still thriving in the industry and doing solid work every now and then. This is one of those industry where it feels like it’s hard to get back into it. You just kind of just exist in the world.

I do think that is one of the struggles a lot of older actors have in the industry. Especially when there’s so many actors around the same age as you vying for the same roles.

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